What to see in Tbilisi in a couple of days?

A couple of days for Georgia is unforgivably short, but for Tbilisi, two or three days may be enough to fully get to know the color of the city and culture. Don't know where to start with? What to see in Tbilisi? How to organize your own itinerary? We will tell!

Getting to know Tbilisi

  1. Main attractions
  2. Things to try
  3. Unusual sights

Main attractions

If you are coming to Georgia for the first time, then, of course, Tbilisi will start for you from the most popular points of the city. There is nothing to worry about, because all the sights of Tbilisi are full of history. 

First of all, it is worth exploring the Old Town and the Narikala fortress on Mount Mtatsminda. From it you can see Tbilisi at a glance. You can climb to the fortress by funicular at the Abanotubani stop, the entrance itself is free. Near Narikala there is a majestic monument “Mother Georgia”, which symbolizes the hospitality and militancy of the people of the country. 

Descending from the fortress, it is worth taking a walk through the Old Town, where  Metekhi and Norashen temples, Anchiskhati church, Sioni Cathedral, sulfur baths and fragments of the old fortress wall.

What to see in Tbilisi in a couple of days?

Photo:  guruturizma.ru – Mount Mtatsminda, Tbilisi

After enjoying the history of Tbilisi, go to its more modern part on Rustaveli Avenue. The street is densely forested, so if you're heading to Georgia in the summer, this is the perfect way to escape the heat and take a break from stuffy traffic. There are many restaurants, museums and even theaters on the avenue. Tbilisi is full of life here!  

What to try

It seems that in Georgia it is difficult to run into bad cuisine and tasteless food. However, restaurants in different areas are very different from each other. Some are more worth going for the view and atmosphere than the food. For example, establishments located above Kura offer an incredible view of the city, so the price tag here will be above average. Among them, tourists often note “Kopala” and “Maspindzelo”, “Sormoni”. If you dream of dining with an incredible view, consider the Funicular Restaurant as well.

What to see in Tbilisi in a couple of days?

Photo:  georgiatosee.com – Restaurant “Funicular”, Tbilisi

In addition to restaurants in Tbilisi, you should definitely look into khachapur and khinkali restaurants. These cafes are considered eateries, usually they do not sit too long. Many advise trying khachapuri at the Machakhela and Khinklis Sakhli restaurant chains, and khinkali at Iveroni and Zakhar Zakharych. 

Unusual sights

When you have already enjoyed the beauty and grandeur of the old city and tried khinkali, it's time for unusual amenities. First of all, we advise you to visit the flea market near the railway station on the Dry Bridge. Most vendors work here on weekends, but the market itself is open daily from 9:00 to 17:00. You can find a lot of interesting things here, especially from the Soviet era. However, even if you are not going to buy anything, it is very entertaining to walk around the market and study the culture of the country. 

You can admire the city from a height and experience extreme emotions in the amusement park Mtatsminda on the mountain of the same name. Most tourists go to the observation wheel, but there are many other attractions in the complex. Admission is free, but to get to the attraction you will have to buy a deposit card, as well as pay for each carousel separately. 

In the evening, you can walk along the pretty bar street of Shardeni. People come here for the soulful atmosphere, local wine and folk songs. By the way, if you are a big fan of wine, then be sure to visit the Bagrationi 1882 sparkling wine factory. The cost of the tour (from $ 25 per person) includes tasting and viewing of the premises. If you have time and opportunity, then be sure to go to the Chateau Mukhrani winery in Mtskheta, which is located 25 km from Tbilisi. A wine tour to this place (like most in Georgia) must be booked in advance, the cost of a tasting of four drinks will be about $ 11.

What to see in Tbilisi in a couple of days?

Photo:  mamagruzia.ru – Shardeni St., Tbilisi

Tbilisi is history. Here you can feel all the greatness of Georgia and taste it. Do not be mistaken that Tbilisi is difficult to taste in a couple of days. If you have a chance to escape – be sure to grab it! 

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