Where can't planes fly? (for example, over Messi's house)

Where can planes not fly? (for example, over Messi's house)

Everyone is aware that aircraft are prohibited from flying over territories where hostilities are taking place. It turns out that this is far from the only limitation: there is a very long list of places in the sky above which you cannot hear the noise of liners. Fascinated by the peaceful sky, “Subtlety” tells what points on the map they are talking about.

  1. Taj Mahal. Excessive vibration negatively affects the architectural monument, already shabby for hundreds of years and millions of tourists. Since 2006, the 7-kilometer zone around the fifth wonder of the world has been closed to aviation.
  2. Pacific Ocean. According to the rules of air transportation, an aircraft must always fly in such a way that there is an alternate airfield within a radius of 3 hours. Yes, there are several islands with airports in the Pacific Ocean, but building a route so as not to violate the “three-hour rule” is difficult and inconvenient. It's easier to fly north, closer to land.
  3. The Himalayas and Tibet. The reason is obvious: the height difference between the mountain peaks and the echelons of the air routes is too small. In this regard, there is a great chance to get into a strong zone of turbulence. Planes fly over these territories over India.
  4. The Poles. The fact is that the proximity of the magnetic poles can disorientate navigational instruments, and in the event of an unforeseen situation, the plane will not be able to make an emergency landing, since there are no airports nearby. In addition, due to the depleted ozone layer, passengers will receive an increased share of radiation.
  5. Disneyland and Disney World. In 2003, two amusement parks paid huge sums of money to stop planes from flying over them. This was done for the safety and comfort of visitors.

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  1. Messi's house. No, of course, it's not about the endless reverence of the football star (although if it were, we would be slightly surprised). It's just that the Argentine striker lives in the Garraf Natural Park in the municipality of Gava, 25 km from Barcelona. Planes arriving in El Prat are required to take a short detour under Spanish environmental law.
  2. Area 51. A mysterious space in the state of Nevada has been closed to flights since 2013. This is clearly not without reason! According to numerous Internet testimonies, it is in Area 51 that the US government has been keeping living aliens in strict secrecy for a good 60 years. YouTube won't let you lie!
  3. Sinai. Despite the fact that the most popular Sharm el-Sheikh is located here, the peninsula is still considered restless. It is recommended to fly around Sinai or fly over it at maximum height.

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