What’s in our cabin case? Twins that Travel – The Travel Hack

What's in our cabin case? Traveling Twins - Travel Hack

The third bloggers in this new series to celebrate the launch of The Travel Hack Cabin Case are Laura and Claire, the brains behind Twins That Travel.

Twins That Travel is about the travels and adventures of identical twins who run an amazing blog, but may be best known for their amazing Instagram account where they share amazing snapshots of their travels yeah.

Other travel bloggers won’t be offended when I say this (and they’ll probably agree!): Laura and Claire are two of the most amazing travel bloggers I’ve ever met! And I know. They are humble, unassuming, and full of great blog ideas. They recently started making beautiful videos and also just launched their own podcast. They run an international penpal club called Paper Planes Club and are constantly flying to new and exciting places around the world. You can’t stop these women

So let’s find out what’s inside their cabin cases…

What's in our cabin case? Traveling Twins - Travel Hack

Do you usually travel with checked luggage or just hand luggage?

A mixture of both! If you’re on a holiday in Europe, you’ll have peace of mind with only hand baggage, but if you’re on a long-distance trip, we’ll take checked baggage with you. Our trips are usually within Europe, so we’ll probably be traveling with hand luggage the most.

What 5 things do you always have in your cabin case? (other than your passport, phone, wallet and chargers)

A destination guide, a Go Pro, lavender oil to help you sleep in your new environment, dry shampoo, and a fluffy unicorn teddy bear from Universal Studios!

What's in our cabin case? Traveling Twins - Travel Hack

If you could magically design something that makes travelling easier, what would it be?

Time Travel – We hate airplanes (ironically!)

Do you have any packing hacks?

Always include a multi-plug extension so you can connect multiple appliances without the need for many adapters.

What's in our cabin case? Traveling Twins - Travel Hack

What’s your top tip to stay stylish while you travel?

Wear loose clothing!

Do you have any items of clothing you always travel with?

We always wear fluffy socks on the plane to keep our feet warm and feel extra cozy.

What’s your next travel destination?

Anna Maria Island – Florida!

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