Traffic jams on the border of the Russian Federation with Georgia stretched for a day

All 14 lanes are open

 Traffic jams on the Russian-Georgian border stretched for a day

Traffic jams on the Russian border with Georgia stretched for a day

Checkpoint “Upper Lars” The Georgian Military Highway cannot cope with the flow of cars, the local Ministry of Emergency Situations reported.

The checkpoint is located on the border of Russian North Ossetia with Georgia. This is the only way from one country to another. Recently, the road has been blocked several times due to rain. As a result, thousands of cars accumulated at the checkpoint.

“Due to the seasonal increase in the flow of tourists wishing to cross the Russian-Georgian border through the Verkhny Lars multilateral automobile checkpoint, the waiting time for passage has been significantly increased. Tourists who intend to travel to Georgia should take into account that the wait can be about a day and plan a trip with this in mind, — said the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Despite the fact that all 14 lanes are working, the checkpoint capacity has been exceeded by 2-3 times.


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