UAE in May: sunrises and sunsets on the beach

For a huge number of people, vacation is associated with a trip to the sea in a hot country. But the heat is +40°С – isn't it too much for a holiday?

Tourists who choose the UAE are ready to get used to such temperatures, because the country has other advantages. There are comfortable hotels, exotic cuisine, incredible amusement parks, non-format excursions. And, of course, the sea: warm, clean and calm.

How to organize a family vacation in May, when it is safe to sunbathe and where to visit, except for the sea, the Kid Passage review will tell.

UAE in May: sunrises and sunsets on the beach

Vacations in the UAE in May: pros and cons

Residents of the Emirates do not leave the country for the summer – it means that in this hellish heat one can somehow exist. It is possible, and judging by the reviews of holidays in the UAE in May, to feel great, have a great time and indulge in all possible entertainment.

What is praisedat the resorts of the UAE? The list is impressive:

  • excellent conditions for relaxing during the May holidays;
  • well-groomed, well-equipped sandy beaches;
  • very warm sea;
  • lots of fun for the whole family;
  • accommodation and food options for any budget;
  • relatively small number of tourists.

However, a trip to the UAE in May has its own peculiarities, and if you are not ready for them, you can very disappointed.

Firstly, it is really very hot in May, and it is simply unbearable to be in the sun during the day.

Try to visit the beach only in the morning and evening hours, and even better – make it a habit to meet sunrises and see off sunsets by the sea. It is both incredibly romantic and safe.

Secondly, despite the low season, the trip will cost more than in April. This is especially true for tours for the first week of May.

But where to relax in the UAE in May? If you want to do everything at once – In Dubai. If you need complete relaxation – in Ras Al Khaimah. And you will find even more options in the following sections.

Weather in the UAE in May

The weather in May-June is surprisingly stable: every day the sun, every day the heat, no clouds, no rain. True, some tourists note high humidity. Objectively, the humidity at this time is moderate, but the cities are really quite stuffy.

We can safely say that the weather in early May is a gift for hot summer lovers. Light clothing, headwear and sunglasses – that's all you need to leave the hotel.

The only warm clothes will be those you arrive in: but some of this will come in handy to keep you warm in air-conditioned malls.

The weather in the UAE at the end of May is not significantly different. The temperature of the air and water rises a little, the sun becomes even hotter.

Before traveling to the UAE in May with a child, it is important to think over the daily routine. Plan activities outside the hotel for early morning and evening, and during the day try to be in an air-conditioned room.

Sometimes sandstorms happen in the country, but all services are ready for this as for a normal weather event. Really strong storms are rare, and they mostly occur in winter or early spring.

Air and water temperatures

If you visited the Emirates in April, and the climate seemed hot to you, then there was no talk of real heat yet. In May, it gains momentum, easily exceeding +40°C during the day and not falling below +20°C at night.

< /tr>

  Day t Night t t water
Abu Dhabi +36.8°C +29.8°C +29.5°C
Dubai +35.6°C +29.8°C +28.9°C
Sharjah +35.6°C +29 .8°C +28.9°C
Ras Al Khaimah +37.5°C +28.7°C +28.7°C

At different resorts, the air temperature in the UAE in May is somewhat different. During the day it is hottest in Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaimah, at night it almost never gets cold in Dubai and Sharjah, but Ras Al Khaimah has a noticeable temperature difference during the day.

Water temperature in the UAE in May stays at +26-31°С.

Can I swim

UAE in May: sunrises and sunsets on the beach

It is too early to sunbathe and swim in European resorts, and in the Emirates you can relax on the May holidays. The sea is guaranteed to be very comfortable.

In fact, the last month of spring – this is already the low season, but the beach infrastructure is not being curtailed. On all private beaches where they swim in May, the beach is well-groomed, there are sunbeds and umbrellas, showers, toilets, lifeguard service.

To swim safely in the UAE in May, plan your beach vacation in the early morning and after 16.00. Even at this time, you need to use sunscreen, preferably waterproof.

Beach holidays

One of the wonders of the UAE for tourists – hotels and beaches. Few people come here just for impressions: mostly guests want to bask on the shore, swim in the warm sea and enjoy excellent service.

The beaches in the country are really well-groomed and comfortable, although only a small part of them has been awarded ” ;blue flag».

The main coast is divided between hotels and beach clubs, and you will have to pay for the use of the infrastructure. Recreation is free on municipal beaches, but comfort is not created everywhere, but there may be a ban on open clothing or separate schedules for women and men to relax.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing a resort and how to complete your beach holiday.


UAE in May: sunrises and sunsets on the beach

The first thought, where to go to the UAE in May, of course, is about Dubai. Travelers with children are attracted by a simple transfer, upscale family hotels and plenty of entertainment. This is especially important when you have to adapt to extreme heat.

In May, the air temperature in the resort ranges from +30°С to +38°С during the day and from +25°С to +32°С at night. The wind is stable and quite strong, about 5 m/s. The sea temperature is +27-30°C, occasionally the water is “cool”, +26°C.

The beaches of Dubai are not just luxurious: they have everything for a safe holiday with children. Canopies, umbrellas or tents protect from the sun, the sand is clean and soft, the bottom is even, the depth grows smoothly.

Playgrounds have been created for younger children, for older ones – waterslides. Diving and windsurfing courses are available for children and adults.

The hot weather is best spent indoors, and the choice is huge, from the mini club at the hotel to indoor entertainment centers, from excursions to the aquarium to skiing at Ski Dubai. And since there are also several water parks and amusement parks in the city, will there be enough time for the beach?

Family hotels in Dubai are really comfortable. While the child is at work and under supervision, you can relax, go shopping or go on an excursion. Among other important pluses – children's menu, the ability to warm up or prepare meals for the little ones.

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Abu Dhabi

UAE in May: sunrises and sunsets on the beach

Emirati's capital is not so noisy like Dubai. But it is just as respectable and hospitable: it has everything for relaxing by the sea, for excursions, and for entertainment.

The beginning of May in Abu Dhabi is hot, dry and sunny – just like the whole month. Often the daytime temperature exceeds + 40 ° C, although on thermometers it can also be + 30-35 ° C. At night, the indicators decrease to + 25-30 ° С. The water temperature is +27-31°С, the average wind speed is 4.8 m/s.

The capital has private and public beaches, with the latter getting pretty good reviews, moreover – they are marked with “blue flags”. Not always the place of rest is located on the open sea, sometimes it is the coast of the channels between the islands. However, the sand, gently sloping clean bottom, convenient infrastructure are guaranteed. In May, despite the heat, public beaches can be overwhelmed. The way out will be a vacation on the islands – however, as a rule, there are no amenities.

Abu Dhabi, like Dubai, is replete with water parks and amusement parks. At the same time, there are other kinds of interesting things, for example, Museum of the History of the City, Heritage Village, Wildlife Conservation Center.

The choice of hotels and apartments in the capital is huge, there are specialized hotels for families that take care of the food and leisure of young guests. Among the options for families with children are many three- and four-star hotels that provide sufficient comfort. There are also fashionable A's.

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UAE in May: sunrises and sunsets on the beach

The neighboring emirate of Dubai lives by its own laws. Here, for example, there is more strictness in the clothes in which tourists visit public places, but in general there is everything for a measured rest with a child.

The closer to summer, the more temperature rises in Sharjah. If on the May holidays thermometers show + 30-35 ° C during the day, then at the end of May the bars do not fall below + 35 ° C at all. The night temperature is kept at + 25-32 ° С. The sea temperature is +27-31°C. The usual wind speed is about 4.8 m/s.

The beach line of Sharjah is long, it stretches along the open sea. Several public beaches are marked with “blue flags”, and hotels also have their own comfortable beaches. The coast is covered with sand, the sea is safe for swimming. But there are ebbs and flows here.

Sharjah is less focused on family entertainment, so if you want to limit yourself to only this resort, pick up a hotel with a mini club, a children's pool with slides, and a playground. However, it is easy to get to Dubai from Sharjah and spend a day in a water park or on attractions.

Choosing accommodation in a resort requires reading reviews, as hotels often have more star rating than service quality.

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Ras Al Khaimah

< p>UAE in May: sunrises and sunsets on the beach

By the standards of a small country, Ras Al Khaimah is located far from the airport, the transfer takes at least an hour. But if you're looking for total peace and a minimum of worries thanks to the all-inclusive concept, this is the way to go.

In the emirate, the days in May are hotter and the nights a little cooler than in other resorts. In mid-May, the daytime temperature is + 35-40°C, at night + 22-30°C. The heat partly softens the constant wind (its average speed is 3.9 m/s), low humidity and an abundance of greenery. The water at the end of spring is warmed up to +27-30°C.

The care of the beaches of the resort is entrusted to the hotels. The coastline is covered with sand, the bottom is flat, the sea is suitable for bathing kids. However, you will have to get used to the ebb and flow of the tides: check the schedule at the hotel to plan your time.

There is almost no entertainment in Ras al-Khaimah. It is good here with kids, for walking with them there is enough park and playgrounds. The trip to Dubai or Al Ain is relatively long, although the journey is easy in a good bus.

Plus resort hotels – the popularity of the all-inclusive concept. Family hotels have a good range of services for children, in other places you can count on a crib, a playground, free accommodation up to a certain age.

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Sightseeing holidays

The hot air and the sun, from which you cannot hide, – not the best starting point for excursions. It is advisable to choose sights where you will be protected from the scorching rays and heat.

For example, in Abu Dhabi, an interesting place – car museum. He even has a Rolls-Royce that belonged to Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain.

The Wildlife Conservation Center is located in the open air, but you can watch animals from the windows of cars or from viewing platforms under a canopy. Animals of endangered species live on the territory of the center, as well as those that fell victim to poachers and were bought as pets.

Animals are also rescued in the capital's falcon hospital. It also includes a museum dedicated to the life of birds.

In Dubai, children really like The Lost Chambers underwater museum. Lighting and scenery create a special atmosphere, and the variety of sea creatures is simply amazing. Moreover, the museum offers scuba diving and swimming among sharks and rays.

The Dubai Aquarium has a similar program. This is one of the largest aquariums in the world: there is even a tour on a glass-bottomed boat.

A trip to the Dubai Film Museum will be remembered by both children and adults. They tell and show how cinema was born. Imagine how much delight a child will have when he turns the handle of the device with a tape and watches a simple cartoon.

Sharjah also has many opportunities for excursions. The Archaeological or Maritime Museum has solid collections, and the visit will not seem tedious to children. At the Museum of Natural History, do not miss the layouts of the country's landscapes and look for the answer to the question of what was here before the desert appeared. And in the interactive museum of science, children themselves find answers to many of their questions.

In Ras al-Khaimah, tourists are taken to a pearl farm, and the Pearl Museum operates. His exhibition begins with models of ships that in ancient times carried sea treasures to different countries. Much attention is paid to the hard and dangerous work of pearl divers.

The heat will not interfere with a trip to Al Ain. The oasis in the desert is a unique place in itself, and in addition, beautiful gardens are laid out there, an archaeological park is located, and observation platforms have been created on Mount Jebel Hafeet. In the city of Al Ain itself, it is worth visiting the Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum and the National Museum.

Entertainment for children

UAE in May: sunrises and sunsets on the beach

If the Arabian heat seems acceptable to you, water parks are a great place to relax. Some of them, for example, the capital's Yas Waterworld, close quite late, you can choose not to visit the hottest hours. Aquaventure and Wild Wadi water parks in Dubai are open until 18:00, but the water slides are too good there to miss the chance to try them all.

From Sharjah or Ras Al Khaimah, you will have to go to the DreamLand water park in Umm Al Quwain. Its children's water town captivates children of all ages.

The amusement parks promise even more temptations. First of all, we recommend Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi, this is a huge indoor complex where you want to spend the whole day. But we will also mention the rest of the parks, because there are stunning entertainment.

  • Ferrari World Abu Dhabi awakens a love of speed even among the calmest;
  • Legoland Dubai – it's a whole world built from the bricks of the famous designer (and another water park).
  • Dubai's Img Worlds of Adventure, Motiongate and Bollywood Parks are vying for the attention of movie and cartoon lovers.

Less grandiose, but indoor play centers for children – real salvation. The palm, of course, belongs to the children's city of professions KidZania in Dubai. Little World in Abu Dhabi is designed for curious kids, and Adventureland in Sharjah has collected all the classic attractions. Fun City game centers in Ras al-Khaimah and other cities will keep a preschooler busy for a couple of hours.

In the evening, when the heat subsides, it's nice to visit the parks. It can be just a well-maintained green area, like Saqr Park in Ras Al Khaimah, or another entertainment center, like Dubai Garden Glow.

A special place – Al Saheel Horse Circus in Dubai. Horses of 40 breeds, strikingly different from each other, perform in it. The performance itself can be compared to both dance and sports, it also contains comic numbers.

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Holidays, events and festivals

The main holidays of the Emirates are associated with Islamic traditions, their date according to the usual calendar changes from year to year. This has little effect on the tourism sector, but government agencies and banks may not work. We recommend that you check before going to the museum if it is closed for holidays in the UAE in May.

Vacation prices

UAE in May: sunrises and sunsets on the beach

Despite the fact that the end of spring is not considered the best time for holidays, prices in the UAE in May are not so low. This is mainly due to the decrease in charter flights and package deals. Long weekends affect the rise in prices in early May.

Air tickets

Despite the decline in demand, flights are about 20% more expensive than in April. In June, prices increase by another 5-7%.


In May, there are relatively few people who want to rent a room or apartment, and housing prices remain at the April level. In summer, the price may drop slightly.

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Compared to April, short-term (up to 7 nights) tours become more expensive by 10-20%. Long-term package holidays can become cheaper by 10-12%. In June, the price of a short ready-made tour rises a little more, but a long trip becomes 5% cheaper.


In the Emirates, more and more hotels offer the concept of “all inclusive”, but more often food is not is included in the room fee, and travelers prefer to visit different cafes and restaurants or cook on their own.

The country has establishments and supermarkets for any budget. So, the price of lunch in an upscale restaurant can exceed 500 dirhams, in a less pretentious place you can eat well for 80 dirhams, a visit to a cafe in a non-tourist area will cost 35 dirhams. The price of street food starts from 5 dirhams.

Supermarkets are also divided into budget and more expensive ones. Their prices are comparable to European ones, the assortment is wide, although not all the usual products can be found. You can buy baby food in supermarkets.

Vegetables and fruits are sold in shops and markets, almost all of them are imported. According to reviews of holidays in the UAE in May, the estimated price for 1 kg of bananas – 7 dirhams, grapes – from 9 dirhams, strawberries – AED 10.5 for 200g mango – 26.5 dirhams per 1 kg, pitahaya – 15 dirhams (per piece), potatoes – 3 dirhams, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes – 6-10 dirhams, greens – 1-2 dirhams.

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UAE in May: sunrises and sunsets on the beach

Not only souvenirs are brought from the UAE – here you can buy practical and high-quality things. This applies to branded clothing, jewelry, and technology. Less expensive but useful purchases – home textiles, oriental sweets, spices, coffee. Dates or nuts for your own use can be bought in bulk, but for transportation, buy products in factory packaging.

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Recommendations for traveling with children

If you have weighed all the “pros” and “against” and are going on vacation in the UAE in May with children, prepare for the trip more carefully than usual. Here are a few points not to be overlooked.

  1. Outdoor clothing should be light, light, natural, and covering the body. Headwear is required.
  2. Use sunscreen with SPF 50 at the beach and excursions. If you swim in the sea or pool, choose a waterproof cream.
  3. Always have a supply of drinking water, regularly offer your child to drink .
  4. Try not to be outside during the hottest hours, relax on the beach and walk in the early morning and late afternoon.
  5. Bring extra clothing to feel comfortable in air-conditioned rooms .

Unusually high air temperatures can cause heat stroke. Read KidPassage's article on how to recognize this condition and how to help your child before going to the doctor.

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