With Yakin in Gagra: the best resorts of Abkhazia

— Hello, Anyuta, you have no idea! I'm flying to Gagra now! The joy of the heroine of the famous Soviet film is easy to understand. Gagra is cool, now a lot of Russians go there. In connection with the pandemic, the resorts of Abkhazia have become one of the most accessible for recreation. A country of tall mountains, clear lakes, wild nature…

TOP 3 resorts of Abkhazia

  1. Sukhum is one of the most ancient cities in the world
  2. Gagra is unspoken the capital of Abkhazia
  3. Pitsunda is a green corner of Abkhazia

Sukhum is one of the most ancient cities in the world

When choosing last-minute tours to Abkhazia, travelers think about which city to stay in and often choose Sukhum. This is the capital of Abkhazia, which was founded in the VI century BC. The spirit of antiquity still hovers on the streets of the city. The atmosphere is complemented by dilapidated buildings left here from the time of the war with Georgia. 

There are few sights of Sukhum, during the rest you will have time to see everything. Pleasant memories of the city will last for many years.

The capital of Abkhazia is multi-confessional, so you can visit a Lutheran church, a synagogue, a Polish church. Of course, there are also Orthodox monasteries here – the Kaman Church and the Cathedral. 

With Yakin to Gagra: the best resorts of Abkhazia

Photo: i.pinimg.com – Sukhum, Abkhazia

Be sure to walk along Leon Avenue – this is the most beautiful street in Sukhum. Locals call it an open-air museum, here you will find a philharmonic society, a monkey nursery and a botanical garden. The latter will surprise you with exotic plants and a cozy atmosphere. There are always many tourists here. Travelers take pictures with almost every tree and shrub. Entrance to the Garden of Eden will cost 250 rubles. Children under seven years old visit it for free.

The resort of Abkhazia is also unique with two embankments – Dioskurov and Makhadzhirov. Walking along them, you will stumble upon houses with interesting architecture and unusual monuments.

Gagra is the unspoken capital of Abkhazia

Although Sukhum is the capital of Abkhazia, Gagra is the most popular mountain country town. Young companies, representatives of the older generation flock here & nbsp; and families with children. It is in Gagra that the main entertainment and sights of Abkhazia are concentrated. 

The city is surrounded by the sea and high mountains covered with greenery. On some peaks you can see snow caps. When going on excursions to the hills, put on a warm jacket. 

In Gagra there are famous reservoirs – the rivers Psou, Bzyb and Lake Ritsa. The latter is famous for its bright blue cool water, in which travelers like to swim. The price for an excursion to a picturesque reservoir varies depending on the starting point: not only vacationers in the resorts of Abkhazia, but also the Krasnodar Territory come to the lake. If you are going to Ritsa from Gagra, a ticket for one will cost about 1200 rubles. When choosing an excursion, tourists often stop on jeeping – fun and with a breeze!

With Yakin in Gagra: the best resorts of Abkhazia

Photo – Lake Ritsa, Abkhazia

In Gagra you will see many interesting places, among them: the Seaside Park of the Prince of Oldenburg, decorated with sculptures by Zurab Tsereteli, the Gagra Temple, the Winter Theater, the fortress-castle of Zhoekvara. 

When in Gagra, you should definitely visit the Gagripsh restaurant, which is considered the symbol of the city. The building was brought from Scandinavia and assembled without a single nail. At different times Stalin, Chekhov, Chaliapin, Bunin, Nikolai II dropped into the restaurant.

Pitsunda is a green corner of Abkhazia

Pitsunda is a resort for those who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of information. People go to the city for the clean sea, healthy air, saturated with the aroma of pine needles and eucalyptus, and not for the all-inclusive option.  

The main attraction of the city is the Great Pitiunt historical and architectural complex-reserve. It is located in the center of Pitsunda and is an ensemble of old dilapidated buildings. In the “Great Pitiunt” it is worth visiting the Church of St. Andrew the First-Called and the organ hall. A complex ticket that allows you to see all the objects of the reserve, & nbsp; costs 500 rubles. 

With Yakin to Gagra: the best resorts of Abkhazia

Photo: dostop.ru – The Great Pitiunt, Abkhazia

The Khetsuriani Museum is worthy of attention. Here is a collection of a resident of Abkhazia – photographer Georgy Khetsuriani, consisting of ethnic items.

On the embankment there are sculptures that personify modern art. One of them – “Pearl Divers” has become the hallmark of the city. To appreciate the beauty of the composition, you need to examine it from different angles. Two more objects near which tourists like to be photographed are a dilapidated old lighthouse and the Pitsunda Medea monument. 

While relaxing in Pitsunda, do not forget to ride horses, the city has an excellent horse base. 

With Yakin to Gagra: the best resorts of Abkhazia

Photo:  mytravelbook.org – “Pitsundskaya Medea”, Abkhazia

Despite the pandemic, from Moscow tours with flights are available in Abkhazia. It is more convenient to get to Adler, and from there enter the country by bus, rented car or taxi. Another option is a ferry. They cross the border through the Psou checkpoint. To get to the resort, you need to stand in line for one and a half to two hours. But once in sunny Abkhazia, you will immediately forget about the inconvenience. Sweet wine, juicy fruits, picturesque beaches and sea air  will be a reward for perseverance. 

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