Weekend Reads 14 – The Travel Hack

Weekend Reading 14 - Travel Hacks

It’s been a long time since I put together a weekend reading post, so I thought it was time to revive it. Since welcoming George, I’ve spent a lot of time reading blogs and found it to be a great way to entertain me during long night feedings. Here’s what I read this week…

Weekend Reading 14 - Travel Hacks

Solo trip to the Isles of Scilly {heroine in heels}

I’m also going to the Isles of Scilly in July and this post by Laura gave me a great opportunity to get a little taste of island life. So gorgeous, when I posted this photo on her Facebook, many people couldn’t believe this was in England!

Weekend Reading 14 - Travel Hacks

Cruising Milford Sound {Ink and Adventure}

I really want to go to New Zealand, and this collection of amazing photos just made that wanderlust even worse. Milford Sound looks amazing.

Weekend Reading 14 - Travel Hacks

Full-time business travel expenses in 2014 {The Professional Hobo}

We’re all nosy and like to know how much money people spend, but this spending is even more interesting. Nora is a full-time traveler who blogs about her travels in a financially sustainable way. She has documented her exact spending since 2014, and you’ll be surprised at how little she spends!

Weekend Reading 14 - Travel Hacks

10 European Travel Ideas for Couples {Travel Suits}

If you’re looking for a vacation with your significant other, check this out. Or even your beza or friends. There are some great suggestions here and I am so happy that my blog about Iceland is featured!

Weekend Reading 14 - Travel Hacks

Trekking in the Himalayas {Miles of Happiness}

In addition to stunning photos, here are 10 reasons why you’ll want to pack your bags and head to the Himalayas right away.

Weekend Reading 14 - Travel Hacks

Learning to ski almost traumatized me {The Cozy Traveler}

Yes Yes Yes! Many bloggers are sharing amazing videos of themselves running down mountain slopes looking cool, stylish and sporty. But what they don’t tell you is that learning to ski is absolutely terrifying. Thanks for sharing, Emily, you make me feel more normal!

Weekend Reading 14 - Travel Hacks

Goa Yab Yum Hat {Vicky Flip Flop}

Normally I recommend reading reviews of accommodations unless you plan on staying there, but oh dear lord, look at this place! Soon. Vicky has been to some great places lately, so this is the kind of blog where she grabs a drink and updates on what’s been going on.

Weekend Reading 14 - Travel Hacks

3 Genius Travel Tips to Save Money and Score a Canon 70D {CreativeLive}

Here’s a little primer on travel hacking with tips from travel hacking legend Chris Guillebeau, but it’s the camera perks that really stand out. I use a Canon 70D and it really is a great camera.

One for the bloggers…

Weekend Reading 14 - Travel Hacks

11 Secrets to Becoming a Pro Blogger {Expert Vegabond}

Have you ever noticed that blog posts about “secrets” and “top tips” only offer vague, wishy-washy, random tips that are completely useless? Well, here’s the thing about those posts: Not just one. A big thank you to his Expert Vegabond for putting this together, as this is something very useful for anyone who wants to improve their blogging or take the leap into full-time or professional blogging.

Competition of the Week

Weekend Reading 14 - Travel Hacks

Win a RTW trip! {Match.com}

Match.com is looking for Dating Explorers to travel the world and experience the local dating scene. The winner will get his 6 week trip to New York, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Stockholm and Paris all expenses paid!

“From salsa dancing to saunas, cafe culture to cocktail bars, we want to know what excites daters around the world, and we want you to know it too.”

If you are single and love to travel, check this out. I sincerely hope that whoever wins this will find the love of their life. Wouldn’t that be a great story for their grandchildren!

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