Weekend Reads #19 – The Travel Hack

Weekend Reading #19 – Travel Hack

Welcome to the first weekend reading of 2016!

It’s been a big and busy week in the blogosphere. The first week of the year has plenty for us to read as bloggers stick to their New Year’s resolutions and post more!

and let me tell you I’m not the only one who spent most nights this week sitting on the couch in my pajamas, iPad in hand, watching the latest box set on TV. I gave up on my unrealistic resolution to go to the gym in January, but I can’t do it!

Here’s what I’ve been reading this week…

2016 reading list

Weekend Reading #19 – Travel Hack

New {World of Wanderlust} Holiday Reading List for 2016

It’s been a while since I bought a good old paperback book, but I’m tempted by these books Brooke has introduced me to. She mentions many of her homely books about living a self-sufficient lifestyle and generally making your home look cozy and luxurious. This is what I am aiming for now that the house is finally complete!

Weekend Reading #19 – Travel Hack

Inspirational reading of 2016 {Liv Purvis}

This was about the millionth time a blogger recommended Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic, so I finally downloaded it. I also read a lot of books on tidying up. Part of me wonders how a book about tidying up can be so life-changing. But another part of me is intrigued. It’s on my Amazon wish list. Please let me know if you have read it!

2016 travel inspiration

Weekend Reading #19 – Travel Hack

Kate’s Picks: Places to Travel in 2016 Before It’s Too Late {Adventurous Kate}

I think it’s never too late to visit these places, but here are some great suggestions. You might finish reading this post thinking, “Damn, I just want to go everywhere!!” Something like that. The Faroe Islands are definitely on my list for this year.

Weekend Reading #19 – Travel Hack

Top 10 countries {approximate guide}

So happy to see Wales here in 8th place! Albania and Romania are also places that caught my attention on this list. These seem like places to go before others realize how great they are.

Weekend Reading #19 – Travel Hack

Best Mustache Destinations 2016 {Lonely Planet}

I love Lonely Planet, but I love it even more now that they’ve put together this year’s guide to the best mustache destinations. Check out our other Best in Travel themes for some serious inspiration for 2016.

Other things I liked

Weekend Reading #19 – Travel Hack

Hogwarts in the Snow {Elle Croft – Bird in the Hand}

Are you a Potter fan? Please read this as soon as possible. Then, like Elle, you too will be screaming with joy. For some reason, anything related to Harry Potter makes me giggle and get excited, making him an 11 year old. Just reading this post affected me like that. I was actually planning to go with Elle, but something happened and I couldn’t attend, so I’m really sad now. I also met Nadia from GBBO!!

Weekend Reading #19 – Travel Hack

Why you should read Gargle Magazine this month {Gagle}

Number three, number three! ! Yes, I am very excited to be featured in this month’s Gargle Magazine. A few months ago, I chatted with George about his travels, the places we love, and the products we always carry with us. They co-featured this with other travel bloggers to create top tips for traveling with a baby. Gurgle is the only “mummy magazine” I read, so I’m really looking forward to being a part of it.

Weekend Reading #19 – Travel Hack

The most beautiful house in London {A Lady in London}

Julie has a great way of making London look beautiful. London is beautiful, but it would be even more beautiful if everyone could live in a house like this. Unfortunately, most people live in ex-council flats, ugly houseshares, or shiny modern flats that aren’t as beautiful as these houses.

One for bloggers

Weekend Reading #19 – Travel Hack

You don’t have to be one-dimensional to be successful {pack your passport}

I don’t agree with 100% of everything in this post, but I agree with almost 95%. Nowadays, we are seeing a huge change in the attitude of bloggers. Maybe it’s because it’s become so common to “quit social media” and “Instagram Live is fake!” But blogging in 2016 will be more honest and personal. Hooray if there are fewer layoffs, and hooray if there are more personal posts!

What did you read this week? Share the link in the comments below!

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