What customers piss off fast food workers: 6 types

Which customers piss off fast food workers: 6 types

Fast food restaurants are becoming more numerous and in demand – during the day, employees have to communicate with dozens of visitors. All people are different, with each client you need to be polite and friendly, but some of them are just annoying. Employees of popular establishments admitted this to Sputnik and told why.

6. Drunk

If the client does not stand on his feet and behaves inappropriately, he will be taken out by security. But slightly drunk in the service is not denied. Only alcohol, even in small doses, makes people more excited, sociable, sometimes aggressive and always demanding more attention. This interferes with work.

5. Sluggish

Fast food is called that because the service must be fast. All establishments have speed limits that employees must comply with in order not to lose bonuses or receive a fine. If the client cannot make a choice for a long time, asks a bunch of stupid questions, creates a queue, this is terribly infuriating. Especially at the end of the shift.

4. Fitons

Healthy eaters who somehow find themselves in a fast food restaurant often behave strangely. They interrogate the cashier about the calorie content of meals, trying to find diet food. This takes time and is also very annoying. /9yif1nojc14o8gogowgocs0sw.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Which clients are annoying fast food workers: 6 types


3. Arrogant

Only beginners react painfully to arrogant customers who behave like millionaires in a pretentious restaurant. Over time, they only amuse with their demands for some special treatment and service, buying a burger for 50 RUB. They also do not clean up the trays, considering it below their dignity.

2. Nervous

Although fast food works as quickly as possible, there are still hitches. People who start freaking out and exhausted because of this are annoying. I would like to invite them to the kitchen or behind the cash register so that they try to do everything themselves. Detective of the century: in search of the homeland of french fries.

1. Deceivers

Teenagers usually cheat: they say that they did not put something in the package with the order, they demand compensation. There is no time to check, “the client is always right”, so they are usually met halfway, if only to get off. It is worse when they complain about a hair or an insect in food, but the manager already decides these issues. In general, work in fast food is not sugar. You need to do everything quickly, smile for 8 hours in a row, even if the visitors are scandalous and rude. If you break the rules, the manager will immediately appear with the threat of a fine. Myths about fast food employees stealing or spoiling food are false: there are cameras everywhere.

The ideal visitor

These also happen! They see the cost of dishes on the screen, specify the composition and calorie content on the website, so they place an order quickly, saving their own and other people's time. They are polite: they say hello, say goodbye and thank you, calmly wait for their order. They never make scandals, they never cheat and, of course, they clean up after themselves.

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