When we began to perceive Istanbul as a city for life, our views have changed: a review of moving to Turkey

When we began to perceive Istanbul as a city for living, our views changed: a review of moving to Turkey

“We decided not to move immediately. Before that, they often visited Turkey and Istanbul in particular. Were in other cities: Ankara, Trabzon, Bursa. But, as you know, tourism is not emigration: when we moved and began to perceive Istanbul as a city for life, our views changed. My husband and I do not have children yet, so the move was easier for us, there were no problems finding schools, kindergartens and adapting them.

Istanbul has always been a controversial city, it does not leave anyone indifferent. Usually you either like it very much right away, or you don’t immediately like it. Everyone notices what they want: grandiose palaces or poverty and chaos of small streets. I still haven’t fully understood what feelings prevail in me, but I understand that I’m starting to get used to a lot, ”our reader Tatyana Mikhailova shares with Subtleties. Put “class” if you went on rest with under­pi­san­n­nil­ny karan­yes­shom che&#173 ;mo­yes­nom!

About the problems

One of the main problems is the tightening of the rules for obtaining a residence permit. All requirements can be viewed on the website of the migration service, but, judging by the conversations, there are also refusals. Cases have also become more frequent when, instead of the requested year, a residence permit is issued for 6 months.

Another problem is work. If you are not a freelancer and do not have the ability to work remotely, it can take a long time to find a job. Requirements for foreigners are now higher. And among the acquaintances living here, there is an opinion that men are hired more often than women. If there is a choice between two equal highly qualified specialists, a man will always be preferred.

An unpleasant detail is a huge number of fraudulent intermediaries who are trying in every possible way to cash in on inexperienced emigrants. Assistance in paperwork, renting an apartment, buying insurance – all this is best done in trusted places, on the advice of friends. There are many chat rooms where people communicate, and it’s more reliable to check all the information there, it’s not worth looking for agencies simply “on the Internet”.1/1

About the pros

The prices for food here, although slightly increased, are still lower than in Moscow or Europe. For an average salary of 55,000–60,000 rubles. Here it is quite possible to live, travel and rent an apartment. The most expensive part is gasoline and utilities.

All attractions and resorts are close to each other. For example, we have already been to the Yalova thermal resort several times: this is my favorite place in Turkey, I try to escape there from noisy Istanbul whenever possible. Around the forest and fresh air. Just 45 minutes by ferry and you are in another world. There are healing springs, thermal pools and hammams, a beautiful park.

Just 45 minutes on the ferry and you are in another world.

How to get there: Ferry from Yenikapi or Pendik pier. The fare from the second costs 50 TRY. From the pier of Yalova there is a minibus with the inscription “Termal”. A minibus ride costs 8 TRY, it is impossible to get lost – anyone will tell you. I don’t know yet how it is there in the summer (I’ll reconnoiter this year), but this is the second time we’ve come here in the winter. It seems to me that this is a very cool opportunity to swim in February: the water in the pools is +37 ° C, at the exit you will be offered hot tea. There are many hotels, you can find a budget option for an apartment for the weekend, and visit the complex on your own.

Istanbul has excellent healthcare. To obtain a residence permit, we bought a private compulsory insurance, after a year of residence, you can get a state one. Private costs an average of 400 USD. Their approach to treatment is completely different, many tests and diagnoses do not coincide with Russian ones.

Istanbul has excellent medicine.1/1

< p>Sleeping areas in Turkey are very clean, the entire infrastructure appears even before the houses are populated. On the territory of many residential complexes there are grocery stores (with free home delivery), fitness rooms and swimming pools for residents. The metro is laid even in the most remote corners of the city, there are no problems with transport in the city. But it is simply impossible to travel by car: traffic jams seem to be much worse than in Moscow. It is surprising how, with such developed public transport and such gas prices, many Turks prefer to travel by car. 1/1

Peculiarities of mentality

It is unrealistic not to communicate with neighbors here, you will definitely be asked about all the details of your life, invited to visit. In the first month, the whole entrance fed us, then one neighbor would bake something, then someone would bring fruit, we are already used to this and also always try to treat our neighbors with something. They are always ready to help even a stranger. I really did not think that the people of Istanbul are so open and sociable. They also like to talk about themselves, show photos of relatives, share joys and discuss everyday difficulties.

It is a family tradition to go by car on Sunday and stock up on groceries for two weeks in advance. We don't have a car yet, and the neighbors always invite us to go along. Everyone goes: both children and adults, a noisy company gathers, after which we definitely go to the Metro or Migros network.

We have been living in Istanbul for only 4 months so far, I have not yet fully mastered it. I spend more time in the Russian-speaking community, with my friends from Moscow. During these months we have never flown to Moscow, we are planning to visit our parents in the summer. It is very interesting what my feelings from my native city will be after living here.

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