Why I blog – The Travel Hack

Why I blog - Travel Hacks

Today’s Vlogmas prompt is “Why do I podcast?” but since I don’t do podcasts, I’m changing it to “Why I blog’.

Unlike the past few days, I had no trouble thinking of an answer to this prompt.

There are many reasons why I blog. Where on earth should I start? I will explain each cause separately…

Why I blog - Travel Hacks

To document my life and preserve my memories

The main reason I blog, and the reason this all started, was as a way to document my life. I have always been a journal writer. I love the cathartic process of writing out my thoughts.

Writing helps us make sense of things by releasing our jumbled thoughts onto the page and rearranging the words until they make sense.

Another thing I love about keeping a journal is reading it back. Life is full of small moments that we tend to forget, but by recording these moments, whether it’s in words, photos, or videos, we can capture the smallest, most seemingly momentous moments of our short but precious lives. You can remember even the most insignificant moments.

To help others

I started the blog primarily to record my memories, but as a fortuitous by-product I ended up with informative blog posts that could help others recreate what I had done.

I remember the first email I received from someone who accepted my recommendation. After I mentioned it in a blog post, a man was staying in the most amazing tree house in Thailand. He was so excited about this place and so happy he stumbled across my blog. Because that experience became his vacation.

I think that was the moment when my approach to blogging changed. At this point, my blog was no longer just about me, but I was able to inform others and help them book great vacations.

To earn money

Then blogging changed again for me when I started making money with it. Making a living through blogging is a huge part of what keeps me motivated, so I won’t gloss over this part. Even if I didn’t make money blogging, I would definitely still blog, but I’m sure I wouldn’t blog as often, and I’d probably just disappear for a few months without a word from me. It will be.

I earn a very healthy income through my blog and am very proud that I was able to turn my hobby into a business and support my family.

If you want to learn more about making money through blogging, check out my e-course, The Blogger Course. Also, sign up for our blog newsletter where we send you blogging tips and monthly income reports.

To challenge myself

I’m typing this on a plane heading to Saudi Arabia.

As a bit of a smug side note, I’m actually lying down on the plane because I’m flying business class on BA, which is great. The last two hours of her life were spent drinking champagne and munching on a delicious menu.

Anyway, back to the topic. I’m on my way to Saudi Arabia. If I hadn’t blogged, would I have flown to Saudi Arabia? Oh no. If I hadn’t blogged, would I have been able to do half the amazing things I’ve accomplished in the past 10 years? No, not by chance.

Many of the great opportunities I get are because of my blog, but the reason I take advantage of these unique opportunities is to write something different and unique on my blog.

If I sit at home all day every day, I won’t have much to write about, so I challenge myself to do something interesting to share some interesting stories. And yes, sometimes that means visiting countries you wouldn’t normally go to.

To learn new skills

Another byproduct of blogging is the endless list of skills you can learn.

When I first started blogging, I had so many stories to tell and a passion to share those stories with the world, but I didn’t have the skills to actually blog. I wasn’t very good at writing (despite having an English degree!) I couldn’t take decent photos, I didn’t do social media, I didn’t know what SEO was. I didn’t know how to code, I couldn’t make videos, I didn’t know anything about online marketing, I wasn’t useful at networking events, I didn’t know how to market, I didn’t know how to write reports. You never knew, you know how to track statistics to learn, grow and improve. I didn’t know anything!

But since I started blogging, I’ve learned all these skills and so much more, and I’m sure I’ll continue to learn new things as the years go by.

To feel part of something bigger than myself

The community around blogging is what I love most about blogging. This is about chatting with people from all over the world and making friends with like-minded people.

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