Turkish resorts stop issuing tourist residence permits to Russians

Turkish resorts stopped issuing tourist residence permits to Russians

The authorities of the resort of Alanya, Izmir and several other Turkish locations popular among travelers have stopped issuing a primary tourist residence permit. The reason is multiple overpopulation. The only exception is Ukrainians: a tourist residence permit is available to them, as before. Such shocking news is exaggerated by the Turkish media and the thematic Russian channels of the Yandex.Zen platform.

In particular, according to the information indicated in the blog of a Russian woman living in the republic, this may indeed be true, although official sources have not yet confirm the veracity of the panic news for emigrants.

“This is not the first time this has happened in Turkey. For example, some areas of Istanbul have not been issued residence permits for foreigners for several years due to overcrowding. Now, in connection with recent events, a lot of citizens of Ukraine and Russia come to our region, and therefore the issuance of primary tourist residence permits is stopped for the time being. As far as I know, a similar situation is now in Izmir,” the author explained her concerns.

“The Migration Service of the resort town of Alanya confirmed the information that a tourist residence permit (for renting apartments) can now only be obtained by citizens of Ukraine. Due to the fact that the limit allocated for obtaining a residence permit for foreign citizens … was completely exhausted by the beginning of April 2022, the migration service currently refuses to issue a residence permit to all foreigners, with the exception of Ukrainian citizens, ”Turkish media quoted Russian woman.

In addition, similar information appeared on the Instagram account of a member of the foreign committee of Alanya: “The other day, tears began in Alanya under the Migration Service after a rendezvous due to refusals in the initial issuance of a tourist residence permit. Except for the Ukrainians, because they are now in an exceptional position… Do we have to tear our hair out and hysteria? You can, of course… But it was expected.”

However, the head of the Russian cultural society of Alanya, Yekaterina Gunduz, denied this information, referring to a telephone conversation that she had with the director of the migration service of the resort city.


The details of the changes are not yet clear. For example, it is not known whether the restriction will affect those who apply for an extension of a tourist residence permit, and what will happen to those who have already submitted documents and are awaiting a decision.

“They will definitely continue to issue a residence permit based on ownership of real estate (according to TAPU ). But whether spouses, children and parents of the property owner (and they also have a tourist residence permit based on kinship with the owner) will be able to get a residence permit is unknown,” our compatriot added in the blog.

What does a refusal to issuance of a primary tourist residence permit for Russians?

If Turkey really introduces this restriction, our compatriots will have access to a residence permit only on the basis of a rental agreement or a guarantee. Tourists will have the right to visa-free residence in the country for up to 90 days.

According to Ekaterina Gunduz, meetings of the Migration Service of the resort town of Alanya for Ukrainians and Russians will be held this week. Detailed information is expected to appear during these meetings.

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