Travel gifts for her: Christmas gifts ladies will love – The Travel Hack

Travel Gifts for Her: Christmas Gifts Women Will Love - The Travel Hack

Looking for a travel gift for your girlfriend? Here are 25 Christmas travel gifts for the woman in your life. Whether you’re buying for your mom, wife, friend, colleague, family member, or more importantly, looking for travel gift ideas for yourself!

To be honest, everything on this list is something I’ve bought for myself over the past few years. I travel a lot, so I love useful and beautiful travel gifts that last and make travel easier.

If you know a woman who loves to travel, keep reading to find thoughtful travel-themed gifts that are perfect for Christmas!

Here are 10 thoughtful travel gifts for ladies

1. The Travel Hack Backpack

Travel Gifts for Her: Christmas Gifts Women Will Love - The Travel Hack

Of course, you have to start with a travel hack backpack. Because this is the ultimate bag for travel enthusiasts.

This backpack has the perfect dimensions for under-seat baggage on a plane (so it’s free on budget Ryanair flights!), making it a great carry-on option. But it’s also great as an everyday adventure backpack when you’re out and about with the kids.

It is:

  • Padded laptop sleeve – perfect pocket for storing important documents
  • 2 drink bottle holders
  • Easy-access top pocket – perfect for keys, money, phone, lipstick, etc
  • Easy-access front pocket – perfect for storing travel documents
  • Large inner pocket – big enough for other things

2. The perfect long-sleeved swimsuit

Travel Gifts for Her: Christmas Gifts Women Will Love - The Travel Hack

I bought this long sleeve swimsuit on Amazon and it’s perfect. It fits like a dream and is perfect for adding a bit of warmth when soaking in cold water or as a sunscreen if you’re lucky enough to swim in hot weather!

Available in a variety of colors and patterns. Contains blue and pink leaf patterns. I usually wear a size 8-10, but this one runs small and fits perfectly.

You’ll also get bonus points because your butt won’t be sliding up every time you kick your foot!

3. A framed print of a special place

Travel Gifts for Her: Christmas Gifts Women Will Love - The Travel Hack

Is there a place that is really special to her? If so, consider getting a framed print of the place.

Check out the beautiful photos in Etsy’s travel print store.

Fy also carries a large selection of travel-themed posters, available framed or unframed depending on your budget.

4. Frame your favourite holiday snap

Travel Gifts for Her: Christmas Gifts Women Will Love - The Travel Hack

A budget-friendly yet very personal Mother’s Day gift is to frame a photo of her favorite holiday. If it’s an old photo from years ago and she completely forgot about it, earn her extra brownie points!

I like Photobox for framed prints. Alternatively, you can print your photo at Boots or your local supermarket and pick up a frame while you’re there. Dunelm and The Range have nice frames at affordable prices. For Dunelm, remember that you must order online and pick up in-store at this time.

5. A travel magazine subscription

Travel Gifts for Her: Christmas Gifts Women Will Love - The Travel Hack

What I love about magazine subscriptions is that you get a little gift every month for a year. When looking for travel magazines, don’t forget about local magazines. I subscribe to things like Conde Nast Traveler, but my favorites are articles about specific areas I visit often, like Welsh Border Life and Welsh Coastal Life.

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6. A travel jewellery box

If you’re looking for a great way to travel with your jewelry without losing your earrings or getting your necklaces tangled, you need this travel jewelry box. This is a compact and beautiful way to organize your jewelry.

7. Silicone Travel Bottles

These gorgeous silicone travel bottles from OneNine5 help reduce plastic waste and organize your travel amenities. Silicone bottles are best because they don’t become brittle or crack, and you can easily crush them to squeeze out all the product.

8. A heated vest

A great travel gift for women who feel cold or who travel frequently in the cold is a heated vest. I have a list of the best heated jackets, but a vest is a good option because it’s more affordable and can be worn under another (better) coat.

9. Luggage scales

Travel Gifts for Her: Christmas Gifts Women Will Love - The Travel Hack

this is a great stocking stuffer for travel. Travel scales are perfect for people who tend to pack too much luggage. Or, at the other end of the spectrum, those who travel light and need to fit less than the 10 kg suitcase allowance!

10. NEOM portable wellbeing pod

I liked the Neom pod so much that I also bought a portable pod. I find it more convenient to use than regular plugin pods. Add essential oils (without water) and you can take it anywhere. It fits perfectly in your car’s cup holder, making it perfect for long trips (especially if you have a smelly dog ​​or kids in the back!). It won’t spill, so it’s easy to carry in your luggage.

11. Boot Buddy

A great travel gift for women who like hiking and spending a lot of time outdoors is the Boot Buddy. This is a durable scrubbing brush that can be used even when filled with water. Keep it in the back of your car full of soapy water so you can quickly and easily scrub mud off your boots. It’s so much easier if your boots are still wet, as it keeps your car from getting muddy.

12. Thermal socks

It’s cold in winter, so who doesn’t need warm socks? I have these too and they are so comfy and soft and lovely.

13. Resistance bands

OK, it’s a bit niche, but if you’re buying a Christmas gift for someone who likes to stay fit and travels a lot, these resistance bands are a game changer. I bought it for Sam (her husband) to do extra stretches when he injured himself running, and now we both use it all the time. Ideal for training in small spaces.

14. Dip Nails Starter Kit

If you’re looking for a travel gift for the woman who loves nail polish on a regular basis, check out this dip nail starter kit. I have been using the dip powder on my nails for about 3 months now and it is the best. It keeps your nails very strong and lasts perfectly for about 2 weeks.

I love manicures, but with a busy schedule, a small child, and a lot of traveling, I never have time to go to the salon for manicures, so I’m really glad I discovered dip nails!

Amazon box=”B08FDNKT3L”

15. A spa day (preferably together)

Travel Gifts for Her: Christmas Gifts Women Will Love - The Travel Hack

Come on, who doesn’t love a spa day? The perk of this travel gift for her is that you get to travel with her!

Having a spa day is a little easier than arranging an entire vacation, and it’s great to spend time together.

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16. An outdoor kettle – Ghillie Kettle or Kelly Kettle

Travel Gifts for Her: Christmas Gifts Women Will Love - The Travel Hack

This is one for the outdoorsy woman who loves long walks and drinking coffee in secluded places. It’s also great if you have young children who need a little excitement to keep them motivated during the walk.

I have a Gilly kettle (Kelly kettle is similar but a different brand). Start a small fire using twigs and bring the water to a boil in the kettle. Perfect for camping, fishing and outdoor activities. I admit it’s a bit of a novelty as it’s easier to fill a thermos with hot water if you’re using it for walking, but it’s fun and it promises. Drinking hot chocolate in the woods is a great way to encourage kids to get outside!

17. Memory keepers photo storage

Travel Gifts for Her: Christmas Gifts Women Will Love - The Travel Hack

This is for women who like to take and print photos.

Travel Hack Tip: If you haven’t done this already, I highly recommend using the Photobox Free Prints app. Get 50 free photos every month (shipping costs £1.49). I try to do this every month and print out my favorite moments from that month.

If the women in your life have a lot of photos to organize, we highly recommend this photo storage container.

This container can actually be used for a variety of purposes. My mother bought this to organize her plant seeds.

18. A heated jacket

Travel Gifts for Her: Christmas Gifts Women Will Love - The Travel Hack

I know we’re all a little excited that spring is coming, but it’s still cold outside, so give her a thermal jacket or thermal gilet. Heated gilets are easy to buy as gifts because of their low price, and you don’t have to worry too much about style and design, as they can be worn under regular coats.

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19. Pretty garden lights

Travel Gifts for Her: Christmas Gifts Women Will Love - The Travel Hack

OK, it’s not really a travel gift, but anyone who has traveled to Southeast Asia will feel nostalgic for festoon lighting. I have these globe festoon lights and love them. It gives a magical atmosphere to the garden. I’ve had it since 2017 and it’s still like new. I also keep it in my caravan (where it’s exposed to wind and sea breezes), but it’s fine to leave it alone all year round.

If you’re a traveling woman and don’t have an outdoor outlet, opt for solar-powered lights as an easy way to add some sparkle to your garden. I also had a solar powered light that I bought for her in 2017. They are great in the summer, but fail in the winter when they don’t get enough direct sunlight.

20. Wash bag with detachable liquids bag

I love this wash bag from One Nine 5. It’s such a gorgeous and sophisticated design, but it also comes with a removable liquid pouch that you can use when going through security, which is super convenient!

21. Water shoes

Travel Gifts for Her: Christmas Gifts Women Will Love - The Travel Hack

Is this a bit niche? Okay, maybe it’s niche, but I’ll be honest: I just bought a pair of water shoes and I’m saying to myself, “Why didn’t I buy these sooner?!” I use it for paddleboarding, the beach, kayaking, snorkeling, swimming, and I’m sure I’ll use it even more in the summer when I soak in the river regularly. These are comfortable, lightweight, don’t hold much water so dry quickly, and are much better than trainers!

23. A multi plug extension

OK, a little boring and practical Christmas gift idea, but this is a travel gift for her that she’ll use every day and that you’ll love too. If your traveling lady has a lot of gadgets, she will love this multi-plug extension. Being able to charge your laptop, phone, camera, tablet, and other devices every night is extremely convenient, whether you’re at home or in a hotel room while traveling, with minimal plugs.

24. Travel organiser pouch

Another great little travel gift for One Nine 5 is the organizer pouch. Keep all your essentials organized and in one place so you never lose them!

25. A holiday!

Travel Gifts for Her: Christmas Gifts Women Will Love - The Travel Hack

The perfect travel gift for her is obviously for the holidays. This sounds extravagant, but it really doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are some ideas for gifting travel.

You can also buy coupons for airlines and hotels that she regularly flies. She can book your entire vacation outright, or you can make a simple reservation where she stays for a night or two somewhere locally. Glamping her vouchers are always a great option at local glamping sites!

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