Why did the Hungarian low-cost airline Wizz Air decide to stop flying to Moldova?

Why did the Hungarian low-cost carrier Wizz Air decide to stop flying to Moldova?

The airline announced that it would cancel flights to the Moldovan capital Chisinau from March 14 due to “increased, but not inevitable” security threats.

Wizz Air currently operates flights to Chisinau from five European countries, including Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy and Spain. The airline said in a statement that it will launch additional flights to the Romanian city of Lasi, located near the border with Moldova.

For its part, the Moldovan civil aviation regulator was critical of Wizz Air's decision, even ridiculing it, saying, that flights can be operated safely as long as airlines follow established procedures.

«The safety of passengers and crew remains Wizz Air's number one priority, and due to the recent events in Moldova and the heightened risk in the country's airspace, Wizz Air has made the difficult but responsible decision to suspend all flights to Chisinau from March 14, — the airline explained in a statement.

Wizz Air was criticized at the start of events in Ukraine after failing to remove its personnel and aircraft from the country days before the conflict began.

In ultimately Wizz Air was forced to hire security experts to evacuate employees from the country under the cover of darkness. It took many more months to get one of her planes that landed from the Ukrainian city of Lvov to safety in Poland.

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