Where is the best place to stay in Moscow? Tips from tourists + 25 apartments and hotels

Where is the best place to stay in Moscow? Tips from tourists + 25 apartments and hotels< /p>

I moved to Moscow almost six years ago – and over the years I have become close to the capital, as if I had lived here since childhood. I managed to explore the main tourist routes, and walk along the less popular streets and alleys – both in the center and beyond.

There are always a lot of tourists here – and my friends and acquaintances often come here, so I have long been accustomed to answering questions about what to see on my own in the capital and where it is better to stay in Moscow. I hope my advice will help you better understand the structure of the capital, and all future tourists will help you decide which district of Moscow is best for you.

It would be boring to make a dry selection of apartments and hotels – there is nothing super complicated in the process itself: open Ostrovok for hotels or Daily for apartments – and here you have a multi-hundred list of housing. Therefore, for each option, I left places where you can visit. What if the best kebab place is hiding somewhere around the corner, but you don’t know? Or is it possible to buy colored cans of DTMS somewhere nearby? Don't miss this note 🙂

Which districts of Moscow do we choose as tourists?

Where is the best place to stay in Moscow? Tips from tourists + 25 apartments and hotels

Moscow consists of ten districts, which, in turn, include a total of 125 districts. I will not enumerate all the districts of Moscow with a list – it is long, dreary and useless. Therefore, the story will go on specifically about the best areas of Moscow, where I advise tourists to stay.

  • The most obvious and popular option is the areas of the Central District.

The city center is considered to be the area inside the Garden Ring and its surroundings: the main sights of the city are located here. Focus on the metro station Revolution Square – in fact, the Kremlin itself; Okhotny Ryad – exit to Manezhnaya Square, adjacent to Red Square; Teatralnaya and Kitai-Gorod with access to Zaryadye Park. Further in the text, the “center” will mean the distance to these stations.

The Central District has ten districts, and all of them are among the places where it is better for a tourist to stay in Moscow. But here's my advice: the metro loop nearby will save you a lot of transfers when exploring the capital.

1. Tverskaya.
There is nowhere more central: almost all the visiting cards of the capital are located here – the Kremlin, St. Basil's Cathedral, GUM and TSUM. An excellent place for those who are planning a rich cultural program: there is the Bolshoi and Maly Theater, Pushkin and Historical Museums. Boutiques and the most fashionable restaurants, cafes and bars have gathered on the long Tverskaya Street. However, the close location of everything and everything entails high prices for housing in the Tverskoy District, whether it be a hotel or an apartment. If you really find fault, then the lack of parks can also be attributed to the minuses – only the small Hermitage and Zaryadye gardens are suitable for walking.

2. Arbat.
I recommend this area for living: close by is one of the liveliest and most beautiful streets of the city and a huge number of excellent restaurants, cafes and bars for every taste. The brightest historical spirit is attached. The New and Old Arbats themselves are quite noisy, well-lit and almost never sleep, so it is better to choose housing in the nearby alleys. 20 minutes walk (or one metro station) – Red Square and Zaryadye.

3. Zamoskvorechye.
To this day, some streets of the district – Bolshaya and Malaya Ordynka, Pyatnitskaya, Novokuznetskaya – remind of its merchant past. Wealthy merchants used to live here. Of the interesting things for tourists, there are the old Tretyakov Gallery, a branch of the Maly Theater and the Theater of the Moon. And of my favorite places are the Marfo-Mariinsky Monastery (a sort of piece of peace and quiet in the city center), Kosmodamianskaya embankment with a gorgeous view of the Stalinist skyscraper on Taganka and the Tretyakov Bridge (popularly called Luzhkov), along which you can go to the park on Bolotnaya Square and look at the powerful sculptural composition “Children – victims of the vices of adults.” From Zamoskvorechye, you can walk to the Kremlin in half an hour or drive one to three metro stations.

4. Yakimanka.
Clean, cozy, and in the summer also a very, very green area. Still, this is the “home” of Gorky Park! In addition to it, the main points of attraction of the area are the New Tretyakov Gallery and the unusual Museon sculpture park, Pushkinskaya Embankment (perhaps the most favorite place for locals to walk) and the Neskuchny Garden. Instead of nature on Yakimanka, you can dive into contemporary art at the Garage Museum: there is no permanent exhibition here, so the impressions directly depend on which exhibition falls on your visit. Red Square and Zaryadye are 1-3 metro stations away or a 40-minute walk along the picturesque route along the embankment.

5. Khamovniki.
A beautiful ancient area in a river bend – calm, pleasant, ideal for walking. In the area closer to the center, there is a snow-white Cathedral of Christ the Savior, from which boats leave for river walks in spring and summer. If you choose to stay nearby, the Kremlin walls are a 15-minute walk away. The luxurious ensemble of the Novodevichy Convent and a quiet shady park around the Novodevichy Pond settled in the south-west of the district. A little further – the building of Moscow State University and Sparrow Hills with a cable car and an observation deck (this is 5-6 stations to the center of Moscow).

6. Presnensky.
You will immediately recognize it by the cluster of Moscow City skyscrapers isolated from everyone and everything. Personally, I don't like this place – too busy, too new. I prefer to look at the “glass” from the side of the Taras Shevchenko embankment. At the same time, the Moscow zoo and planetarium are located here, so the area can be taken into account as a good option where to stay in Moscow with children. The little-known, but stunningly beautiful, red-brick Roman Catholic cathedral with long Gothic spiers is also in the collection of sights: a sort of piece of Europe in the center of Moscow. The main street in Moscow, Tverskaya Street from the Presnensky District, is one station from the Barrikadnaya metro station or 50 minutes on foot.

7. Basmanny.
Although the area is not famous for a large number of attractions, it is literally imbued with the spirit of history. There are many parks, squares and gardens on the territory – Chistye Prudy, the Ivanovskaya Gorka area with the ancient John the Baptist Monastery, Morozovsky and Milyutinsky Gardens and the Bauman Garden: in the latter, my friends and I loved to go in our student years. If proximity to green areas is important to you, choose Basmanny. In addition, this is a dream area for theatergoers: three popular theaters give performances here – Sovremennik, Modern and the Russian State Theater on Pokrovka. You can look at what contemporary art is doing in Artplay and Winzavod art clusters. It is better to choose housing in Basmanny closer to the center, near the Chistye Prudy, Kurskaya, Kitay-Gorod metro stations – then you can get to Red Square in 1-2 stations or walk in 30 minutes. But from Lefortovo to get to the center by self-propelled will be long and dreary.

8. Meshchansky.
Not the most obvious place to stop, off the beaten track but captivating with its casual bohemian vibe. There are no major attractions here – with the exception, perhaps, of the circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, where you should definitely go with your children. Of the pluses – proximity to the center in 1-3 metro stations or a 30-minute walk.

9. Krasnoselsky.
It seems that the only attraction of the area is the square of three railway stations (Leningradsky, Yaroslavsky and Kazansky). Convenient for those guests of the capital who arrive or leave from one of them. But there is nothing to see here. I don't like the area because of dullness, dullness and general uncomfortability. However, the Krasnoselsky district is considered one of the most inexpensive, given its central location. In addition, it is calm, not lively (which is rather a plus for those who like to sleep at night) and quite safe. You will reach the center in 4–5 metro stations.

10. Tagansky.
The area is historical, but now industrial: there are quite a few sights here. You can take a walk to the Krutitsky Compound, go to the House on Kotelnicheskaya Embankment, walk along the Yauza River embankment or look into the simple Tagansky Park. And although Taganka is not the best option for walking, it is very good for living: it is the center, and here you can find quite budget hostels, hotels and apartments at an affordable price. The Kremlin is a couple of metro stations away.

Where is the best place to stay in Moscow? Tips from tourists + 25 apartments and hotels

Despite the obvious advantages, there are areas of the center and a big minus – very biting prices. Are there areas outside the center of Moscow that are among those where it is better for a tourist to stay? Yes, if you search well, you can find housing in more remote, but clean, beautiful and safe areas:

  • Sokolniki District. A rather calm and well-equipped area, which undeservedly rarely appears in the lists of “Where to live in Moscow.” Near the metro of the same name there is a huge Sokolniki park. On warm days, I often meet here with friends: it is more intimate and not as crowded as the well-known Gorky Park, but it is in no way inferior in terms of infrastructure. In summer, there are rides, cafes with verandas, many picnic locations and walking routes. I like walking along wooded paths, along duck ponds. In winter, a skating rink operates in Sokolniki. Housing is better to choose closer to the park and metro; center — 6 stations (13 minutes).
  • Izmailovo District. Although the area is located far from the center, it is quite popular for living. On the Internet, you can still find tales about the “criminality” of the area associated with its past twenty years ago, but now it is an ennobled, well-groomed and calm place. Many of my acquaintances rent apartments in the vicinity and praise him very much. First of all, it is worth going here to admire the Izmailovsky Kremlin: a bright, colorful new building, stylized as chambers of Russian architecture of the 16th-17th centuries. It seems to me that it is enough to confine ourselves to a walk around the territory: there is nothing interesting inside. You can walk to the natural and historical Izmailovsky Park: the place is very calm, harmonious. It is especially good to walk here at sunset, next to the pond, over which the outlines of the distant Izmailovsky Kremlin rise. However, living near the park will not be very convenient: you will have to walk for half an hour every day.
  • Kolomenskoye (Nagatino-Sadovniki) park areas and Tsaritsyno (Southern Tsaritsyno district) . A winning option for lovers of outdoor recreation and walks in park areas. Many tourists deprive them of attention, because the main attractions – park and estate complexes – are located far from the center. I adore these parks for the atmosphere of an old manor, bell chimes, shady alleys (they are especially good in golden autumn, when there are a sea of ​​colorful leaves around) – and countless corners for photos. If you decide to stay here, choose accommodation closer to the parks: there is nothing to do in other parts of the districts. You can drive to the center in 25–30 minutes (5–8 stations).

So, we figured out which areas in Moscow are suitable for tourists. Now let's find out where it's definitely not worth living. I do NOT recommend staying in these areas:

  • Golyanovo (the very bottom of the blue line)
  • Vykhino
  • Kuzminki
  • Northern Butovo
  • Biryulyovo (especially the western one)

Yes, all these areas are far from the center, and it is rather doubtful that you will suddenly find yourself there – but forewarned means armed 🙂

Where to stay in Moscow? Flats

Where is the best place to stay in Moscow? Tips from tourists + 25 apartments and hotels

Mostly inexpensive apartments in the central district of Moscow at an adequate price – these are, as a rule, odnushki: they can be rented in a convenient location and not pay a fortune. More spacious apartments in the center cost a pretty penny, while two and three rubles at a better price can only be found outside the center – and not always within walking distance from the metro.

Nevertheless, I tried to find options worthy of both the budget and attention. To book an apartment, now you need to go to the Daily service – everyone smoothly flowed there from Airbnb.


Where is the best place to stay in Moscow? Tips from tourists + 25 apartments and hotels

Here is a link to the apartment

A one-room apartment with a pleasant new renovation – bright, simple and cozy – is a good option for a couple. Guests often note the opportunity to check in earlier than the specified time (which can only be achieved from hotels for a surcharge, by the way about the pluses of apartments).

Located in the very center, a 10-minute walk from the Belorussky railway station and the Belorusskaya metro station – from there it is convenient to switch to a branch of any color and get to the desired location with one change. Grocery stores are nearby, as a choice – from Magnit through Vkusvill to Azbuka Vkusa.

The apartment is designed for 2 people
210+ reviews with a rating of 9.7 (out of 10)
Price for two per season: 4500 rubles per night

Where is the best place to stay in Moscow? Tips from tourists + 25 apartments and hotels

Where is the best place to stay in Moscow? Tips from tourists + 25 apartments and hotels

Where to go nearby?Foodmall Depot is a 20-minute walk away. I love it: a huge modern food court and market in the red-brick building of the former tram depot. You can easily get lost in the variety of cuisines and establishments, so I’ll throw in recommendations: Soul in the Bowl – for poke with tuna, Bright Israeli Grill – for hummus and pita with falafel, Vegans – for plant food, Bo – for Vietnamese pho bo soup and mango shake , Mollusca – for mussels in a red saucepan and 40 variations of sauces for them.

Note: Aeroexpress trains leave from the Belorussky railway station to Sheremetyevo Airport – 470 rubles, 60 minutes on the way.< /p>


Where is the best place to stay in Moscow? Tips from tourists + 25 apartments and hotels

Here is a link to the apartment

An ordinary, but with a good footage (47 sq.m) apartment, where you can move in a company of up to three people. Looking at the price tag in the summer season, I can say one thing: “the boots are excellent, you have to take them.” All the little things for a comfortable stay in the set: there is a washing machine, microwave, hair dryer, iron, utensils for cooking. Good location: Belorusskaya metro station around the corner, foodmall Depot ten minutes away, the best coffee shop in the world Skuratov (on Nevsky) and Vkusvill five minutes away, fashion cosmetics store FOAM six minutes away. And what else do you need?.. (for complete happiness, mark Adam cafe on the map with divine Lebanese cuisine in the form of lentil soup, kebabs and kebabs)

The apartment is designed for 3 people
65+ reviews with a rating of 9.4 (out of 10)
Price for three per season: 3900 rubles per night

Where to go nearby?Many central attractions can be reached on foot. For example, on summer evenings (or especially warm autumn ones), I really like the route from Mayakovskaya to Patriarch's Ponds or Arbat. You can also take the metro 2-3 stations to Teatralnaya, get off at the Bolshoi Theater, and then walk quite a bit to the Kremlin.


Where is the best place to stay in Moscow? Tips from tourists + 25 apartments and hotels

Here is a link to the apartment

Tiny, but inexpensive and extremely cute apartment. And with excellent reviews! Bright, with wide windows and fresh renovation, quiet courtyard. Guests note the sociability and attentiveness of the hostess and the presence in the studio of everything you need – from a microwave to a washing machine. In the kitchen cabinet there is always buckwheat, oatmeal, spices and tea – a very nice bonus, for some reason many owners forget about it.

If cooking on a trip is not for you, take note of breakfasts in the eternally idle Eggselent , budget lunches at Vegetarian Jagannath and coffee shops at Man and Steamboat.

Apartment sleeps 2 people
100+ reviews rated 9.9 (out of 10)
Price for two in season: 3500 rubles per day

Where is the best place to stay in Moscow? Tips from tourists + 25 apartments and hotels

Where to go nearby? The first obvious option is Patriarch's Ponds: the journey will take only 10 minutes. The second option is for culture lovers: the Satire Theater and the Moscow City Council Theater are nearby, as well as the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall. You can also take a walk to the Bulgakov Museum-Apartment: even if you don’t want to go on an excursion, you can wander around the courtyard with pleasure, look at the sculptures of the heroes of the Master and Margarita and the red tram frozen in the courtyard: admission to the courtyard is free. You can get to the Mayakovskaya metro station in 10 minutes, and from there it is easy to get to any point in the center in a few minutes.


Where is the best place to stay in Moscow? Tips from tourists + 25 apartments and hotels

Here is a link to the apartment

A really spacious apartment – 85m² – so no one will definitely feel cramped. A good option for a company of 3-4 people. It is also suitable for a family: you can live here with children of any age, and for two children under 12 years old (in excess of four adults), if necessary, there are a couple of extra beds. The apartment is located 5 minutes walk from the stations Kyiv and Smolenskaya; and 15 minutes from one of the famous coffee houses in Moscow – Cosmic Latte (you can also have lunch there).

The apartment is designed for 4 people
11 reviews with a rating of 9.5 (out of 10)
Price per season: 6800 rubles per day

Where to go nearby?There is nothing special to see on Kievka itself: there are no important sights here, except for one of the seven Stalinist skyscrapers – the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. One station away is Gorky Park (Park Kultury metro station), and in 40-50 minutes you can walk there on foot. p>#5. THE BIGGEST APARTMENT IN THE CENTER

Where is the best place to stay in Moscow? Tips from tourists + 25 apartments and hotels

Here is a link to the apartment

This kopeck piece is located in a beautiful historical district in Gazetny Lane – and this is the very center: we passed two intersections, and here is Okhotny Ryad. You don't even have to take the subway. Up to 8 guests can stay here. If you take advantage of this opportunity, the whole apartment comes out at the price of a hostel. For those who travel with a large group, a win-win option – you pay for 85 m².

At check-in, you will be provided not only with basic amenities in the form of bed linen and towels, but also with nice little things like slippers and shower accessories. Guests note that the renovation inside is not the newest, and there are not enough dishes, but in general, you can spend several nights very comfortably in the apartment. In addition, the courtyard is quiet, and the city noise does not reach it.

Write down the names of two nearby streets for going to places that are often written about in social networks: Bolshaya Dmitrovka (Milk, Technical School) and Bolshaya Nikitskaya (Ugolek, Severyanye, She).

The apartment is designed for 7 people
11 reviews with a rating of 9.5 (out of 10)
Price per season: 7500 rubles per night

Where to go nearby?Perhaps this is the most advantageous option among the places where it is better to stay in Moscow. From the apartment to Manezhnaya Square and Okhotny Ryad metro station – only 5 minutes. All the most popular within walking distance: the Kremlin and St. Basil's Cathedral, GUM, Zaryadye, colorful Nikolskaya street.


Where is the best place to stay in Moscow? tourists + 25 apartments and hotels

Here is a link to the apartment

The most luxurious and beautiful option in the selection is the apartment on the 23rd floor of the Oko Tower, which is part of the Moscow City skyscraper complex. Since the location is angular, there is a view of the towers on one side, and on the center of Moscow on the other. You can live with a maximum of four people (although if you pay extra 1,500 rubles for an additional guest, they will also arrange a bed for them). All household appliances – from a refrigerator to a hair dryer – are present.

Of course, living in such an apartment is expensive. Within this amount, you can check into the same five-star Marriott Royal, where you will be served – sorry – royally. But the view and setting is definitely not Moscow City… Okay, you can stop here for a day or two, see how these people from social networks live, renting apartments for six figures a month, and add brightness to the trip experience by spending a couple of sunsets behind the panoramic window.

The apartment is designed for 4 people
19 reviews with a rating of 9.7 (out of 10)
Price for two per season: 17,500 rubles per night

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Where is the best place to stay in Moscow? Tips from tourists + 25 apartments and hotels

Where is the best place to stay in Moscow? Tips from tourists + 25 apartments and hotels

Where to go nearby?To the metro or train platform – to go to the center))) Getting there on foot from the towers of Moscow City, as my experience has shown, is dreary, long (more than an hour) and boring. Better spend this time exploring the city. I'll tell you the easiest ways to get to the center:

  • By metro: get on the Vystavochnaya station (blue line) and go to Kievskaya, and then go to the ring (brown line). If you need to get to the Kremlin, take the Blue Line to Alexander Garden and walk a bit from there. There are many details, but the journey actually takes 15 minutes.
  • By train (MCD): leave the Testovskaya platform. 1 stop – to the Begovaya station (on the purple line), 2 – to the Belorusskaya metro station (green and ring), 2 in the other direction – to Slavyansky Boulevard (on the blue line). Depending on the route you choose, take 5 to 15 minutes.

In one of the neighboring towers – the Federation – there is a large shopping center Afimall. Great place to shop. I am often too lazy to go there for shopping – I prefer more central shopping centers – but if you are staying nearby, why not stop by?

What about food? Not thick, not thick. Moscow City is, in principle, a strange location for restaurants and cafes (inconvenient to get there, glass giants “crush”), except for those overlooking the city, but even here you can find diamonds. For example, cool noodle BianBian. And run for a glass of coffee – in Kutyata or Drinkit.


Where is the best place to stay in Moscow? Tips from tourists + 25 apartments and hotels

Here is a link to the apartment No. 1 and apartment No. 2

At once two very nice, in a good “home” apartments with high ceilings and renovation, from which it is pleasing to the eyes and heart. They are located next to the “pedestrian artery” of Moscow – Stary Arbat.

Next door is the Mayakovsky Theatre, a beautiful old red brick building. The studios are located in the same house, in a charming Arbat lane, isolated from the city noise. The area is quite modest – 25 and 26 m² – but equipped with all the necessary equipment and household items for a comfortable life. Another plus is contactless check-in: you can check in at any convenient time. You can walk to the Arbatskaya metro station in 10 minutes.

Apartments are designed for 2 people
284 and 115 reviews with a rating of 9.7 (out of 10)
Price for two per season: 5000–6000 rubles per day

Where to go nearby? To the Patriarch's! They are 15 minutes walk. Grab a latte at Skuratovo in Kalashny Lane and go. In general, I love to explore the lanes near the Arbat: they are literally filled with the spirit of history, and many buildings of the late 19th-20th centuries have been preserved on the streets. These are always very soulful walks.

It's great to walk from the Arbat to the Cathedral of Christ the Savior through Gogolevsky Boulevard. On the boulevard, by the way, is one of the branches of MOMA – the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. If you don't like modern visual culture, interactive and immersive exhibitions, I advise you to stop by. And, finally, not far from home (15 minutes walk) — the Kremlin and Zaryadye Park.


Where is the best place to stay in Moscow? Tips from tourists + 25 apartments and hotels

Here is a link to the apartment

A premium-class apartment with designer renovation is located in a high-rise building near the Begovaya metro station. An impressive view from the window is included in the price – straight to the skyscrapers of Moscow City. It is especially good at dawn or at sunset. Many guests are very pleased with the TV with a subscription to movie services.

The territory is fenced, there is free parking (relevant for those who come to the capital by car). Again, a nice bonus in the form of contactless check-in. The infrastructure here is excellent: very close to the mall with a pizzeria, a grocery store, a pharmacy and ATMs.

The apartment is designed for 2 people
44 reviews with a rating of 9.7 (out of 10)
two per season: 5700 rubles per day

Where to go nearby?To the metro – good, walk to it two minutes. From Begovaya in 10 minutes drive to the center, both in a straight line (Pushkinskaya with access to Tverskaya Street leading to Red Square, Kuznetsky Bridge with a transition to the historical streets of Lubyanka, the ancient authentic Kitay-Gorod district), and with a transition to the ring line at station Barrikadnaya.
In the first years of my student life, I spent a lot of time in the Begovaya area and I can say that there is nothing remarkable and interesting here. But on the other hand, it is quiet, clean (relative to the center of Moscow), calm – it is very pleasant to live here.


Where is the best place to stay in Moscow? Tips from tourists + 25 apartments and hotels

Here is the link to the apartment

A small bright odnushka for two guests in the historical center of Moscow, on Kitay-gorod. Please note that the kitchen is shared, as it is part of the aparthotel (but the bathroom is in the room).

Soft, comfortable bed, about which almost every second guest writes. The interior decoration is modest and minimalist, but the renovation is fresh. The metro is a 20 minute walk, but trust me, a 20 minute walk through this atmospheric old neighborhood will be your favorite travel memory. And the price is very good for the location in the center.

The apartment is designed for 2 people
60+ reviews with a rating of 9.8 (out of 10)
Price for two per season: 3500 rubles per day

Where to go nearby?Kitay-gorod is my favorite part of Moscow. For three years I studied in this area and managed to walk along and across it, finding dozens of interesting locations. Right next to the house is the Trinity Church, a beautiful pale blue building with a high belfry. Approximately 15 minutes walk in different directions – Khokhlovka art quarter, Moscow Choral Synagogue and Gorki park (ideal for gatherings and picnics during the day, but it’s better not to appear there at night), St. John the Baptist Monastery and Morozovsky Garden, Khitrovskaya and Khokhlovskaya square (on the second one, the only surviving fragment of the fortress wall of the White City was preserved). And just those streets and alleys of the district along which you will lay the route are worthy of attention – they are one of the few in Moscow that have preserved the spirit of the times when many artists and writers lived and worked here.


Where is the best place to stay in Moscow? Tips from tourists + 25 apartments and hotels

Here is a link to the apartment

Luxurious three-room apartment with European-quality repair is designed for 8 people. Comfortable sofas and beds, a comfortable kitchen combined with a room, a complete set of dishes and a stove with an oven – a real home comfort. Due to the fact that it is not located in the very center, it is not as expensive as a three-ruble note in the center could be.

Great accommodation for travelers in a large company: if you divide the price by 7-8 people, you get a penny. A 20-minute walk from Sokolniki metro station, from where you can reach the center (Lubyanka, Okhotny Ryad) in 10 minutes in a straight line. You can also take a bus to the metro: there is a bus stop 5 minutes from the house.

The apartment is designed for 8 people
8 reviews with a rating of 8.9 (out of 10)
Price per season: 6500 rubles per day

Where to go near? 20 minutes from the house is Sokolniki park, one of my favorites in Moscow. To explore the park – along with a small picnic – you can safely lay down from 3 hours. Look for food and decent coffee in the area in the Sokolniki shopping center (Here'n'Now).


Where is the best place to stay in Moscow? Tips from tourists + 25 apartments and hotels

Here is a link to the apartment

Spacious (40 m²) studio for 4 guests in a beautiful area near the Nagatinskaya embankment. The apartments are decorated in the style of a hotel room – in addition, you will receive gels, shampoos, disposable slippers on the spot, and there is tea and coffee in the kitchen. There are no problems with household appliances either. It is located on the top floor of an 18-storey building: this may confuse someone, but many guests, on the contrary, are delighted – pleasant views of the area open from such a height. You can consider this apartment as an option where to stay inexpensively with children in Moscow.

Near the house there is a parking lot – if you arrive in your car, there will be a place to leave it – and Vkusvill (all office workers survive on their prepared food in the evening). Of the minuses: the metro is about half an hour walk, but there are tram and bus stops in 7 minutes. You will reach the center (Teatralnaya, Pushkinskaya) in about 15 minutes.

The apartment is designed for 4 people
20 reviews with a rating of 9.6 (out of 10)
Price per season: 4800 rubles per day

Where to go nearby?First of all, to the park-estate of Kolomenskoye – an ancient palace village, where the royal residence was once located. Also at a distance of one station (or a 45-minute walk) is the indoor amusement park Dream Island. You can safely lay a whole day on this visit: you can spend 30–40 minutes in queues for each attraction.


Where is the best place to stay in Moscow? Tips from tourists + 25 apartments and hotels

Here is a link to the apartment

A landmark building, a period building, a building-where-everyone-wants-to-live, or at least a glimpse of what's going on behind the front door. That's all it is, one of the seven Stalinist skyscrapers and the most famous – on Kotelnicheskaya.

Dial a company of 4 people, share the price tag and book without looking. Although no, still take a look at the photos – especially those that show the view from the 22nd floor. Moskva River, City, Kremlin will accompany all your breakfasts or evenings with a glass of wine on the balcony. The owner has almost 15 options for apartments in this building, I chose and left a link to the most comfortable and sparing in cost.

Where to go next? Start with Zaryadye or the Kremlin – they are literally under sideways!

The apartment is designed for 4 people
140 reviews with a rating of 9.8 (out of 10)
Seasonal price: 12,000 rubles per day

And here is the cheapest housing option for rent in a high-rise building on Kotelnicheskaya (4500 rubles per day).

Good hotels and hostels in Moscow

Where is the best place to stay in Moscow? Tips from tourists + 25 apartments and hotels

With hotels in Moscow, the story is the same: either you pay more for a central location, or you look for a hotel away from the center (and often no worse in terms of level) and “tolerate” the way to the thick of things by metro.

Choose a hotel, you can find a hotel or hostel to your liking on sites that replace Booking, which left Russia:

  • Ostrovok
  • or Yandex.Travel

I fully understand and share the desire to stay in hotels on trips. Sometimes, at the end of the day, all you need after a long sightseeing marathon is no surprises, a clean room, a large white towel in the bathroom, and crisp sheets. Oh, and room service.

Design boutique hotels

  • 4* Vertical Boutique (Tagansky district) is a very beautiful and modern hotel in a loft style: minimalistic interior, brickwork, dark colors, concrete, cubist sculptures. So modern that you can download an app to manage your room. A special plus for the fact that even in the most basic room there is a table for working with a laptop and a kitchenette (microwave, refrigerator, kettle). If you don’t like the first one, you can go to the lobby/bar to the coworking area.
    Price per night: from 4700 rubles
    Hotel rating: 8.1 out of 10
  • Boutique Hotel Master (Arbat district) is a small, quiet and cozy hotel. Fans of Bulgakov's work, in particular, the Master and Margarita, will be delighted with the interior: the corridors are painted with scenes from the writer's novel, the tables are decorated with writer's attributes like an old typewriter, and the walls of the rooms are decorated with “manuscripts” – the very ones that do not burn. By the way, about the rooms. Guests note that they are clean, warm, and household items (shampoos/gels/water/tea) are updated every day.
    Price per night: from 5300 rubles
    Hotel rating: 9.3 out of 10< /em>
  • 4* Grada Boutique Hotel (Tverskoy district) is a designer hotel in a historical building. Luxurious halls of the room are decorated in the style of the beginning of the 20th century: marble countertops at the reception, antique wood furniture, heavy velvet curtains: all this looks truly luxurious. However, modern technology has not been forgotten either: the rooms have TVs and air conditioners. The number of rooms is not the newest, but the refined interior fully compensates for this. You can choose accommodation with breakfast: not a buffet, but, as guests note, the portions are large and satisfying. Of the minuses: in rooms with access to the street it can be noisy at night, so if possible, it is advised to choose a room with windows facing the courtyard.
    Price per night: from 6000 rubles
    Hotel rating: 8 out of 10
  • 3* Brick (Tverskoy district) – the name of the hotel speaks for itself: both the corridor and the walls of the rooms are lined with brickwork. Plus, the neon lights are bright and unusual. The number of rooms is small: only 8 rooms. Tourists note that everything is included for a comfortable stay: a bathrobe and slippers, a shower set, tea, coffee and even mini chocolates. But at the same time, it's a bit noisy outside the window (earplugs from the locker will come in handy).
    Price per night: from 4500 rubles
    Hotel rating: 9 out of 10

< h3>Chain Hotels

Where is the best place to stay in Moscow? Tips from tourists + 25 apartments and hotels

  • 4* Radisson Blu Belorusskaya (Tverskoy district) is a chain hotel with a convenient location in the center of Moscow, with soft large beds and windows with panoramic views of the city. The rooms are a little tired, but the staff maintains cleanliness and comfort as much as possible, therefore, in terms of price/quality ratio, it is quite worthy. Perfect for business trips and business trips.
    Price per night: from 7500 rubles
    Hotel rating: 8.3 out of 10
  • 5* Marriott Imperial (Krasnoselsky district) is one of the favorite hotels of the guests of the city: new, stylish, with a fresh renovation and modern design. All the little things like a bathrobe, slippers and toiletries are taken into account. The hotel has a restaurant with a variety of cuisines – from the usual borscht to risotto or pasta with seafood. A nice bonus is a glass of champagne for breakfast.
    Price per night: from 9000 rubles
    Hotel rating: 9.5 out of 10
  • 4* Azimut City (Meshchansky district) is a good hotel with spacious, clean rooms. Without excessive luxury, but the rooms have almost everything you need – with the exception, perhaps, of brushes and toothpaste, which you can buy at the reception. There is also a spa center in Azimuth: a swimming pool and a sauna. A few years ago I spent an evening here: they were going to a Christmas gathering with a friend. The hotel really liked the cozy, in a good sense, homely atmosphere. Of the minuses – far from the metro: I walked for 15 minutes, and in winter, besides, in the dark, it was not very fun.
    Price per night: from 7000 rubles
    Hotel rating: 8.8 of 10
  • 3* Ibis Kyiv is a fairly well-known chain hotel, the choice of those who want to stay in a comfortable modern room, but do not want to overpay for additional delights. Relatively new rooms, normal renovation, spacious hall, the atmosphere is very reminiscent of coworking. You don't have to expect extreme luxury from him. The hotel will be especially convenient for those who arrive at the Kievsky railway station or arrive at Vnukovo airport: the train station and the Aeroexpress departure station are literally a stone's throw away.
    Price per night: from 6500 rubles
    Hotel rating: 8.2 of 10

Other Hotels

  • 4* Izmailovo Alfa is probably the most popular of the Izmailovo hotels. The hotel is not the newest, the decoration of the rooms with a slight touch of the 2010s, but with the cleanliness and level of service everything is on top, and the prices are not as biting as in the center. There are rooms with a view of the Izmailovsky Kremlin. I remember I took a language exam in this hotel. Of course, I didn’t look at the rooms, but while I was looking for an audience, I went around several halls and passed by the restaurant – I got the impression of a hotel of a fairly good level.
    Price per night: from 3900 rubles
    Hotel rating: 8.4 of 10
  • 3* Ptitsa-Sinitsa (Tverskoy district) — a simple hotel in the very center — a great option for inexpensive accommodation in Moscow. Perfect for those who are limited in funds for the duration of the trip, but do not want to settle on the outskirts. Here you can not only stay inexpensively in the center, but (if you wish) choose a rate with breakfast. For 300 rubles, you can order two dishes: scrambled eggs or porridge and pancakes or cheesecakes, guests say that everything is very tasty. The rooms here are compact (cleanly for spending the night), but functional, moreover, bright and with an unusual design.
    Price per night: from 3900 rubles
    Hotel rating: 8.2 out of 10
  • 3* Pokrovka 6 (Basmanny District) is another inexpensive option for the center in Kitay-Gorod with a comfortable homely atmosphere. The rooms are small, but perfectly clean and bright. In the reviews they write that for a business trip – the most it. The area itself is somewhat noisy – there are many bars and cafes on Pokrovka – but there are earplugs in the room. From a cafe, I will advise the restaurant of Georgian cuisine Saperavi, the cafe Belorusskaya Khata and the trendy cafe Sisters. You can walk to the Lutheran Cathedral of Peter and Paul and attend an organ concert there (tickets should be purchased in advance): I go there with pleasure once every few months.
    Price per night: from 2800 rubles
    Hotel rating: 8 .4 out of 10
  • 4 * Blues (Khamovniki) – first of all, guests note the hospitable, sincere atmosphere and comfort of the hotel. The rooms are small, clean and well maintained, the renovation is good, and, as tourists say, the hotel only gets better with each visit. In the local restaurant you can order not only breakfasts, but also lunches. You can quickly get to the center by metro: a couple of stations to Gorky Park and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.
    Price per night: from 5600 rubles
    Hotel rating: 9.1 out of 10
  • < /ul>

    Hostels in Moscow

    Where is the best place to stay in Moscow? Tips from tourists + 25 apartments and hotels

    Once in Moscow we stayed at the Nord hostel, but in a separate room for two it was not bad, I can recommend (2500 rubles per day in summer)

    • Hostel Nikitskaya Capsula (Arbat) is a good hostel in Moscow near the Arbat, within walking distance from Red Square and Zaryadye Park. Shared rooms have personal shelves or lockers for storing personal items. The compact shared kitchen includes a washing machine, microwave and kitchenware. Towels and slippers for an additional fee. For a stopover for a day or two, it is very worthy.
      Price per night in a dormitory room: from 750 rubles
      Hotel rating: 8.8
    • Hostel Rus (Basmanny District) – another place near Chistye Prudy and the Sovremennik Theater – a simple but pleasant hostel with a bright interior. The fund has both shared rooms and double standards (with a shared bathroom). If you believe the reviews, it is quite a profitable option where to stay in Moscow inexpensively and spend a couple of nights.
      Price per night: from 700 rubles
      Hotel rating: 8.6

    My tips for Moscow and reviews of tourists

    Where is the best place to stay in Moscow? Tips from tourists + 25 apartments and hotels

    To sum up everything I said above — and I'll add a few more secrets of the perfect trip to Moscow.

    Firstly, being guided by the principle “choose any area within the Moscow Ring Road” is a bad idea. You should definitely study the reviews of tourists.

    Secondly, the answer to the question of where it is better for a tourist to rent an apartment in Moscow is directly related to the purpose of the trip. If you are traveling primarily as a tourist and plan to explore all the key sights, it is best to choose the stations of the ring (brown) line. Yes, it is more expensive, but it saves a lot of time and money on travel. As a “fallback” option, I advise you to stop on those lines that have a direct transition to the ring: these are blue, red, green, purple, orange and gray (two transitions each), light green and yellow (Kalininskaya, there is no transition to the center near Solntsevskaya) . So you can get to the center every day without a lot of transfers.

    If you are going to Moscow for another specific purpose (for example, volunteering, training courses, a conference), it is better to choose a hotel near the place where you will spend most of the time. If you plan to visit different exhibitions in the same museum for several days in a row, stay nearby. And to get to the center in order to explore it, you can easily take the metro.

    What else?

    • Going to the capital at the peak of the tourist season (in summer, on New Year's or May holidays), it is better to book a hotel room or rent an apartment well in advance – at least 2-3 weeks in advance. Prices will skyrocket closer to travel dates. In addition, then all the normal housing options will be occupied – you will have to be content with modest places at an inflated price tag.
    • If you live in an area far from the center, choose accommodation closer to the metro (5-7, maximum 10 minutes walk), so that the daily journey does not take too much time. However, if you do not travel on foot, but by car or car sharing, this advice is not so relevant.
    • When exploring the city, do not stop only on the well-worn tourist routes (as I did on my first visit): Moscow is not only Red Square, Zaryadye, the Bolshoi Theater and Arbat, but also parks, estates and monasteries, which are not inferior in beauty to the main attractions! I advise you to include in the minimum program the estates of Tsaritsyno and Kolomenskoye, the Novodevichy Convent and the observation deck on Sparrow Hills, the Roman Catholic Cathedral on Barrikadnaya and the alleys of Kitai-gorod and Zamoskvorechye.
    • It is expensive to travel around the capital by taxi: for a trip in the center in 6-8 minutes you will pay about 300 rubles, from remote areas to the center it often comes out 1000-2000 rubles, depending on the distance. Fortunately, there are no problems with ground transportation: it goes almost everywhere and will take you to the metro or to the very center for 56 rubles. One metro trip in 2023 will cost 50 rubles.
    • If you need to fly out at night or early in the morning, the easiest way is to stay overnight in a hotel near the airport. Many hotels of this type even provide a free shuttle service to the airport. Not far from Sheremetyevo, you can stay at the Aviator Hotel, next to Domodedovo is the Maxima Hotel, and not far from Vnukovo there is the Ekipazh Hotel and Astrohostel Flight.

    Where is the best place to stay in Moscow? Tips from tourists + 25 apartments and hotels

    Where is the best place to stay in Moscow? Tips from tourists + 25 apartments and hotels

    Gastronomic points of attraction in Moscow are the Tverskoy and Arbat districts, Pokrovka and Maroseyka: there are most of all cafes and bars beloved by Muscovites. Prices in most places, of course, are also typically metropolitan – so I will advise a couple of proven tasty and not too ruinous places nearby:

    1. Eggcellent, restaurant with breakfast all day. As the name implies, all dishes here are cooked on the basis of eggs. I like to meet my friends here, but I think it will be nice to sit with a family or a large group. I like to come here alone to cheer up: the cheerful atmosphere is conducive.
    2. Cafe Starlingnear Patrick. Here you can try the best, for my taste, pancakes in Moscow – with salmon spread. And in general, the menu is extensive, and all the positions we have tried are a gastronomic delight!
    3. For the best (in my humble taste) Roman pizza in the city, go to Zotman (there are points in China -city and Frunzenskaya) or in Pizza Maestrello (mostly pizza here has to be taken away, because the pizzeria is compact and there are few places, but the pizza is worth it!). For the most unusual pizza, visit Testa (on Sukharevskaya Street), where you can try pizza with ham and artichokes or duck in ginger caramel and grapefruit.
    4. The Israeli cafe Dizengoff/99 in one of the lanes not far from Pokrovka serves the best hummus I've had in Moscow, and a chic menu in general.
    5. For cozy and at the same time For a stylish atmosphere and delicious food, I also advise you to look into the Mitten cafe on Staraya Basmannaya – here you will find the usual food such as borscht, noodle soup or pasta with chicken, as well as author's salads, bowls and unusual sandwiches.< /li>
    6. For sweets, visit the dessert lab I Love Cake in the Arbat area, Conversation at the Kultury Park or OMG!Coffee at Kurskaya (the latter makes beautiful hot chocolate from marshmallow bombs). In coffee shops, you can try dozens of different sweets, mostly cakes and pastries with all sorts of flavors and fillings.
    7. On Mayakovskaya, it's nice to sit in one of my favorite bars — We Cidreria. They mainly specialize in cider – you can try both the usual berry or peach, and flavors like vanilla/rhubarb. In the evenings, as a rule, it is very crowded: I advise you to book a table in advance.

    Of course, this is not the whole list – I just ran through the tops, based on my experience. But if you study other tourist reviews about Moscow, perhaps your list of places for breakfast, lunch and dinner will become much longer 😉

    The best excursions in Moscow

    Where is the best place to stay in Moscow? Tips from tourists + 25 apartments and hotels

    As an individual guided walk along Krasnaya square, an old park or ancient streets, as well as a standard group survey or a photo walk in general – all this can be found, read reviews and booked on two sites:

    • Tripster
    • Sputnik8< /li>

    For convenience, I will give below a table with options for interesting excursions with good reviews.

    places in Moscow — for lovers of mysticism, literature and history
    Excursion Description Price
    Moscow in one day A classic of the genre: a car tour of all the most interesting places in the capital, both tourist and not hyped 7800 rubles for the tour
    Classic bus tour A guided bus tour of the key sights of Moscow – from the Kremlin to the Sparrow Hills from 1000 rubles per person
    Group walk along Red Square A five-hour walk around Red Square – the visiting card of the city – and its environs 1300 rubles per person
    Excursion around Kitay-Gorod A tour of one of the most ancient, authentic and beautiful districts in the center of Moscow 3250 rubles per tour
    Soviet history at VDNH Research of the former Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy through the prisms of the history of the USSR 6500 rubles per excursion
    Moscow-City skyscrapers Visit to the most modern architectural complex of the capital 650 rubles per person
    Cinema panorama Route by places filming of Soviet films 600 rubles per person
    Photo tour of secret Moscow Photoshoot in a beautiful non-tourist location in the heart of the capital 5800 rubles for a tour and photos
    Excursion to the roof of a Stalin skyscraper Ascent the spire of the hotel building with a view of Moscow and immersion in the history of the place 2200 rubles per person
    3510 rubles per excursion

    I will also tell you about a small loophole for those whose Travel budget is very limited. On the Moscow View website, you can sign up for group tours and visit them for free. In my student years, such walks helped me a lot and helped quench my thirst for knowledge about the city, which I was just beginning to recognize.

    Map of Moscow districts

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