Ukrainian airline leased its aircraft to the Turks

Ukrainian airline leased its planes to Turks

The main Turkish carrier Turkish Airlines has leased 6 aircraft from the Ukrainian low-cost airline SkyUp Airlines, Turkish travel media reported. In the context of geopolitical tension, both sides were satisfied with the conclusion of the agreement: Turkey got the opportunity to increase the flow of tourists to its resorts, and Ukraine – a certain income, because. It is not yet possible for civil aircraft to fly over the territory of the country.

Recall that the airspace over Ukraine and the country's airports are closed to civil aviation for an indefinite period from February 24, 2022, i.e. for over two months now. It is not yet known what plans Turkish Airlines has for six airliners. Perhaps they will be sent to European routes, since this summer season there will be mainly tourists from Europe and the Middle East, and not from Russia. In addition, the term of the lease agreement was also kept secret.

Help: On March 22, SkyUp Airlines published an open letter addressed to foreign airlines and offered 15 of its Boeing-737 aircraft to called “wet leasing”. The only requirement for a future partner from the Ukrainian side is that the leased aircraft should not fly to Russia and Belarus.

According to Airporthaber, SkyUp Airlines, which is in a difficult position due to the start of the special operation, has leased aircraft to other airlines. Thus, the Latvian air carrier AirBaltic announced that in the same way it concluded an agreement for the temporary lease of a Boeing 737-900ER passenger aircraft owned by Ukraine International Airlines, the flagship airline of Ukraine. The start date of the lease is known – May 1. But the duration of the contract was not disclosed.

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