You suffer on the way, you suffer in line, you suffer on the way downhill: a review of skiing in Bansko

You suffer on the way, you suffer in the queue, you suffer on the descent: review of skiing in Bansko

betiwinks A reader of “Subtleties” filichevkai visited a Bulgarian ski resort and left a mixed review. “In general, I have a negative impression of this resort,” the tourist writes. What turned out to be wrong?

Difficult to get there without a car

You will have several tedious hours of waiting in line for the gondola from the village below, at the foot. Why can't they build a second gondola?! Why can't an existing gondola be upgraded with larger booths for 20 people?

Difficult to reach by car

You are waiting for several hours of standing in a traffic jam and looking for a parking space. If you go after 8:30, there is a chance that you will simply not be allowed into the mountains. Why can't they build normal spacious parking lots? Why can't they include the cost of parking in the ski pass? Why is it impossible to automate the entrance to the parking lot with barriers and make several pieces in a row? There is one woman standing at the entrance and accepting payment for parking, the process is very slow. By the way, the traffic jam is exacerbated by impudent taxi drivers who go around it in the oncoming lane.

Giant queues for the lifts will be waiting for you at the top

Why is it impossible to increase working hours, add an evening ski shift? Then people could be distributed over a longer period of time. The resort now closes at 17:00. You will climb an hour to slide down in 15 minutes. 6p/tn/6ptn39dse3ggkk0cg4swgsk0g.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

You suffer on the way, you suffer in line, you suffer on the descent: a review of skiing in Bansko

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Tracks are used only once at night

By 12 o'clock the track is filled with huge holes left by thousands of people who have rolled down to you. Add to this the constant risk of crashing into someone (there are a lot of people!).

You suffer on the way to the slides, you suffer in the queue for the lifts, you suffer on the descent from constant problems with pits and other people.

In Bansko, everything is organized very badly. I don't think I will come here again and I won't recommend this resort to anyone. In fairness, I want to add that I really liked Bulgaria itself. The hotel had an excellent spa, the kitchen delighted with delicious local dishes with excellent local beer. Bansko is a beautiful city, and it was pleasant to walk around it. Very friendly people. But I do not recommend skiing!

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