We did not see rats, cockroaches and devastation: a review of a holiday in Vietnam in July 2022

We did not see rats, cockroaches and devastation: a review of a holiday in Vietnam in July 2022

“We were really looking forward to direct flights, but did not wait. We decided to fly through Dubai with a transfer lasting 21 hours. The tour must be taken for at least 2-3 weeks, otherwise the game is not worth the candle. With such a price tag, there is nothing to do here for one week: just arrived and started to enjoy it, and it's time to pack your bags.

Tour for 15 days cost 292 thousand for two

Issued in a travel agency a month before departure. A week later, friends joined us, but the same tour cost already 420 thousand. If you want to save money, book in advance. Yes, these are the risks of cancellations or transfers, but in the end – the money will not be lost, at least it will be possible to rebook to another direction. About how the vacation turned out – in the review of the reader of “Subtleties” under the nickname pyatova-74.1/1

Hotel, food , beach

Blue Bay Mui Ne Resort & Spa, Phan Thiet resort, the road from the airport takes about 4 hours. The tour program included a sightseeing tour of Ho Chi Minh City, but our entire group unanimously refused, because after a day on the road there was no time for excursions.

The hotel is simple, the area is small but beautiful, we have no complaints. They do not take a cash deposit here, it is enough to leave a passport. What they write about in reviews on different sites (rats, cockroaches, devastation), we did not see. Yes, not a palace, but it is quite possible to live. It’s better not to take food at all: there are many different cafes around where you can have a tasty and varied meal, breakfast at the hotel got tired after three days.

There are two pools, there are few people, sunbeds are always clean

There is silence all around, a hotel for a relaxing holiday, but very close to the city, 20 minutes – and here you are noisy streets, cafes and tour desks.

The beach is clean, but I have never seen it cleaned. Probably due to the small number of tourists. It's clean where they don't litter. The waves were often quite large, swimming in the sea rarely.

The staff is friendly, welcoming. No one here cares what country you are from, no one asked about your nationality, and everyone speaks English equally bad :), so we did not stand out from the locals with our pronunciation.1/1


Excursions are inexpensive, the organization is good, they were taken right there at the tour desk. We didn’t choose, just a local named Vasya came up to us (I think in the original he is Van, Vien or Vinh) and offered excursions with a Russian-speaking guide. The “advertiser” himself spoke excellent Russian, but he called out our tourists, shouting out different words without any sense and logic: “birch”, “bear”, “beauty”, and also “wow, I’ll give you a ride”, “dance with me” and “Taganskaya Station”. But such advertising works: many, like us, just came up to see what was happening here, and eventually bought excursions.

We were in Dalat, visited the White Dunes and the Fairy Stream (all this is part of one excursion). I really liked the excursion to Binh Chau – a wellness spring with mineral water of different temperatures, where you can swim. There is also therapeutic mud: you can’t imagine with what delight children wallow in it, no one will leave clean. You can even boil eggs in the hot spring and eat them. There is also a crocodile farm nearby, you can see predators for free (included in the price of the tour), but feed them for a fee. There are no problems with payment, we took dollars with us. You can withdraw local currency from ATMs of BIDV and VRB banks: we did not try it, but we had the card with us as a backup option. Many tourists said that they filmed and even paid through the SberPay application.

Total – it's expensive to fly to Vietnam now, but it's definitely worth it if you can go longer than a week. There are few tourists, prices are low, people are hospitable.

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