US imposes new sanctions against Russian airlines

US imposed new sanctions against Russian airlines

Russian air carriers violate American air sanctions – such a declaration in the US Department of Justice accompanied the introduction of another embargo on Russian airlines using Boeing aircraft. The US Department of Commerce has banned the sale of US-made parts and maintenance services abroad to Russian airlines. According to the department, this decision should also apply “to companies in other countries that sell US-made parts or provide maintenance services for Russian airlines.” In case of violation of this emargo, the United States threatens to impose sanctions against sellers.

At the same time, since February 24, as part of the sanctions, the States introduced a licensing rule for all American-made aircraft or aircraft that contain more than 25% American spare parts. Such aircraft are subject to licensing if they are owned by Russian companies. On March 2, a similar law was introduced in relation to Belarus.

The new embargo decision by the US is said to have affected 3 Russian airlines with 141 Boeing aircraft in their fleet. These are Aeroflot, Azur Air and UTair. The companies continue to operate the sanctioned planes, more than 170 Boeings, including about 40 Boeing 737s and 777s, despite the fact that the United States declares that it seeks to deprive Russian airlines of the ability to fly both domestically and abroad with the help of embargo.

“These companies are now cut off from the international support, US parts and related services needed to maintain and support their fleet,” said Matthew Axelrod, adviser to the US Secretary of Commerce for export compliance. He expects the fleet of these three airlines to be largely unable to continue flying both internationally and domestically.

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