Travel preparation: 10 travel tips

Find out how to properly prepare for a trip abroad or in Russia with my helpful tips and tricks. 

Preparing for a trip: 10 travel tips

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1. Planning 

Determine the purpose of your trip: is it an excursion, a beach holiday or an active tour? Immediately decide how you will get to your destination: by car, plane or train. This will help to calculate the travel time, arrival time at the place and the amount of luggage. For an air flight on a trip for 5-7 days, pack a bag weighing up to 5 kg – this is hand luggage, it is not checked in the luggage compartment. 

It is better to find out in advance about how to charge electronics in the country where you will rest. Be sure to purchase a spare or external battery, as well as an adapter to charge all devices. Also consider where it will be convenient and safe to store money and phone. For example, a small dim bag for a belt is suitable for this – it is also advisable to buy it before the trip. 

2. Insurance 

Take out TCD insurance. It will cover the cost of medical care in case of injury and illness. 
It is better to bring a minimum first aid kit with you. What to include: 

  • disinfectants,
  • band-aid,
  • bandage,
  • antipyretics,
  • Painkillers,
  • Diarrhea medicines,
  • Anti-allergic medicines

It also does not hurt to take antiseptic, medical masks and antibacterial wipes with you. 

Don't forget to get vaccinated against diseases that occur in the countries where you are going. For example, when visiting India, tourists are advised to make 10 vaccines, including hepatitis, diphtheria, typhoid, and tetanus. It is better to get vaccinated 2-3 months before departure, between different vaccinations make an interval of 2-4 weeks. 

3. Memories 

Photos will help keep vivid memories of the best moments of your trip. Take care of storing all the countless pictures, a standard memory card may not be enough.

If you have a camera with a good resolution on your phone, then you can not buy a camera, but purchase a lens for shooting from a smartphone. The quality of the pictures will be much higher. 

Can't imagine traveling without filming and dreaming of capturing the ascent of Mount Huashan or a camel ride in Egypt? To collect the most impressive moments and mount a beautiful movie will help the video trimming program “Video MONTAGE”. On a laptop, you can collect a video even in a hotel room, and then share your impressions with family and friends. 

4. Security 

Install reference services on your mobile phone in advance with information about places where to order a taxi, visit a cafe, connect Wi-Fi, find a toilet. Be alert in unfamiliar surroundings and with strangers. Do not remove or carry large amounts of money with you. 

5. Luggage 

Take a dozen dresses if you plan to attend art events every day: parties, shows, presentations. For a city tour or bike tour, grab the essentials: a multifunctional jacket and a few basic wardrobe items. Do you have plans for shopping? Leave room for shopping. 

When crossing the border there will be a customs inspection, it is better to find out all the requirements in advance. For example, you do not need to pay tax for the vehicle you are driving, but the second new smartphone will have to be declared. For more information on how to prepare for your trip, check out Skyscanner Magazine or Gosuslug. 

6. Communication 

There are several ways to save money: 

  • travel card – connects to the network of the country where you are;
  • local SIM card — allows you to save money, but calling home is expensive;
  • virtual ESIM card — settings of any operator are loaded into it.

Protect your electronics with a smartphone case and laptop bag to protect against drop damage and overheating. 

7. Orientation 

Every smartphone has a standard set of maps, but they often take a long time to load. You can install a GPS navigator, but without the Internet it is helpless. 

How to get out of the situation? Download a virtual map to your smartphone, such as MapsWithMe, or stock up on a regular one. 
Before preparing for the trip, study the area, plan a route in advance. Guides will help with this: City Guides from National Geographic or Atlas BG. The TripIt application will provide information about the schedule and the next flights of trains, buses, planes. 

8. Finance 

Do not forget to transfer funds to the currency of the country where you are. Plan and allocate possible expenses, for example, book hotels and tickets and pay online. Taxi, eateries, shops can accept a bank card or online payment, check in advance which services are suitable for payment. Keep small amounts with you – this way you can protect yourself from street thieves. 

9. Communication 

When traveling around Bashkiria, of course, you can take a Bashkir dictionary with you, but Russian is well known there. But in a country where they speak a different language, be sure to take phrasebooks. It's great if you know the language and build phrases yourself, but downloading Word Lens to your phone or testing Google Translate won't hurt. 

10. Time and weather 

When flying, take into account the time difference between the area where you live and the one you plan to visit. Think about how you will endure the change of time zone and whether you will need additional rest on the first day. 
Study the weather forecast in the host region and choose the right wardrobe. Tip: don't forget sunscreen! Take a sunscreen for a holiday in Turkey, and an insect repellent for a trip to Altai.

Preparing for your trip: 10 travel tips


So, an important part of preparing for a trip is a plan. It makes sense to write down all the details in it, choose the purpose of the trip, get directions, make a list of things, and cost estimates. It is important not to forget to take out medical insurance, install a GPS navigator, stock up on a phrasebook. And do not forget to capture the most exciting moments – these are memories for a lifetime!

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