Which hand do women wear bracelets on?

A bracelet is an accessory that can enhance any image of a woman. However, when it comes to which hand to wear it on, questions arise. 

How is it right: on which hand is it better to wear a bracelet and how to combine several models. 

Which hand women wear bracelets on< /p>On which hand women wear bracelets

On which hand: right or left 

There are no strict rules for wearing, whether it be a bracelet in gold 585, silver or costume jewelry. The choice largely depends on the individual preferences of the woman. 

Often, the bracelet is worn on the wrist of the left hand, if it is not occupied by hours. Those who believe in mysticism believe that everything on the left hand is closer to the heart, not only in the physical sense. On the left they wear what they value more. 
If a woman is used to wearing a watch on her left hand, then, as a rule, she adorns her right hand with a bracelet. So it was before. But in recent years it has become fashionable to wear a bracelet with a watch: moreover, the watch is placed closer to the palm, and the bracelets are behind them. In this case, both products must be of the same style and/or shade. Now in stores they sell watches already complete with suitable bracelets. 

If they want to draw attention to the jewelry, they wear it on the “working” hand: for a right-hander, this is the right hand, for a left-hander, the left. < /p>

Is it possible to wear on two hands at the same time 

Decorating both hands with bracelets is not only possible, but necessary. Now it is fashionable. However, it is important not to overload the image with too many decorations. It is better to choose two or three models that will be in harmony with each other. 

How to combine several bracelets on one hand 

Remember: the main thing is harmony. Here are some stylish options: 

● Chained and some rigid models. Different textures and widths make the bow more interesting. This set looks harmonious with classic clothes and sporty chic. 

● Different metals. It used to be considered the height of bad taste to mix gold and silver in one image. Now everything is different. Wear several pieces of gold and silver in the same style, such as similar weaving or with the same decor, and you will look really stylish. 

● Minimalism. If you prefer laconic looks, wear several models of different shapes on one wrist without decor and inserts. Such accessories go well with dresses without unnecessary decor, plain jackets and pullovers. 

● Contrast. To look stylish, you can play on the contrast. Put on several models of the same color, let two of them be with bright stones, and the third simple, basic. Such a trio will perfectly fit into a summer look – under an outfit with a floral print. 

Which hand to wear a bracelet on depends on your personal preferences and chosen style. Keep in mind the rules we've talked about and don't be afraid to experiment – this way you can easily create unique looks and emphasize the best sides of your appearance.

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