Which European countries have made it easier for the affected citizens of Turkey and Syria to obtain visas?

Which European countries made it easier for affected citizens of Turkey and Syria to obtain visas?

Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany — these EU countries announced their plans to simplify visa procedures and speed up visa processing times for Turkish and Syrian citizens affected by the earthquake.

The Swiss authorities have just announced that visa applications submitted by earthquake victims will be given priority. The Swiss Secretariat for Migration has promised that all victims with close family ties in Switzerland will be able to obtain a visa with a minimum number of documents and temporarily join relatives.

In addition to easing visa rules, Switzerland has also decided to send additional personnel to Turkey so that the country's consulates can process visa applications as quickly as possible.

Belgium has taken a similar decision. The Belgian Ministry of Asylum and Migration said it had already instructed the Immigration Authority to expedite visa application procedures for earthquake-affected Turkish and Syrian citizens.

This means that relatives of earthquake victims will be able to take them to yourself and temporarily take care of them.

The Netherlands also announced that the country has decided to ease visa rules for affected Turkish and Syrian citizens. The country's government will prioritize obtaining visas for earthquake victims, allowing them to stay with their relatives in the country.

While Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands have already decided to ease visa rules for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria, Germany said she plans to do so.

“We want to make sure that families in Germany can temporarily take in relatives affected by the earthquake if they no longer have a roof over their head or need medical care,” — Minister Burbock spoke.

According to the German authorities, the country is going to provide an opportunity for all earthquake victims in need of medical care and whose homes were destroyed to join their families in Germany.

German hosts Families wishing to host close relatives must submit a declaration in which they promise to pay all living expenses for the victims of the earthquake. In addition, they must prove that they have German citizenship or a permanent right of residence.

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