Vienna Airport offers passengers a luggage check-in service at home

Vienna Airport offers its passengers a home check-in service

Suitcases can be checked in anywhere and at any time. And when you arrive at your final destination, just pick them up from the baggage claim.

The first 200 customers will be able to use the service for free during the test period, that is, until May 3rd. Starting next month, this offer will be integrated into the airline's service portfolio. The cost of the service package depends on the number of pieces of baggage, as well as the location of the passenger, but in the simplest version it is 26 euros.

The leaders of the Vienna airport comment on the innovation as follows: “passengers have the right to go on vacation by checking in their luggage at at home without having to queue at check-in counters. The whole process of travel becomes as comfortable as possible for tourists, they should be able to feel completely at ease from the beginning to the end of their travels.

Note that such a service is already available on flights from some major airports, for example, in Switzerland and the UK.

To use the service, passengers need to select a convenient time online, after which an airport employee will arrive, pick up the luggage and organize its delivery to the aircraft.

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