Whistleblowing of tourists goes wild: in Thailand, a tourist was arrested for driving friends in a rented car

The denunciation of tourists is going through the roof: in Thailand, a tourist was arrested for being in a rented car brought friends

The whistleblowing of tourists in Thailand is on the rise: the police of the resort island of Phuket in the kingdom arrested a Ukrainian tourist, charging him with illegal work as a taxi driver without a driver's license. A local resident reported this to law enforcement officers. Phuketnews reported the incident.

The 35-year-old traveler said that in fact, one of his friends rented a passenger van and brought four of his friends from Pattaya to Phuket in it. However, he himself was forced to drive in order to move around the island, because, unlike the others, he knew the area better. The police identified the owner of the vehicle and contacted him to verify the information provided by the detainees. All the words of the tourist were confirmed and the charge of illegal work was dropped from him. However, a fine of 2.1 thousand rubles. he still had to pay for driving without a license.

According to the testimony of a Thai taxi driver and the author of the denunciation, he saw a parked van with a group of people of Slavic appearance and immediately became suspicious. Note that this is not the first time that Thai taxi drivers have denounced tourists in this way when they suspect that their work has been stolen.

that he illegally worked as a taxi driver is not true, ”said a police representative and added that a serious charge and trial awaits a Ukrainian for repeated driving without a license.

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