Weekend Reads #7 – The Travel Hack

Weekend Reading #7 - Travel Hack

Weekend Reading #7 - Travel Hack

Introducing Girl Tweets World {Girl Tweets World

Hmm, this is very exciting. My friend and fellow blogger Jayne Gorman has revamped his blog, 40 Before 30, with a completely new look, feel, and name. Jayne was on a mission to visit 40 countries by the time he turns 30, but what is he going to do once he reaches this number!?

Jayne’s new site is gorgeous, combining posts from her business, blogging life and her new life in Sydney. Be sure to check us out for more travel, food, Sydney, and blogging tips.

Weekend Reading #7 - Travel Hack

What I posted on Instagram and what actually happened {Bustle}

This is a particularly good read for anyone who follows fashion bloggers and wonders, “Why isn’t my life so beautiful and perfect?” Just think, nobody’s life is beautiful and perfect, but who really has time for Instagram when they’re having so much fun? Social media is both great and dangerous in that it’s a place where we share the best parts of our lives and can lead to negative comparisons and great competition.

Weekend Reading #7 - Travel Hack

Britain on Instagram vs. Britain in real life {BuzzFeed}

If you don’t believe me that Instagram portrays an unrealistic ideal, you need to read this post. If you’ve ever been attacked by a seagull at the beach, you’ll probably agree.

Weekend Reading #7 - Travel Hack

Improve your photography in less than 30 minutes {As the Bird Flies}

I wish I had read this when I started photography. But I didn’t just skim it, I thought, “That’s a good idea.” Read it, study it, and absorb it all. It’s much easier to do it from the beginning than to spend years of trial and error. Trial and error also works!

Weekend Reading #7 - Travel Hack

Changes in the blogging business {Oh Joy!}

There’s no doubt that blogging has changed over the past few years, and I’m confident it will continue to grow and evolve at the same rapid pace. It’s great to read about this from someone who has been blogging for almost 9 years and see how blogging has changed.

Weekend Reading #7 - Travel Hack

Pho (Vietnamese beef noodle soup) {Family gourmet}

For fans, listen up. There’s some serious pho food porn going on here. This seems like the most incredible recipe ever. In fact, reading this recipe makes me drool. I really like the helpful tips, like freezing the beef a little before slicing it to make it easier to slice. Nomu. Nomu. Nomu. That’s all I can say.

Weekly Hacks

Weekend Reading #7 - Travel Hack

Best life hacks for urban women {Stylist Magazine}

It’s great to see “hack” posts that include original ideas that I actually want to use. I especially like him number 14. You can instantly review (and remove) all marketing emails by searching for “unsubscribe” in your inbox genius.

Weekend Reading #7 - Travel Hack

Book of the Week

This week I’m reading an e-book by fellow blogger Jetsetter Jess. Jess has written a book called Happier than a Pug, Freer than a Millionaire: A Modern Women’s Guide to Traveling Solo and Loving It. This is an encouraging book that will give women the courage to travel alone. It’s about overcoming fear, realistically assessing any risks, and energizing yourself with plenty of motivation to get out and travel. If you want to travel but don’t have the confidence, or if you want to hear from women who have traveled alone, this book is for you.

This week’s contest

Win a holiday to Cantabria, Spain

Weekend Reading #7 - Travel Hack

Brittany Ferries and Cantabria Tourism are giving away a 5-night holiday to Cantabria with travel by car and ferry. All you need to do is watch a quick video, answer some simple questions, enter your details, and be sure to cooperate. After watching this video, we’re sure you’ll agree that Cantabria looks pretty gorgeous. Good luck everyone!

For more information on how to enter, please visit the Cantabrian Tourism Board’s Facebook page.

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