Weekend Reads #11 – The Travel Hack

Weekend Reading #11 - Travel Hacks

Happy Friday!

This week’s weekend reading comes to you from Egypt, where it’s currently 9am and temperatures are already climbing towards 35 degrees. Yes, it’s 9 o’clock!

I spent my first two days here doing exactly what you would do on a traditional, old-fashioned holiday. Did not do anything. Nothing but reading, eating, swimming, snoozing, swimming, lounging, and swimming. It was amazing. Especially since there is a swim-up pool right next to our room!

However, after two days of this, our feet started to itch and we wanted to explore some of this amazing country. Today we’re going to a small desert island, tomorrow we’re going to Cairo, and Sunday we’re going on a snorkeling/scuba diving trip.

As always, here are my favorite blog posts of the week. If you have any other great links you’d like to add, please post them in the comments below!

Weekend Reading #11 - Travel Hacks

Instagram short guide course {Virtual Wayfarer}

This is the best Instagram tips post I have ever read. Yes, it is. Most bloggers offer vaguely helpful tips about cool filters, but Alex from Virtual Wayfarer is here to tell you how he managed to capture such gorgeous images, and how he managed to get nearly 50,000 gives you insight into how you’ve gained followers. This is a real insight into how to get the most out of this social network and how to get involved in the Instagram community. This is something I didn’t even know existed. Thank you Alex!

Weekend Reading #11 - Travel Hacks

48 hours in Reykjavik {Euro Travel Tips}

Ah, beautiful Reykjavik. If you haven’t visited Iceland yet, why not give it a try? Iceland is one of the most amazing places and it was my favorite trip of 2013 so put it on your wish list. Marie has put together a great guide to the city for those planning a multi-day stay. This is also a great place for those planning to explore outside the city, as many people use Reykjavik as a base for exploring other parts of Iceland.

Weekend Reading #11 - Travel Hacks

17 small changes to make your life more interesting {yes, yes!}

They say change is as good as rest, but I couldn’t agree more. Even if you have the most exciting life in the world, it’s easy to fall into a boring routine. You won’t even realize it’s a boring routine until you suddenly do something different and wonder why you were doing it the old way. I don’t think choosing a different drink at Starbucks will change my life, but I like these ideas for changing things up a bit. I especially like the tips for swapping houses with a friend, buying lots of food you’ve never tried, and renting another car for a weekend road trip.

Weekend Reading #11 - Travel Hacks

Looking back on the past four years {Poppy D}

This isn’t just a post about London Fashion Week, this is a post about growing up and stopping caring what other people think. I can’t imagine how much pressure there is on fashion bloggers to always look amazing, and I love Poppy’s attitude about it all.

Weekend Reading #11 - Travel Hacks

20 things you need to know about England’s {Lime and Ribbons

I didn’t realize how British I was until I traveled outside the UK, and suddenly my tea addiction really became clear. Ah, my completely unexpected and irrational anger when someone tried to jump the line. British people will love this, but non-British people should also read it if they’re traveling here.

Weekend Reading #11 - Travel Hacks

11 Eco-Yoga Retreats in a Tropical Paradise {Cultureist}

I want to go to them all!

Blogging Reads

Weekend Reading #11 - Travel Hacks

The Big Guide to Creative Content {Mollie Makes}

I downloaded this e-magazine a few months ago (you can also get a print version if you have enough patience to become a postman) and I’ve been using this e-magazine for almost every new blogger I’ve met so far. I have recommended. This is a very fun, creative and informative magazine, and even the most experienced bloggers will find useful information there. At £10 it’s an expensive magazine, but any creative blogger will love it.

Video of the Week

I love this video from Discover Island. Not only will you bring back gorgeous memories of Dublin, but it’s also a fun game to find out who the couple is!

Competition of the Week

Weekend Reading #11 - Travel Hacks

This week’s contest is brought to you by PhotoWorld. They’re holding a month-long Twitter contest for his three prizes. The first prize is a Lyto camera and £500 worth of vouchers. 2nd prize is a £100 CEWE Photoworld voucher and 3rd prize is a £50 CEWE Photoworld voucher. To enter, simply tweet a photo that fits that week’s theme using the hashtag #WePrintMemories. You only have to apply once, but the more times you apply, the higher your chances of winning! Click here to learn more about the PhotoWorld contest and how to participate.

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