Traveling in Tbilisi: TOP-25 attractions

Bright, proud, delightful Tbilisi is full of the most extraordinary sights. Here you will find both ancient historical monuments and ultra-modern objects that the world bows before.

If you are just planning a vacation, we recommend that you pay attention to Georgia and first of all go to its luxurious capital. You will appreciate what you are about to see.

➤ Pantheon

Mount Mtatsminda was chosen for the arrangement of the famous cemetery. The ashes of famous personalities are laid to rest here. The last refuge here was found by such legendary figures as:

  • А. Tsereteli;
  • S. Janashia;
  • Z. Gamsakhurdia;
  • F. Makharadze.

A. Griboyedov also rests here. The classic liked to take walks along the slope of the hill. People come here to honor the memory of their favorite artists, writers, valiant scientists and politicians.

  • When to go:the surroundings are very beautiful. If your trip falls in the spring, be sure to visit the remarkable hill. At the height of summer, the hot sun can interfere with a walk;
  • Tip: choose comfortable shoes and be sure to take your camera.

Traveling in Tbilisi: TOP 25 attractions


➤ Metekhi Temple

This shrine – pearl of the Metekhi region. This part of the city is considered the most ancient. Many buildings remember the reign of King Vakhtang. Temple – monument of the 12th century. Surprisingly, the surviving historical documents prove that the church stood almost unchanged until the 19th century.

Only the coming of the Bolsheviks to power influenced the appearance of the shrine. The monastery was badly damaged at the beginning of the last century. Barracks were placed here. And in the 70s, a theater was equipped inside the walls of the temple. At the same time, the internal partitions were demolished. Now the ancient temple has been restored and is again accepting parishioners.

  • When to visit: the temple is open daily, but large-scale services are held here on religious holidays. If you are far from religion, you can visit the shrine at any time;
  • Tip: this is a functioning temple. Observe decency, dress as required by church canons, respect other people's customs and faith.

➤ Zion Cathedral

Cathedral – symbol of Orthodoxy in Georgia. It is named after the Mount of Jerusalem. This is an ancient monument. The first building was erected in the 6th century. Unfortunately, the temple has not survived to this day. It was destroyed by the Arab peoples.

A shrine erected in the 12th century will appear before your eyes. The walls of the monastery saw a lot of grief. This temple was also repeatedly tried to destroy. The hardest time – years of existence of the USSR. We know the communists did not adhere to religion. Nevertheless, the cathedral survived, was reconstructed and now receives visitors.

  • When to go: at any free time. The temple is open from early morning until late at night;
  • Tip: if you are only interested in the temple as a historical value, choose the time between services. You can see ancient icons. Inside, there are frescoes dating back to the 19th century. A cross made of vines is kept here. Tradition says that Saint Nino brought it. Thanks to her, Orthodoxy was established in Georgia.

Travel to Tbilisi: TOP-25 attractions


➤ Sulfur baths (Abanotubani)

The first baths appeared in the 16th century. Local residents already knew about the benefits of sulfur springs. That is why they equipped low buildings, made in the oriental style, close to the healing eruptions. It is noteworthy that the interior of the baths are located underground. The domes are equipped with window openings.

Earlier people came here not only to improve their health. Here gathered respected residents of the city. They exchanged news, arranged receptions and enjoyed their time. There was a kind of men's club here.

  • When to go: combine a visit to the sulfur baths with a tour of the Metekhi area. They are located next door. This will save you time;
  • Tip:some baths are used for their intended purpose. You can experience the healing power of the springs for yourself.

➤ Statue of Mother Kartli

Monumental figure – symbol of the Georgian capital. The statue is made of aluminum in the form of a woman who holds a goblet in one hand, and in the other – sword. Composer – Elguja Amashukeli. The image of a Georgian woman is symbolic. The sculptor conveyed the main idea: the one who comes in peace will be fed and watered, but the one who comes with evil will not be greeted.

It is interesting that the first work was made of wood. The figure was installed in the capital back in 1959. Later, the statue was covered with metal to prolong its life. In the late 90s, the monument was replaced with a new one made entirely of aluminium.

  • When to go: choose a fine day and go for a walk;
  • Hint:you can get here by cable car. Give yourself the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the surroundings. From here, magnificent views of Tbilisi open up.

Traveling in Tbilisi: TOP 25 attractions


➤ Rustaveli Avenue

The main sights of ancient Tbilisi are concentrated here. Here you will see the Parliament building, art salons and museums, the theater, which bears the same name.

In addition, here you can visit interesting shopping centers and shops selling the legendary mineral waters that have made the country famous. Be sure to buy a bottle of “Borjomi” or Lagidze.

  • When to go: It is best to go here after lunch. In the evening, street lights will be lit. It will be very beautiful;
  • Tip:start your walk from Freedom Square. This way you won't miss any of the great places. Use the services of a guide or buy a guided tour. The guide will tell a huge number of stories and legends, introduce you to interesting facts and the history of the avenue.

➤ Monument to the heroes of the film “Mimino”

This attraction will appeal to those who caught the Soviet years, or fans of a famous art picture. The composition was installed in 2011. Author of – famous Zurab Tsereteli.

Tourists love to be photographed next to famous characters during photo tours. Take a memorable photo too.

  • When to visit: any time you have;
  • Tip: Cafe. Come in to taste the national dishes. These are real culinary masterpieces.

Trip to Tbilisi: TOP-25 attractions


➤ National Museum of Georgia

The collection of the museum evokes a feeling of admiration. A wide variety of exhibits have been collected. Here are ancient coins, household utensils, works of art, historical artifacts.

The collection of exhibits was moved to Europe at the beginning of the last century. But the collection was returned in almost unchanged composition. In general, there are many branches of the National Museum in Tbilisi. All of them deserve a visit.

  • When to visit:The museum is open from 10 am to 6 pm. On Monday, the establishment is closed to visitors;
  • Tip: use the services of a tour guide. Get to know the history of the city and the country in full.

➤ Niko Pirosmanishvili Museum

The museum was founded in 1960. This is a little known attraction. The unrecognized artist Nikolai Pirosmanishvili once lived in an inconspicuous three-story building. Glory to the painter came posthumously. His paintings were bought up for a lot of money.

An interesting fact is that the fate of the artist is reflected in the famous song “A Million Scarlet Roses”. It was performed by the great Soviet and Russian singer – A. Pugacheva.

N. Pirosmanishvili throughout his life was unrequitedly in love with the actress M. de Sevres. It was about this unrequited love that the Primadonnas of Russia sang.

  • When to visit: The house-museum is open from 10 am to 6 pm. He works 6 days a week, except Mondays;
  • Tip: the artist's work will appeal to connoisseurs of painting. Visit this site.

Traveling in Tbilisi: TOP-25 attractions


➤ Tbilisi Ethnographic Museum

This is an open air museum. It is located in the Vake park. The object is a village. A walk along it will allow you to get acquainted with the national traditions, life, culture of Georgians from different eras.

Here you will see rich collections of kitchen utensils, jewelry, costumes, tools and other products.

  • When to visit: The standard opening hours of the museum are from 10 am to 6 pm daily. Monday – cleaning day;
  • Tip:take your children with you. They will be interested. There are other historical and cultural values ​​in the park.

➤ Tbilisi Botanical Garden

This is one of the most beautiful places in the city. The garden is located in the center of Tbilisi. Its area is almost 30 hectares. Here are collected the most amazing plants. Among them you will find exotic flowers, and luxurious roses, and evergreen shrubs. The Georgian climate allows growing even whimsical plants.

The zone is equipped with gazebos, ponds, bridges with intricate railings. This is where you get great pictures. If you wish, you can buy a seedling of a plant or shrub you like.

  • When to visit: fairs, festivals and other cultural events are often organized on the territory of the botanical garden. Check out the city poster. Combine a visit;
  • Tip:there are also lectures on botany. The visit will be of interest to students of biological faculties and all those who are attracted to the sciences of flora, as well as those who have purchased educational tours.

Traveling in Tbilisi: TOP 25 attractions


➤ Old City of Tbilisi

If you want to immerse yourself in the Middle Ages, head to the Old City. The atmosphere is conducive to leisurely sightseeing.

Here are ancient temples, cathedrals, palaces of rulers and, of course, healing springs. In addition, there are a lot of shops with wine cellars. If you want to taste real Georgian wine, buy a bottle. Worth a visit here on a wine tour. You will not be disappointed. Prices are quite reasonable.

  • When to visit: go for a walk in the morning. There are many interesting objects in the Old Town. You will have a great time;
  • Tip:if you came to Georgia on business and have little time, focus on exploring the sights of the Old City. All of them are considered symbols of the country and the capital.

➤ Freedom Square

The square can be conditionally called an arena for political clashes. Revolutions took place here, rallies and demonstrations took place. Once it bore the name of the Soviet revolutionary, prominent politician Lavrenty Beria. Later renamed.

There are several streets leading to Freedom Square. It is convenient to get here from Rustaveli Avenue. The main symbol of the square – statue of Saint George. He strikes the dragon. Composition – the creation of the master Zurab Tsereteli.

  • When to visit: at any free time, it is better to combine the visit with other streets, for example, Rustaveli Avenue;
  • Tip: There is a tourist office in the square. Here you can consult on any questions and get a free map of the city.

Traveling in Tbilisi: TOP 25 attractions


➤ Tbilisi funicular

Do you want to get to the top of Mount Mtatsminda? Head to the city center. Here begins the tram route that has become a local legend.

You have to make a journey of almost half a kilometer. You will find yourself in the Mtatsminda park. It is equipped at an altitude of over 200 meters. It is very beautiful in here. Fans of picturesque landscapes will be pleased.

  • When to visit: it is better to arrive by 9 am. At this time, there are still few tourists. You don't have to wait in line;
  • Tip: The road is illuminated in the evening and at night. The funicular runs from 4 am. This is a great option for a romantic getaway. Invite your loved one. Try to sit closer to the driver's cab. Hence a great overview.

➤ Rezo Gabriadze Puppet Theater

The script for the film "Kin-dza-dza" It was written by Rezo Gabriadze. A well-known screenwriter, director has other talents. The famous Chizhik-Pyzhik, installed in St. Petersburg, – his job. In the early 80s of the last century, Gabriadze became the founder of an unusual theater. He placed his brainchild in the walls of the clock tower.

The attraction is world famous. The theater regularly goes on tour, pleases local residents with performances. Stay here with your kids. They'll love it.

  • When to visit: The institution has its own website. Here you can find the poster and the schedule of performances. Study the document;
  • Tip: book tickets. They are extremely rare in free sale.

Traveling in Tbilisi: TOP 25 attractions


➤ Rike Park

The ropeway originates in Rike Park. It will lead you to the famous Narikala Fortress. All the guests of ancient Tbilisi consider it their duty to ride in a cabin. Equipped with 7 booths. Each of them can comfortably accommodate a company of 8 people. The trip is safe. All rules are respected.

At the end of the path, you will come to an observation deck. From here you have the best views of the ancient city. Be sure to take your camera. In the park itself, playgrounds and playgrounds are equipped, green labyrinths are arranged, and art objects are erected. People often come here with their children. They can frolic outside while you take in the views.

  • When to visit: Cable car tickets go on sale quite late. Ticket offices open only at 10:30 am. But you come early. There are always queues. There are many who want to admire the beauty;
  • Tip:there are no shops on the top of the mountain. Take food and water with you. Take care of comfortable shoes.

➤ Turtle Lake

The natural attraction is located on the slope of Mount Mtatsminda. The reservoir cannot boast of size. It became famous for its inhabitants. Turtles once lived here. Now Turtle Lake is more often chosen for family holidays. Picnics are organized on the coast. There is excellent infrastructure here. Rental points are open: you can ride boats or catamarans.

Stores are open. There will be no problem with food. Children will also like it here. They are equipped with various attractions, play areas. Especially young travelers are attracted by the Flying Turtle carousel. In general, everyone will have fun.

  • When to visit: choose any free day. The walk will be delayed. You won't want to leave this place;
  • Tip:Swimming is allowed in the lake. If the weather permits swimming, please bring your swimwear. Come home with a full tan.

Traveling in Tbilisi: TOP 25 attractions


➤ Anchiskhati Temple

The religious monument of the 15th century is better known as the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The valuable Anchi icon was kept within the walls of the monastery for two centuries. Now the image can be seen among the exhibits of the Museum of Art of Georgia. If you wish, visit this institution as well.

The temple has been repeatedly destroyed during its existence. Now you see the restored copy. This is an active shrine. It can be visited by both Orthodox and travelers. Services are held daily.

  • When to visit:On September 21, thousands of pilgrims come here. The Patronal Feast of the Nativity of the Theotokos is celebrated. Massive services are taking place;
  • Tip: respect people's religious beliefs. Choose the appropriate attire for your visit. Women must cover their heads with a scarf. Hats can be taken at the entrance. It's free.

➤ Vake District

This is the modern part of the city. Here are the buildings of embassies, universities, banks, shopping and entertainment centers. It is believed that representatives of Bohemia live here. Luxury housing is very expensive.

Tourists are usually interested in a park located in the center of the area. It is called “Sunny” (Mziuri). The area is interestingly designed. You will recognize the heroes of Nodar Dumbadze. You can go to Victory Park. It is equipped in honor of the Great Victory won by the Soviet people. The Ethnographic Museum is also located here.

  • When to visit:the walk can take a whole day. Make sure there are no urgent matters planned. There are many attractions in the area, including the famous Turtle Lake;
  • Tip: Do you consider yourself a shopaholic or have you bought a shopping tour? You will not find a better place to visit the shopping center and fashion boutiques. Feel free to go shopping.

Trip to Tbilisi: TOP 25 attractions


➤ Avlabari district

Located on the left bank of the Kura. This is the oldest part of Tbilisi. Georgian kings once lived here. Yes, and the Presidential Palace was erected right there.

In general, this is a rather colorful place. Amazing sights have been preserved here. So you will see:

  • Sachino Palace,
  • Peace Bridge,
  • Rike Park,
  • Baratashvili Monument.

In addition, the area is famous for its religious monuments. There are small churches and impressive temples. Pilgrims will be interested. A full walk around the area will take time. There is something to see here.

In addition, guests of Georgia often choose the region as a place of settlement. Cheap apartments for rent here. You can book a hotel room.

  • When to visit: choose a day when you are not busy and the weather is comfortable;
  • Tip: Use the services of a guide. Local guides will tell you a lot of interesting things.

➤ Tbilisi Zoo

Founded during the years of Soviet power. It occupies an impressive area. Tops the list of zoos in Georgia in terms of size. This is the largest object. The place is suitable for families. You will not only look at animals, birds, reptiles, but you will be able to ride horses, ponies, visit attractions.

There is an equestrian club at the zoo. If you wish, you can attend a lesson, communicate with thoroughbred horses and learn the basics of riding.

  • When to visit: The zoo is open daily. It starts receiving visitors from 10 am. We recommend going to the opening. This way you will have time to get to know all the inhabitants of the zoo;
  • Tip: impressive events are organized on the territory of the zoo during the holidays. The programs organized in honor of Children's Day and the New Year receive flattering reviews. If your trip coincides with the holidays, be sure to go to the zoo.

Traveling in Tbilisi: TOP 25 attractions

➤ Holy Trinity Cathedral (Tsminda Sameba)

Included in the list of the highest Orthodox churches in the world. This is a grand building. It is decorated in the traditions of Georgian Orthodox architecture. Bricks and earth were used in the construction of the masonry. The materials were delivered from Jerusalem. It is a place of pilgrimage.

The main relic – icon “Hope of Georgia”. The frame is decorated with jewels and gold. Over $20 million was spent on making the image.

  • When to visit: the cathedral receives visitors daily;
  • Tip: in the underground rooms there are ancient sarcophagi. Tourists are allowed to see them. Temples live on voluntary donations. There is no need to buy tickets.

➤ Palace of Queen Darejan

The palace belongs to the monuments of the end of the 18th century. This building is similar in style to a fortress. It was erected in order to protect the ruler from enemy raids. The design located around one of the towers is noteworthy. The balcony serves as an excellent viewing platform. The surroundings are clearly visible.

In fact, the – sightseeing complex. The structure includes two temples, a monastery, a house of Mercy. There is a hospice and a free cafeteria.

  • When to visit: in your free time, children will not be interested here;
  • Tip: An unusual knighting ceremony is regularly organized on the territory of the palace. The event attracts tourists.

Traveling in Tbilisi: TOP 25 attractions


➤ Tbilisi TV Tower

< p>The first TV tower, built in the middle of the last century, burned to the ground. A new tower was erected in its place. But this design also met with misfortune. In 1994, a fire broke out here again. The TV tower was saved, the main components were not damaged. Television has returned to Georgia.

Now the authorities are concerned about the improvement of the zone. The ultra-modern Mtatsminda Park is being equipped. It is planned to open a restaurant at a height and equip an observation deck. You can see the attraction when visiting Mount Mtatsminda. The structure is visible even at night.

  • When to visit: Come to Mtatsminda Park by 9 am. At this time, funicular trams are already running. You will reach the place in a matter of minutes;
  • Tip: you can come here as part of an excursion. The guide tells interesting stories. At the same time, get acquainted with the neighboring sights.

➤ Dry Bridge Flea Market

Now this colorful place serves as a reminder of the difficult 90s. Locals went out into the street to sell unnecessary things, buy something they needed cheaper or exchange.

The flea market has not lost its popularity. It's still crowded here. This is a great place to buy an original souvenir, national sweets, costumes. In addition, connoisseurs of rarity gather here. Among the merchants you will definitely find someone who offers antique and valuable gizmos.

The original name of the attraction is explained by the fact that a bridge passes nearby. But it is equipped not over the river, but over the highway. The people called him “dry”. Over time, the name stuck and received official status.

  • When to visit: it is better to come in the morning. At this time it is not so hot. Sellers give discounts. The market is located near Freedom Square, you can combine a visit to two attractions;
  • Tip: collectors of medals and old coins come here. This category of people will be very interesting here.

Hospitable Tbilisi welcomes tourists. You will be pleasantly surprised by the abundance of attractions. Of course, in one article it is impossible to describe all the interesting places of the city. We have presented a list of the best of them. Plan your route in advance, so you can see even more natural and historical monuments. Author's tours to Georgia – a great alternative to traveling to European countries.

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