Turkish Airlines has significantly adjusted its schedule for flights to Russia

Turkish Airlines has significantly adjusted its schedule for flights to Russia

The Turkish national carrier Turkish Airlines announced a temporary restriction of flights to Russia. We are talking, however, only about the airports of the south, which have already been closed since the end of February – namely Sochi and Rostov-on-Don. Flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg, on which tour operators were promised blocks to Turkish resorts, remain valid.

“Our flights from Rostov-on-Don have been canceled until May 15 inclusive. Until April 18, flights to and from Sochi are canceled, ”the carrier said on Friday April 8 in social networks. Also, we note Turkish Airlines has withdrawn flights from Belarus. To Ukraine – which was to be expected – Turkish Airlines also do not fly.

At the same time, flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg – the very ones on which transportation blocks were promised to tour operators remain in force. According to local media, three “Turkish” tour operators operating in Russia have already agreed with Turkish Airlines (THY) on 1.5 million block passes. The Turkish Airlines program starts on April 29 with 208 flights per week. Later their number will be increased to 300 and more. And while we are talking only about flights to Moscow and St. Petersburg. In the future, it is expected to cover other Russian cities.

The three tour operators are next. ANEX Tour announced the future start of the Turkish program from April 29 from 4 cities – Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, St. Petersburg in three popular destinations – Antalya, Bodrum, Dalaman. Pegas Touristik, which also announced flights on the wings of Turkish Airlines, is a flight program from Vnukovo, which starts from 04/15/2022 on B737-800. The third tour operator that also plans to use these blocks of places is Coral. From the Turkish side, they say that these tour operators will “share the blocks equally”. Read the details here.

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