Weekend Reads #13 – The Travel Hack

Weekend Reading #13 - Travel Hack

Weekend Reading #13 - Travel Hack

Happy Friday everyone! It’s almost the weekend!

I’m not usually that excited about weekends. Working from home has blurred the line between weekdays and weekends a bit, but I’m heading to Sweden this weekend, so I’m feeling like an excited kid gathering up my winter wool and packing my bags.

My trip to Gothenburg

Sam and I are scheduled to fly to Gothenburg this afternoon. I can’t wait for the festival weekend.

Here’s what you’ll do:

  • Stay at Elite Park Avenue Hotel
  • We will be spending Saturday at the Christmas market
  • We take a canal boat to Liseberg Market, the largest market in Scandinavia. It looks spectacular and there are many beautiful Christmas illuminations
  • Then take a design and shopping tour around Gothenburg
  • On Saturday night, we will be having dinner at Haven 23 at Gothia Towers. I can’t wait to see the view!
  • Sunday will consist of more shopping, markets and exploring the city
  • We’re having brunch at the Clarion Hotel Post, where this year’s pastry chef works – and I’m already drooling at the thought

Here’s what I read and wrote this week…

Why my New Year’s resolution is to take more selfies

A quick video of scuba diving in Egypt

Review of last week’s Nafnan Blogger Workshop

It’s time for the December push

Saving or splurging? What do you waste and what do you save while traveling?

I’ve also updated my Christmas wish list and added some of my current favorite items

Weekend Reading #13 - Travel Hack

10 ways traveling can boost your happiness {baggage only}

I’ve often struggled to explain why traveling makes me so happy, but this post sums it up perfectly. Traveling is fun and exciting in the short term, but in the long term it has a huge impact on your life and worldview. I especially like number 7 on the list. You can discover new things you like. You may discover new hobbies and interests that you would never try at home, and they can become a big part of your life.

Weekend Reading #13 - Travel Hack

Tree magic {Team Viking}

Essentially I just took a few photos of the forest where my family was picking out their Christmas tree, but I included this post because it’s so beautiful. It’s gray, dreary, cloudy and damp, but the photographers here have managed to pick out some truly amazing moments and make them look magical. I’m starting to feel like going to a Christmas tree farm and picking out my own tree.

Weekend Reading #13 - Travel Hack

how to take better self-portraits {freepeople}

If you read my post about wanting to take more selfies next year, you’ll know that while I hate having my photo taken, I also hate the idea of ​​not having a single photo of myself when I travel. You get the idea. Selfies and ‘proper self-portraits’ are the only way I can look comfortable on camera, so I’m going to incorporate some of these great tips.

Weekend Reading #13 - Travel Hack

What do minimalists do with their belongings? {Newbie}

This may seem like a coincidence, but if you subscribe to my weekly newsletter, you’ve probably read that I temporarily moved in with my parents. All of our belongings went into storage, except for my laptop and a few clothes that could fit around the bumps. At first I was worried about living without anything, but now I love it. I feel strangely free and like I’m backpacking again! I really enjoyed this article about how minimalists deal with trash because I promised myself I would never accumulate trash again in my new home. A clean-up operation is underway.

Weekend Reading #13 - Travel Hack

How to bob other than mom {Creators of Desire}

TREND ALERT: Bobs are hot! I’ve been toying with the idea of ​​trying a chop for the past few months, and reading this post convinced me it was finally time to go for it. I didn’t want to think about having a baby and getting bored and opting for a middle-aged mom bob, but the truth is, growing your hair long is hard! A sexy little bob is perfect for traveling, and if it’s good enough for Lauren Conrad, it’s good enough for me.

Weekend Reading #13 - Travel Hack

The truth about blogging {jet lag queen}

Here are eight very important truths about blogging. Anyone with a blog will agree, and if you think blogging is all about perfectly arranged flowers, macarons, idyllic holidays, and glamorous fashion, think again!

Instagram of the week

A weekend walk in Wales…

Photo posted by Monica Stott (@thetravelhack) on Dec 12, 2014 at 1:26pm PST

Competition of the week

#KodakMoments – Win a £2,000 holiday voucher!

kodak Alaris is running a super exciting competition to win £2,000 of holiday vouchers. If you don’t win the big coupon, the person who takes the most popular photo will still win an iPad Air each month. Find out how to enter and upload your #KodakMoment here. Good luck!

This is my #KodakMoment from when I had a Tarzan moment swinging through the trees in Dominica.

Weekend Reading #13 - Travel Hack

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