Travel rant: ‘Doing’ a country – The Travel Hack

Traveler Rants: 'Doing' a Country - Travel Hacks

”I’ve been to South America, China, and India. Where?’


It’s just a small 4 letter verb. It’s just a word. It’s bland and has little meaning, so why does it bother me so much? The word “done” isn’t meant to offend anyone, but it cringes when used in this context.

How on earth can a country be created?

For example, you can do crosswords. Because once it’s over, it’s done, done, accomplished something, and you’re unlikely to do it again. You can run a marathon for similar reasons. Once that’s done, that’s it. Done (hopefully never again!)

I can almost understand people who visit a country, spend some time there, don’t enjoy it, and then say, “I’m done.” You might end up falling in love with every place you visit around the world and never want to go back.

I don’t know about you, but when I visit my favorite country, I feel like I finally accomplished it. This would mean that I saw every sight, heard every sound, visited every restaurant, talked to every local, photographed every historical monument, and tried every local delicacy. I’ve been traveling around Australia for 18 months now and I still feel like I want to go back.

After spending a few weeks in a country, I usually feel the opposite and realize that the more I see, the more there is to see. At this point, you’ll have covered all the common sights and will want to see more. Talking to a local will open up a whole new world of possibilities and give you even more tips and advice on things to see and do.

This inevitably leads to yet another chance encounter with backpackers, expats, local shopkeepers, taxi drivers, and tourists, and before you know it, you’ve got a list of must-see spots as long as your legs last. I can. It takes a lifetime to “do” them all.

Does anyone else feel like their to-do or bucket-list gets longer and longer with each new country they visit? Every time they visit, they wish they could just cross that place? But as I discover new places that make me want to explore every corner of the globe, I find myself drawn back to them again and again.

Now, say it out loud. I’m done.

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