Why we don’t like Sochi: expensive, dirty sea, we are not welcome

Tourists have an ambivalent attitude towards Sochi: on the one hand, these are the same Sochi, where there are dark nights, the promised land for holidaymakers since Soviet times. On the other hand, the expressions “Sochi service” and “Sochi prices” have long become household names. What exactly does not suit vacationers the beach capital of Russia? The list of tourists sketched a very impressive.

1. Crowds of people

In summer, the population of the already crowded Sochi, along with prices, increases significantly, the congestion of roads, entertainment centers and restaurants also grows, and the number of free places on the beaches decreases: there is nowhere even to stand normally, not like a towel lay down. And at the same time, someone is sure to wail over the ear all the time (someone's back-biter or the seller of churchkhela – you can't tell right off the bat).

2. Deuce in geography

Sochi is called the longest city in Russia – it stretches for a good 145 km. Add to this the strong hilliness of some of its parts, winding roads with eternal traffic jams, chaotic urban development – and imagine how you will get through this splendor to a crowded beach or water park.

3. Climate

Yes, we are talking about high humidity and heat. And also about storms and tornadoes, tropical thunderstorms and downpours (a separate joy is when the storm drain clogs and houses begin to flood), earthquakes, mudflows and avalanches. All this is the harsh everyday life of the glorious Sochi, which travel agencies are silent about. 9 things you haven't done in Sochi yet, but it's high time.

4. Expensive

In the high season, this is especially noticeable: bathing suits and hats “from Baba Vali” for visitors cost the same “from Versace”, simple sweets – like chocolate from Belgium, and a trip to a restaurant with the whole family can make a hole in the budget the size of the Kola Superdeep . In addition, taxi drivers, sellers of fruits and vegetables, and those who rent out rooms and cars are breaking prices.

5. Dirty sea and bad beaches

The sea in Sochi is often compared with the sea in Crimea – and not in favor of the former. The water is called dirty and is said to contain rubbish, large stones and E. coli. The cause of most pollution is the activity of rivers: after the rains, they bring everything they find along the way to the Black Sea – from relatively harmless polyethylene to something worse. With Sochi beaches, too, not everything is good: among their main shortcomings are called poor facilities, pebbles, unpleasant for the feet, stones and, of course, lack of space. 10 best hotels in Sochi according to the reviews of tourists who have rested there.

6. Problematic services and infrastructure

At high prices, this looks especially depressing. Tourists note that the staff is often rude or arrogant, the quality of hotel rooms does not match their cost, it is better not to rely on local medicine. And there is a catastrophic lack of free parking lots and suitable shopping centers. Well, it’s quite a dream – for drivers to learn how to drive, there were more city buses, and fewer extra dishes and dubious surcharges that suddenly appear on the check.

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7. Visitors are not too welcome

Although here from which side to look. Profit lovers are just as happy: you can “pinch” a stupid tourist who obviously does not know how much a kilo of fruit or a fare to the airport. But those who are not directly connected with the tourist industry, sometimes openly hostile to the guests of the city. Allegedly, vacationers believe that everyone owes them everything, they walk around in swimsuits everywhere, litter on the beaches, and in general … they come.

However, sultry Sochi has no less pluses – and maybe more than minuses. How else to explain the fact that the popularity of this resort remains consistently high from year to year?

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