VIDEO: A love letter to Europe – The Travel Hack

Video: A Love Letter to Europe - Travel Hacks

KAYAK challenged me to create a video that explains why I love Europe in just one minute. All of my recent trips have been to European destinations, so you probably already know how much I love Europe.

In fact, I haven’t ventured outside of Europe in almost a year. All travel was within the UK and Europe. Because with so many great destinations so close by, why go further afield?

I racked my brain trying to find my favorite destination in Europe, but I just can’t.

I love France for its quaint small towns full of charm and history. I love Portugal’s Algarve. There are small beaches and hidden coves that will make you feel like you’re the only one on earth. I love Iceland’s spectacular landscapes and the quirky charm of the locals. I love Budapest’s affordability, spectacular architecture, and hot springs. I love Paris’ iconic sights and great food. I love the contrast of Valencia’s crumbling old town, sleek modern buildings, and gorgeous beaches.

I couldn’t pick a favorite destination, so I sent a love letter to all of Europe.

My favorite thing about Europe is how easily accessible it is for us Brits. Flights are quick and easy, so short breaks or weekend getaways are also easy to choose. Not only that, but air tickets are also cheap! For around £150 you can visit lots of amazing places across Europe. That’s the price of a train to London!

But it is the diversity within Europe that is so fascinating. Not only is Europe home to some of the world’s most stunning cities, it’s also home to some of the most stunning beaches, beautiful countryside, majestic landscapes, cultural attractions, exciting activities, and world-class shopping. Oh, and the food. You can’t talk about Europe without talking about food and wine.

Video: A Love Letter to Europe - Travel Hacks

So what’s the reason for making this little video and sharing my love for Europe?

It’s all about KAYAK’s Love Letters. KAYAK is committed to bringing people together through travel, but unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll find us growing further apart. This is not about politics or which side you voted for, but about appreciating the beauty and diversity of Europe and sharing the love that brings us closer together.

Mine is a visual love letter. Because a picture can say a thousand words, and it would take thousands of words to truly explain my love for Europe!

if you want to write a love letter to Europe, you can share it on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram using the hashtags #loveurope and #KAYAKloveurope.

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