Where will the 615-seat Airbus A380 Emirates fly this summer?

Where will the 615 seat Emirates Airbus A380 fly this summer?

The 615-seat Airbus A380 has no First Class cabin and far fewer Business Class seats. Obviously, it is mainly used in the most popular tourist destinations markets.

 Emirates currently has 116 A380s, both active and “parked”. Of these, 15 have a two-class layout for 615 seats — 58 seats in business and as many as 557 in economy. That is, 91% of places — economy class.

615-seater — this is just one of the options, in total Emirates offers seven different configurations of the A380. Six have the same number of seats in first class — 14 and business — 76. The difference lies in the economy of flights, which largely depends on the level of premium demand (in general or at certain times of the day), as well as the duration of programs and operational requirements.

Such a variety of configurations allows Emirates, like any other airline, to choose the capacity of the economy class according to the needs of — from 338 in the new four-class configuration with premium economy to as much as 557. These aircraft are great for high-traffic markets such as Bali, which has become the last destination so far to use the two-class configuration.

April 1 and subject to change this summer, Emirates will launch flights with 615 passengers from Dubai to 10 destinations:

Birmingham, daily from 1 July plus daily flight 777-300ER;

< p>Bangkok, up to three times a day;

Denpasar, daily from 1 June plus daily flight 777-300ER;

Düsseldorf, daily plus daily flight 777-300ER;

Hong Kong, daily via Bangkok from July 1st to 31st. The three-class A380 will then return;

Kuala Lumpur, daily pls 2 daily flights 777-300ER;

Gatwick (London) , twice a day, the third is on the three-class A380;

Manchester, twice a day, the third is on the three-class A380;

Mauritius, daily, second daily flight operated by a tri-class A380;

Taipei, daily.

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