Why did Japan Airlines choose to sign with Boeing?

Why did Japan Airlines choose to sign with Boeing?

Now, Japan Airlines has placed a firm order for 21 737–8 aircraft from the Boeing Corporation. The airline was reportedly in talks with both Airbus and Boeing as part of a fleet renewal program for narrow-body aircraft. It turns out that Boeing won.

Currently, the largest share of the JAL Group — 43 copies — make up the Boeing 737–800, and the ultra-efficient Boeing 737–8, part of the latest 737 MAX family, will replace them.

The average age of the Boeing 737–800, on which the airline operates both domestic and on medium-haul international routes in Asia is just over 13 years old.

737–8 will help JAL strengthen its domestic and regional route network as passenger traffic steadily approaches pre-pandemic levels. The airline plans to introduce new aircraft to its fleet in 2026.

Thus, Japan Airlines has again favored Boeing over Airbus. The American manufacturer is certainly pleased with this order, as it further strengthens MAX's global credibility.

The current deal with Japan Airlines continues a good period for Boeing manufacturers. Last week, Boeing confirmed a massive order from carriers in Saudi Arabia worth nearly $37 billion.

The first 78 aircraft will be distributed between Saudia and the newly announced Riyadh Air, which plans to build a network of more than 100 routes by the end of the decade. . Saudia will receive 39 787–9s and -10s, while Riyadh Air will receive 39 787–9s.

In February, Air India signed a preliminary contract with Boeing for 220 aircraft, but they are not yet in the Boeing order book because the deal is not yet completed. The order includes 190 MAX aircraft, 20 Boeing 787s and 10 — Boeing 777X.

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