Travel agent told how Anex transfers tourists to Turkey

Travel agent told how Anex transfers tourists to Turkey

Details of how exactly the tour operator Anex Tour “transplants” tourists in the context of the restarted flight program to Turkey, told in her blog on Yandex.Zen travel agent. The story, she says, is a living experience of working with tourists whose tours have already been rebooked.

“The tour operator cannot currently fly to Turkey on its own aircraft (Azur Air affiliated airline). Therefore, blocks of seats on the boards of the regular Turkish airline Turkish Airlines were taken. Anex took 400,000 block places for the summer season. In agreement with the Turkish authorities, Turkish Airlines will fly from 4 Russian cities. Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kazan,” the travel agent told the details, noting that tourists from these cities were “very lucky.”

Next, for those tourists who have already booked Anex tours at the early booking stage , the travel agent listed the main conditions:

  1. The main condition of Anex: Turkey is changing ONLY to Turkey! That is, Turkey on Azur Air changes to Turkey on Turkish Airlines.
  2. “Of course, there is a surcharge. The boards are completely different. One is a charter, the other is a scheduled airline. For example, a tour from Moscow to Antalya on Azura is changed to a tour from Moscow on Turkishi (the same hotel, the same tourists, the same duration of the tour) with an additional payment of 276 euros/person,” the travel agent said. She added that travel agents will be able to change flights on their own, in their personal account.
  3. “There is information for the regions: Anex Tour will transplant everyone. Departure cities will be added. There will be at least 20 more,” the travel agent reassured, but added that the mechanism for transplanting tourists from the regions is still unknown. We look forward to it very much.
  4. Another, according to her, very important condition: you can rebook tours only if Anex sent a cancellation of the tour. “If there is no cancellation of the tour, then we are waiting! Otherwise, if you request a cancellation, there may be penalties,” the travel agent warned.

Further, on live experience, she spoke about current prices. “Turkey at Anex from Moscow, for example, to Bodrum for the May holidays, departure on April 30 for 6 nights = 96,864 for two. This is the easiest option. The price of the tour includes: air travel in Turkish, fuel surcharges, insurance, transfers, accommodation, meals all inclusive,” said the travel agent.

She ended her appeal with a completely logical appeal. “Travel agents have added work. Just a million times. Phone you, tell you all the possible options for rebooking your tour. Then rebook. And this, honestly, solid nerves. It does not depend on the travel agent that the tours you bought on early booking on the Azuras should be rebooked! Please, let's understand each other!”

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