What tourists complain about in Sochi: 8 main disadvantages of the resort

What tourists complain about in Sochi: 8 main disadvantages of the resort

Sochi annually leads the Russian ratings of the most popular holiday destinations – however, travelers return from there not always satisfied. “Subtleties” decided to find out what exactly disappoints tourists in the main Krasnodar resort. The list of claims turned out to be decent.

1. Cramped airport

An airport is the face of any major city. So, according to many arrivals, Sochi did not come out too much with its face. The main claim to the air harbor is very banal: “too few seats.” And in general, it is felt that the airport is pretty overloaded during the high season. /cb/qg/cbqgd9esiko4cs488koc80oks.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

To what tourists complain in Sochi: 8 main disadvantages of the resort


2. Pebble beaches

The lion's share of the local beaches are pebbly, and the “caliber” of this pebble is very heterogeneous, so lying on them on a towel, as many budget tourists like to do, is still a pleasure. And it's not very pleasant to walk to the water. And not everyone wants to wear special shoes all the time. am/eqamp8nm1v4swcs4000ckk0cs.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

What tourists complain in Sochi: 8 main disadvantages of the resort


3. Dirty Sea

In theory, a bonus should follow from the previous minus – a transparent sea. But in Sochi it is far from being the case everywhere. And he, too, pretty much gets from picky tourists: jellyfish, rotavirus, muddy water are mentioned in half of the negative reviews about the resort. There are also dramatic descriptions of how waste is dumped directly into the sea or into the rivers flowing into it, including fragrant sewage.

4. Crazy prices

The undisputed leader of the top claims to the resort is its impossibly high prices. Firstly, the tours to Sochi themselves, according to travelers, cost unreasonably much: a vacation in a hotel of the same level in Antalya will cost 30-50 thousand cheaper. At the same time, in Antalya there will be “all inclusive” and animation, which is still a rarity in Sochi. Secondly, the main Russian resort has very high prices in the high season for everything that has at least some relation to the tourism industry. Sun loungers on the beach – 700 RUB per person, riding on water tubes – 1500-2000 RUB (and somewhere in Voronezh on the river beach – around 500 RUB), a glass of wine in a cafe on the waterfront – from 500 RUB. And it’s okay if the prices were just high, vacationers lament. So they do not at all correspond to the quality of what they are trying to sell to the tourist. In the private sector, there are zero amenities and no soundproofing, but expensive; in hotels they are indifferent to the client, but they tear up the money; The food in the cafe is tasteless – well, you understand. Abroad, this discrepancy between price and quality is not so noticeable.

5. Unreliable landlords

Sochi owners of private houses are making a significant contribution to the downgrading of the main Russian resort. First of all, due to the fact that they break agreements without a twinge of conscience. It doesn’t cost them anything to rent the room you booked to someone else (because he paid more), suddenly declare that the cost of the room has been increased – “If you don’t like it, roll on all four sides”, post photos that do not correspond to reality on the site, or even take away not in the house that was originally agreed upon.

6. Rudeness

For those who live in other regions, it is difficult to get used to the way people talk to each other in Sochi. Say “you” to everyone, regardless of age, roll your eyes at fair remarks, speak in a raised voice, just shout “Well, go home, if you don’t like it here!”? This is Sochi, baby!

7. Packs of dogs

One of the serious problems of the city is packs of stray dogs. There are especially many of them in the private sector, where they multiply uncontrollably and often run away from their owners. On the beaches and near shops, they can also be found. Tourists often feed the dogs, but then they themselves may suffer from them – there have already been such cases.

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8. Everything is not for people

And Sochi is beautiful, and green, and there is a lot of entertainment, but much here seems to be not for people. Or at least it doesn't fit a resort of this magnitude. The sidewalks are not only narrow, but also crowded with cars; normal street parking like in Moscow or St. Petersburg – count on the fingers. Water and electricity are constantly turned off, paths to the water on the beaches are too lazy to lay, changing cabins look like they saw Lenin. In a word, the principle “it will do” is implemented in Sochi at every step. sized/f550x700/eb/z6/ebz61lewx48os40ggwwkowgk8.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

What tourists complain about in Sochi: 8 main disadvantages of the resort


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