Why have all Wi-Fi routers disappeared from Heathrow airport terminals?

Why did all Wi-Fi routers disappear from Heathrow airport terminals?

Heathrow Airport Police have confirmed that a service dog was electrocuted by a faulty Wi-Fi router at Heathrow Airport while sniffing at suspicious luggage. The gadget was connected to an outlet in the check-in area of ​​terminal 4.

The incident happened on December 26th. Because of him, Bonnie — that's the name of a bomb-sniffing police dog that was out of action for several days.

Specialists note that many of these mini-routers were connected to wall outlets at various points in all Heathrow terminals to boost the Wi-Fi signal, but by 3 February they had all been dismantled as a precautionary measure.

In a statement, a police spokesman told the press: “We can confirm that on 26 December 2022, a police dog working at Heathrow Airport was electrocuted . The impact was caused by a Wi-FI amplifier plugged into a wall outlet. The airport health and safety team checked and removed all other devices. The dog, named Bonnie, was taken to the veterinarian, fully recovered in a couple of days and was able to resume work.

Heathrow Airport is guarded by a specialized unit of the Metropolitan Police Service, which ensures airport security 365 days a year.

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