You can’t swim and there is no animation: a review of a hotel for 160 thousand in Bodrum

Swimming is not allowed and there is no animation: hotel review for 160 thousand in Bodrum

“I don’t like big and noisy hotels and I don’t want to pay for services (tennis court and others) that I won’t use,” writes Veronika, a reader of Subtleties. “My family and I love to walk, visit museums, but we need comfortable conditions, since we are going to rest with a child, a 7-year-old son. We chose Bodrum, a tour for 11 days for a family of three cost 160 thousand. Meals and drinks are included. For an additional fee – only fresh juices, foreign alcohol and a beach bar. Did the Salinas Beach Hotel Bodrum 3 * meet the expectations of the family?

Hotel, beach

The three-star Salinas Beach Hotel Bodrum is small but very cozy. It is convenient that the houses have only two floors, so there are a minimum of neighbors and silence at night. There are no animations and discos, everything is family-like. The rooms are small but clean. All cleaning services, change of linen and towels – on request. If you need something, tell the reception when you leave for breakfast, then they will clean it up, replace it, cover it. By the way, there are more than half of the Turks among the tourists, I think this is a good sign: if their people are coming, then the hotel is worth its money. The staff does not single out anyone, Russians are treated well here. 1/1

The hotel has its own beach, the most beautiful and deserted in the area. Now, however, the season has not yet started, there are at least a minimum of swimmers everywhere. Only our compatriots arrange swims: how not to swim if it is +26 °С outside? And the fact that the water is +18 ° C does not bother anyone  🙂

There is also a pool, clean, but without heating and still cold. That's all I think, but then what to do here if you can’t swim and there is no animation?

How they fed

We liked the food: fish once a week, the rest of the days – chicken and kebabs. Turkish soups, liquid, ate only them.

The richest in terms of choice are breakfasts. Lots of cuts, pickles, pastries, three types of scrambled eggs to choose from. Tea in a teapot is put on the table, it is heated from below, so that teas can be brewed here for a long time. For an additional fee you can take Turkish coffee: served in a beautiful cup with a piece of Turkish delight, the employee will even help you with reading the symbols if you decide to tell fortunes on the coffee grounds. For us, the food is perfect, everyone is happy, the child too. 1/1

One minus yes

You can smoke everywhere here, as vacationers are mostly locals, but have you ever seen a Turk without a cigarette in his mouth? I think they smoke three packs a day! Ashtrays on every table and at every bench. It is clean, there are no mountains of gobies, everything is promptly cleaned, but cigarette smoke will be your constant companion. Of course, if you are sitting at a table with a child in a restaurant, no one will defiantly smoke next to you, most will sit at a far table, but in any case, as non-smokers, this bothered us a little.

What we managed to see

There is very beautiful nature, many sights in the city and its environs, and a well-developed infrastructure nearby. 1/1

To Bodrum traveled by taxi (about 60 TRY), independently visited the castle of St. Peter, Halicarnassus amphitheater, museums, marina and several shopping centers. Of the excursions, I liked the trip to Dalyan the most. But the boat trip didn’t work out for us, the child was very swayed, no joy.

We are satisfied with the rest, in 11 days all the vacationers and staff became family, we called the hotel home, and Bodrum our home resort. I advise you if you like colorful Turkey, and not the chic and luxury of modern hotels.

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