Turkey will suffer especially: the global consequences of the absence of Russian tourists are named

Turkey will suffer especially: the global consequences of the absence of Russian tourists are named

Hopes for the recovery of the tourism sector, which have noticeably strengthened after the recession of the coronavirus pandemic, this time gave way to worries about the events unfolding in Ukraine. Sanctions and forced global isolation, which are accompanied by an outflow of Russian tourists from resorts, will hurt the global tourism sector. Turkey will be the most affected party. This conclusion follows from the report of the international company Euromonitor International, engaged in strategic market research.

According to analyst firm Euromonitor International, the situation in Ukraine will slow down the recovery of tourism after the pandemic, and many destinations dependent on travelers will lose hundreds of billions of dollars. “The recovery of tourism in Europe has been put on hold as efforts are focused on helping millions of Ukrainian refugees heading west to neighboring countries,” experts explained.

To date, many countries have announced economic and air sanctions against Russia, however it will harm the entire world tourism: “These sanctions will cause great losses to the global tourism sector, but will not stop the recovery of the sector completely.”

“The loss of Russian tourists will not harm the revival of world tourism, but will cause serious damage to destinations such as Europe, the Caribbean, Turkey and Thailand,” the report said. pandemic and began to open before the opening of the peak tourist season. Read the details in the material “Europe could not stand it, and began to open like an avalanche for tourists.”

In 2021, Russian tourist spending on travel accounted for 1 percent of total global travel spending, according to the report. Last year, Russians traveling abroad spent $9 billion. Analysts concluded that due to the harassment of Russian travelers and various sanctions, the travel sector will miss at least $7 billion this year.

“Declining spending on outbound tourism in Russia could see costs fall 50% below 2021 levels as economic sanctions, airspace closures and flight bans come into effect,” experts said.

In addition, a new trend that appeared during the pandemic and is practiced by tourists now was also mentioned by analysts. This is about the fact that people living outside of Europe are again ready to postpone travel in the European region for security reasons. Only if earlier the covid was a cause for alarm, now the events in Ukraine.

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