Who needs resorts that advertise themselves as 100% alcohol-free?

Who needs resorts that advertise themselves as completely alcohol-free?

The appearance of “sober” resorts, oddly enough, has found its audience. First, this seems right to many at a time when the number of visits to drug treatment clinics is skyrocketing, and there are more people suffering from alcohol addiction than ever before. Those who have undergone rehabilitation or are in the process also liked the appearance of non-alcoholic resorts.

One question: why do the accommodations themselves? After all, resorts can make a fortune selling alcohol to vacationers…

One of the main reasons many resorts advertise themselves as alcohol-free is… health. Doctors keep repeating that excessive drinking can lead to a range of health problems, including liver disease, high blood pressure, and an increased risk of cancer. In addition, it increases the risk of accidents and injuries, especially in recreational areas where people can engage in active activities such as water sports or skiing, for example.

More and more people are concerned about the impact of alcohol on their lives, from negative health effects to the impact on their relationships and work. Often when people return from vacation they feel like they need another vacation to recover from the drinking that actually took place. By advertising themselves as wellness resorts, they automatically change their positioning and, as it were, give tourists a guarantee that you will not be carried away by unnecessary excesses and will only feel better for this. 

The desire to stand out and stand out from the competition strong> works very well in resorts as well. Promoting alcohol-free territories is a clear way for businesses to show their uniqueness. In a crowded market, the non-alcoholic offering — a real opportunity to attract customers who are looking for a different kind of holiday.

Promotion of “sober” resorts have a number of advantages. First, it creates a safer and more relaxing environment for guests. Without the distractions and disruptions that can come from excessive drinking, guests may have a better chance of enjoying natural beauty and cultural experiences. Guests instantly gain a sense of calm, that there will be no trouble. Agree, this cannot be said about many places that promote a party image of communication on vacation.

This is especially true when it comes to families with children. Parents will feel more comfortable at the resort where they don't have to worry about other guests drinking heavily or behaving inappropriately. Ultimately, promoting alcohol-free resorts could be a way to make them more welcoming to guests from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures. In fact, many abstain from alcohol for religious or cultural reasons, and promoting an alcohol-free environment can be a way to make these guests feel more comfortable and included.

In general, experts conclude that this is a reasonable a step and a growing trend for many resorts around the world, and in a period when more of us are thinking about our health, there is a good chance that more and more tourists will be looking for such a holiday in the coming years, and maybe months.

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