Tours with Visa and Mastercard bank cards: the most popular destinations and main problems have become known

Tours with Visa and Mastercard bank cards: the most popular destinations and main problems have become known

“Card” tours that allow you to issue Visa and Mastercard cards abroad have become a popular niche product, practically replacing “vaccine” tours. Maya Lomidze, executive director of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia, confirmed this situation in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta. She stated that “there is interest now” in these programs. However, tourists have “many questions”.

“Tourists have many questions: how and where to issue this card, how to replenish it, in what currency to open an account, on what conditions for non-residents, and so on. The answers to them should be sought from professionals,” Maya Lomidze said. According to her, tour operators are now organizing such tours to Uzbekistan. “But such areas as Armenia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and even Turkey are under active development,” the expert added.

Maia Lomidze also stressed that – as in the case of “vaccine” tours – “the help of tour operators is still needed here.” Recall that the route to Uzbekistan was previously announced by the Vedi Group tour operator, whose exclusive tour allows you to issue a Visa/Master Card in Tashkent. “This bank card is accepted for payment in any banks and allows you to freely use bank transfer abroad to pay for goods and services,” the tour operator says.

Those who wish are promised a fixed price in rubles for the tour. The booking promotion period is from 16.03 to 16.05.2022 for arrivals from 03.04 to 23.10.2022. The fixed price of the tour itself is from 23 thousand rubles per person. Read the details here.

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