Weekend Reads #2 + why we’re prioritising travel – The Travel Hack

Weekend Reading #2 + Why Travel is a Priority - The Travel Hack

How is 2017 going so far? Well, January has passed, more than enough time to ask that question. Last week went by way too soon and I was definitely still in a post-Christmas fog. In fact, I think I’m still in a post-Christmas fog.

I’ve spent most of this week with my head buried in my laptop and calling HMRC. “Taxes don’t have to be a burden.” my ass.

I’m going to stop talking about this, but I’m sure other freelancers feel my pain!

But what lifted my spirits this week was booking a ski trip to Les Gets. I wasn’t planning on taking a ski vacation this year. Joseph is still very young and George is too young to learn to ski. It also means you have to take turns skiing while one stays with the kids, making traveling with two children under two a logistical nightmare. Deaf.

But when I thought about it, I realized that there is always a reason not to go on vacation. George is still too young to ski next year, but the next year he will be going to school, so he will have a completely different problem. Then he wants to build an extension, which would probably require a new car, and yada yada yada. I understand.

There’s always something that can get in the way of your vacation trip: money, time, other commitments, other priorities, or just not being organized or booked.

Vacations are always important to me, so I think it’s important to just book them without thinking too much about why you shouldn’t go. Because there are always 101 reasons not to go!

The family vacation we are taking is not an easy one. Just going to the grocery store with a toddler or newborn can be a challenge!

But 20 years later we will remember this holiday. It’s holiday photos that cover our walls and fill the pages of our photo albums and social media feeds. You probably won’t remember the weekends when you were at home watching CeeBeebies because you were too nervous, too scared, too lazy to do anything else.

So this week I decided not to think about it too much and booked my flight before I talked myself into it again!

Anyway, that was my week. How was it for you?

Here’s what I read this week…

Weekend Reading #2 + Why Travel is a Priority - The Travel Hack

The Ultimate Faroe Islands Travel Guide – The Tourist of Life

This is a beautiful and detailed guide to the Faroe Islands. We are eager to visit the Faroe Islands and will definitely be returning soon. I missed the opportunity to go a few years ago and have been thinking about it ever since. It’s a lot like Iceland, but without the mass tourism.

Weekend Reading #2 + Why Travel is a Priority - The Travel Hack

Capturing the essence of travel through photography – Go See Write

I really like this article because it’s different from the hundreds of similar articles I’ve read. I like the idea of ​​creating a shot list of the photos I want to take before I actually go out each day. It takes a lot of planning and research, but I’m sure it’s worth it. There’s some advice out there about taking pictures of locals, but I don’t agree with it 100%. I would never go out on the streets of London and take pictures of people, so why do photographers think it’s OK to ‘take pictures of Aboriginal people’?

Weekend Reading #2 + Why Travel is a Priority - The Travel Hack

Unmasking Capri: Travel Guide – My Bougeotte

I had never thought of going to Capri until I read this article, but now I really want to go. Don’t you think it’s amazing!?

Weekend Reading #2 + Why Travel is a Priority - The Travel Hack

Mini Explorer Milestone Card – Taylor Hearts Travel

These are travel-themed milestone cards with a twist, rather than the standard “one month old” kind of cards. If you know someone who is a travel enthusiast and is planning to have a baby, please share this information with them. Or even better, get it as a surprise gift!

Weekend Reading #2 + Why Travel is a Priority - The Travel Hack

How I earned $979,321 in 2016 – Understanding the meaning of cents

I don’t know about you, but I’m always a little picky when it comes to seeing how other people make a living. I loved reading this annual income report on Making Sense of Cents. She talks openly and honestly about how she made nearly $1 million blogging in 2016. Go, Michelle!

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