Weekend Reads #17 – The Travel Hack

Weekend Reading #17 – Travel Hack

I had a pretty calm week this week. Well, I couldn’t be more relaxed when I have a 3 month old baby, but I’m also renovating my house and expanding my blog to include my entire team of bloggers. He received over 200 applications from people wanting to join The Travel Hack team. I was really surprised by the responses (and I was so busy reading all those emails!) I’m so happy that so many people wanted to join this blog, but at the same time I’m so happy that so many people from all over the world wanted to participate. I was surprised to see so many people gathered world. It’s going to be a really exciting few weeks as we select our team and start working on a new project together.

Also, a big shout out to everyone who participated in Blogtacular last weekend. I was giving a talk about travel blogging at a blogger conference and I got a great response from everyone who came to the talk thank you!

Anyway, back to my weekend reading. Here’s what we found in the blogosphere this week…

Weekend Reading #17 – Travel Hack

Take Off the Tie: 5 Things Dad Really Wants for Father’s Day {Apartment Therapy}

I love this list of gifts for dad on Father’s Day. I don’t know about your father, but my father is a really difficult person to shop for. He is a very happy person and always tells me that he already has everything he wants. This list will show you that there is no need to buy your dad a silly or novelty gift. Spend time with him and have adventures. Because that would be the best gift of all.

Weekend Reading #17 – Travel Hack

Dubrovnik Photo Essay {We took the road less traveled}

Have you considered visiting Dubrovnik, Croatia? No? you should! Check out this gorgeous photo essay to find out why.

Weekend Reading #17 – Travel Hack

Taking Landscape Photography Correctly {Travelettes}

If you love traveling and love photography, there’s a good chance you take a lot of landscape photos. This is a great introductory guide to landscape photography. It’s especially suitable for people who wonder, “How on earth did they manage to take such good photos!?’

Weekend Reading #17 – Travel Hack

Carry-on baggage size guide {Expedia}

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had to pay a small amount of money to bring an oversized bag on a plane. Or are you the one at the front of the check-in line, desperately trying to get all the heavy stuff out of your suitcase? Yes, I’ve been there. I’m very happy that Expedia has created a quick reference chart of baggage sizes, capacities, and weights for most airlines. There is also the weight of checked baggage. Thanks guys!

Weekend Reading #17 – Travel Hack

My £6 million Notting Hill townhouse {Vicky flip flops}

While I was at Blogtacular, Vicky came along as my +1. We both live outside of London so we stayed for one night before a conference. Vicky offered to pick somewhere for us to stay, but I didn’t think about it until 15 minutes before she arrived in London. I was expecting an average hotel or a small apartment. What I didn’t expect was her four-storey townhouse just off Portobello Road. It was amazing. Just look at the pictures and you’ll see what I mean.

Weekend Reading #17 – Travel Hack

Highlights of 10 Days in Norway {Risky Business}

Have you ever said you want to go to Norway? Maybe once, twice, maybe a million times!? This sounds like an epic 10-day trip for him, but it seems impossible to take a bad photo from Norway. It seems to me. It’s really photogenic. This post by Amanda made me want to go more, so I’m looking forward to seeing more of her posts from Norway.

Weekend Reading #17 – Travel Hack

4 things that make Japan Japan {Looptail blog by g Adventures}

Did you know that there is an umbrella sharing initiative in Japan? Or do you know about different types of seaweed? No, me too. This is a great post for anyone who is considering visiting Japan but doesn’t know much about this amazing country.

Weekend Reading #17 – Travel Hack

Real-life Lion King of Serengeti {Stamp}

Wow, just amazing. I have been to Serengeti but my experience was nothing like this. The lion just hangs from the tree like an apple. However, I can’t say I like the idea of ​​camping in the Serengeti. He wants four strong walls to protect me from the lion!

Weekend Reading #17 – Travel Hack

10 tough things to do when traveling to Europe with kids {Flashpacker Family}

I love this post. Families who think traveling with kids is easy are lying. It is not easy. But it’s much easier if you know what to expect and have some handy tricks and tips to make it easier!

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