Weekend Reads #12 – The Travel Hack

Weekend Reading #12 – Travel Hack

Has it really been almost two months since I posted a weekend read? I’ve been so busy these past few months that I’ve barely had time to write, but never mind reading!

What I’ve been Writing

Blood and Earth Cooking Course with Godless Homes in Dublin

A sneak peek of Lavazza’s gorgeous 2015 calendar by Steve McCurry

I’m pregnant! | Frequently Asked Questions and Future Plans + Baby Gender Announcement

Ryanair Survival Guide

Blogs I’ve been Reading

Weekend Reading #12 – Travel Hack

Travelettes’ Japan travel plan {Travelettes}

I’ve wanted to go to Japan for many years, but I’ve always been put off by the difficulty of planning. As always, Travelettes made it easy to get there and made me want to go even more!

Weekend Reading #12 – Travel Hack

Wait a minute, are New Zealand and Iceland actually the same place? {Young Adventurer}

Hearing this convinced me that I really needed to go to New Zealand. But until that day comes, I might have to take another trip to Iceland.

Weekend Reading #12 – Travel Hack

40 things about Hong Kong {Blonde Salad}

Oh, I love Hong Kong and I love a visual guide without too many boring things.

Weekend Reading #12 – Travel Hack

Copenhagen: 10 things to do on the cheap or for free {backpacks and bunk beds}

Copenhagen is also my favorite city, but it’s not half as expensive. Here’s a great guide to cheap or free things to do in the city to keep your costs down and have a good time.

Books I’ve been Reading

Make Better Videos with your DSLR or Camera – Since I’m venturing into the world of video creation, I thought it only natural to buy a cheap and easy book. The only problem was that it was too simple. Don’t buy this book unless you have no idea what YouTube is.

The main advice I received was:

  1. Always use a tripod
  2. Minimize camera movement
  3. Introduce your video with a simple chat on camera
  4. We get inspired from documentaries and shows because we watch TV and are used to a certain style of videos

Weekend Reading #12 – Travel Hack


Weekend Reading #12 – Travel Hack

– This is the most expensive book I’ve bought in a long time (£8.54 on Kindle) but it was so worth it! It was written by Sophia Amoruso, the founder of Nasty Gal, and it’s basically her success story. You won’t get any business tips from this book, but you will get lots of inspiration, career advice, and the courage you need to go out into the workforce and become a #girlboss.

Weekend Reading #12 – Travel Hack

Testing Google Glass

A few months ago, I tested Google Glass. I only had the glasses for a short period of time, so I didn’t have much time, but the whole time I wore them, I couldn’t help but feel like something was missing what do you mean? I always carry my phone with me, and it does so much more than Google Glass, so I’ll stick with it until glasses become better than my phone. Thank you to HolidaysPlease for the very short trial.

Instagram of the Week

First baby purchase. Converse is large, medium, and small. Louis doesn’t know what to make of something so small.

Photo posted by Monica Stott (@thetravelhack) on Nov 11, 2014 at 12:52 PM PST

Video of the Week

If you have 4 minutes to spare, spend it watching this baby seal learn to swim. Too cute! I’ve been playing this over and over again because my dog ​​is freaking out for some strange reason. Maybe he speaks seal.

Dryvember – it’s not too late!

We’re a week into November, and better late than never. If you’re not familiar with Dryvember, let me explain.

This is a month-long challenge to abstain from alcohol for the entire month of November. I’m not talking about this to encourage people to join me in getting sober (OK, I might be doing that a little bit), but I’m not saying this to encourage people to join me in getting sober (OK, I might be doing that a little bit), but I think this is a very great idea. I’m talking about this because it is. December is approaching and that means a month of boozy parties and excessive drinking. Why not use Dryvember as your pretox month and a great way to save money before your Christmas celebrations?

The peeps behind Dryvember (Alcohol Education Trust) are encouraging us to take an #AlcoholFreeSelfie and donate £3. The money raised will be donated to child poverty relief in London.

As someone who has been sober for 5 months, I can honestly say I feel great because of it. I lost 4 pounds in the first 3 weeks after finding out I was pregnant. It must be because I eat more, exercise less, and cut back on alcohol!

For more information about Dryvember, please visit the Alcohol Education Trust website.

Hack of the Week

Weekend Reading #12 – Travel Hack

life Hack – Reinforced iPhone Cable {Gem Maquillage}

This is a very simple hack that is very useful for travelers. If you travel a lot, your cables will wear out quickly and you’ll soon have those horrible bare wires that give you a little shock every time you touch them. Gems offers the perfect solution. Especially for Apple users who know how expensive it can be to replace a broken cable!

Competition of the Week

Weekend Reading #12 – Travel Hack

Win a 7-day trip to Europe {Travel Hack!}

I’m so excited to use my own contest as my “Contest of the Week” this week. If you haven’t seen it yet, we’re giving away his 7-day vacation to anywhere in Europe, including flights and accommodation for two!

There’s no need to jump through hoops or answer meaningless questions. Just sign up for our weekly email to get started. Good luck.

Don’t forget to ask your friends to join, and be sure to bring them along if they win!

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