What can you buy in Europe for the price of a odnushka in Moscow

What can buy in Europe for the price of a odnushka in Moscow

The happy owners of Moscow square meters must have at least once wondered what would happen if they sold their one-room apartment in the Russian capital and decided to acquire real estate abroad. What kind of living space in Turkey, Serbia and even Spain can they count on? The “subtleties” decided to find the answer to this question, wandered through the websites of foreign real estate agencies – and are ready to admit that the catch turned out to be quite decent. When making calculations, the editors proceeded from the fact that a one-room apartment in Moscow can be sold for 9,500,000 RUB, which, even at a not very favorable exchange rate, will average 95-100,000 EUR. This channel you don want­t to mute. Good articles, full news and  #tourist bear!


With an amount of 100,000 EUR in Madrid, it is quite possible to count on a one-room apartment with an area of ​​​​54 square meters. m on the ground floor in the southern area of ​​Villaverde. Or even a couple of modest studios with an area of ​​​​16-18 square meters. In Cordoba, enough for a dozen dilapidated former peasant houses, and on the island of Menorca – for a nice one-bedroom apartment in a mini-complex with a communal pool, a few kilometers from the Mediterranean coast.


To buy an apartment of 54 sq. m in Lisbon, Porto or Funchal, you will need to sell two Moscow odnushki. And in most other cities in Portugal, the minimum prices start at 150,000 EUR: often due to the fact that they have a large area. But in the town of Santa Maria da Feira, Aveiro, you can find apartments with 2-3 bedrooms for less than 100,000 EUR. And from there, by the way, only 15 km to the Atlantic coast.


In Serbia, with the money received from the sale of Moscow odnushka, you can feel like a person who has a choice. In different parts of Belgrade, you can easily find a one-room apartment, and if you're lucky, even a two-room apartment worth 60,000-98,000 EUR. In Novi Sad, you will be able to grab two apartments at once: for example, a one-room apartment and a two-room apartment or a nice three-room apartment. And in the vicinity of the popular resort of Vrnjacka Banya – a house with an area of ​​​​almost 250 square meters. m. =”(max-width: 549px)”>

What can you buy in Europe for the price of a odnushka in Moscow

Karadordeva Street, Belgrade, Serbia


Translated into Turkish currency, a Moscow odnushka is a little more than 1,500,000 TRY. They are enough to get a couple of apartments with three bedrooms and a hall in the Beylikduzu area – and this is the coast of the Sea of ​​​​Marmara, or to buy an analogue of the Russian three-room apartment (two bedrooms and a hall) in the Kadikoy district of Istanbul. In different districts of Antalya (Konyaalti, Demirtas) for 1.5 million liras, you can buy a couple of apartments with an area of ​​70-140 square meters. m in new buildings with their own swimming pool, barbecue area, etc. or a couple of secondary buildings 2 + 1 in the Mahmutlar area.

In Ankara, even a million liras will be enough to buy an apartment in the prestigious Cankaya area. 1/1

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In the Montenegrin resort of Budva with the amount of 100,000 EUR you can easily count on a one-bedroom apartment 600 meters from the sea. Or the option with three bedrooms – but already in the vicinity of the resort and for major repairs. In Kotor, located on the shores of the Bay of Kotor, you can buy an apartment a stone's throw from the bay (40 sq. m), and if you wish, a small two-bedroom house a kilometer from the bay. Plus, a few thousand euros will remain for the arrangement.

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