You can fly, but the Russians are not jailed: a travel agent spoke about the crazy spring of 2022 for Russian tourists

You can fly, but the Russians are not jailed: the travel agent spoke about the crazy spring of 2022 for Russian tourists

This spring has continued and “diversified” the unglorious traditions of 2020 and 2021. For Russian tourists, who were waiting with anticipation for the end of the pandemic, a new madness began: it seems that it is possible to fly, but Russians are not put on planes bound for a number of countries. On the Yandex.Zen channel, the travel agent spoke about the misadventures of the tourist season that hit Russian tourists this spring.

According to the expert, the coming spring season for tourists and tourism industry employees continued the tradition of “rebooking” that had developed during the covid period, transfers of tours and surcharges. However, one more thing was added to these unpleasant moments: on the websites of tour operators you can buy tours for any charter flights, but in fact you cannot fly away. The same with the European direction: “You can go to Europe, but Russians are not put on flights.”

“For canceled tours, the money remained on deposit with tour operators. You can transfer to any direction, but only on a charter. There are no charters. There is a “regular”, but it is impossible. You can’t go to Russia either, and you can’t go to Abkhazia, and you can’t go to Armenia, and you can’t go to many other places, but there are tours. And there is money. A return request has been made. Then they rewrote. Sent, but not there, but it was necessary here. The application has been accepted and is being considered. Considered. But the money will not be returned. They don’t know when they will return,” the specialist stated.

Paid trips to the most popular foreign destinations – Turkey and Egypt – also ended up in a “suspended” state: first, “tours to Turkey and Egypt were booked under the early booking promotion.” Then all charters were cancelled.

Then new flights were launched on Turkish Airlines. “Tourists were persuaded to pay 300 euros (26,500 rubles at the current exchange rate) for a “flight”, the travelers agreed, they were transferred to new flights.

Then airports were closed due to sanctions. Turkish Airlines flights have been cancelled. Soon flights were delivered from other cities. Tourists were again rebooked with departures from available airports.

“Cashback was introduced for tours in Russia. Canceled cashback for tours in Russia, because. ran out of money. A day later, the cashback was extended again. Then they canceled it again ahead of time, because again the government ran out of money,” the tourism specialist described the situation.

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