Weekend Reads #16 – The Travel Hack

Weekend Reading #16 - Travel Hacks

Have a nice weekend everyone!

I’m going to Swansea today, so it’s another three-day weekend this week. If everything goes according to plan, you should be there by the time you read this. Unfortunately, we’re starting to realize that when traveling with an 11-week-old baby, nothing goes as planned. Follow me on Instagram to see what I’m up to in Swansea.

Here’s what I read from the blogosphere this week…

Weekend Reading #16 - Travel Hacks

14 Life-Changing Packing Hacks {tripigator}

“Life-changing” may be an overstatement. “Really great and useful packing tips you can always use on your next trip” would be more accurate, but not quite as catchy, right?

Weekend Reading #16 - Travel Hacks

Coroico, Bolivia {Mr. + Mrs. Globetrot}

I really want to be here that’s all.

Weekend Reading #16 - Travel Hacks

10 hidden gems of the British Isles {Top10.com}

this is a post I wrote for top10.com and I’m so happy with it that I had to share it. These 10 places are amazing and we’re sure your staycation in the UK will be amazing. I’m planning a lot of trips to England this summer so I’m hoping to be able to visit some of these amazing places.

Weekend Reading #16 - Travel Hacks

16 travel blogs that will make you want to pack your bags {Brit + Co}

I’m so honored to be included on this list of travel bloggers (thank you everyone!), but I really wanted to include them because there are some great travel blogs that I’ve never come across before. Check them out and add them to your blog reading list.

Weekend Reading #16 - Travel Hacks

Why tidying up can change your life {Guardian}

This is an article for people who love tidying up their homes but hate tidying up. There’s a lot of information online these days about simplifying your home and thereby simplifying your life. It seems that a simple life leads to happiness, so it’s time to start tidying up….

Weekend Reading #16 - Travel Hacks

21 of Western Australia’s best beaches {yTravel Blog}

It’s sad that most people visiting Australia, especially backpackers, stick to the east coast. Take a look at these photos from the West Coast and see what you’re missing. WA is A-mazing.

Weekend Reading #16 - Travel Hacks

24 Hours of Becoming a Millionaire in Paris {Travel Hack}

This is my own, but I had to include it because it was the most amazing 24 hours ever. To make a long story short, the National Lottery ‘challenged’ me to spend just over £2,700 in his 24 hours. I chose to spend that money in Paris and this is what I did!

One for the bloggers

Weekend Reading #16 - Travel Hacks

9 Unsexy Truths About Making Money Online {ProBlogger}

I love ProBlogger’s really helpful blogging advice and I love the authenticity of this article. I especially like point 7 about how lonely working online can be. This is definitely the most difficult for me. Yes, I’m always chatting with people on social media, but you can’t beat gossip while making coffee in the office kitchen.

Blogtacular Video 2014

I will be giving a talk at Blogtacular next month. I’m very excited to have been asked to speak at the conference and can’t wait to hear from the other speakers. If it’s the same as last year, it’s definitely going to be a good year!

Competition of the week

Weekend Reading #16 - Travel Hacks

Earn 200,000 FlyingBlue Air Miles {FlyingBlue}

Air France and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines’ air miles program, Flying Blue, is currently competing to earn 200,000 air miles. All you have to do is share a photo with the theme “Revisit the World”. Upload it to your website or post it on Instagram with the hashtag #FlyingView. You can enter up to 10 times, and the winner will receive up to 200,000 miles, a winning photo printed on a luggage tag, and a one-year Flying Blue His Platinum Membership.

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