Tour operators urgently take blocks of seats on a new carrier to Antalya and Istanbul from Moscow

Tour operators urgently take blocks of seats on a new carrier to Antalya and Istanbul from Moscow

Russian mass tour operators use every opportunity to differentiate flights to Turkey against the backdrop of air sanctions. According to the Turkish press, as soon as Pegasus Airlines returned to the Russian market, all three major Russian tour operators immediately took blocks of seats on the airline's flights to Antalya.

Tours are announced on daily departures from Moscow and already from April 12. Recall that Domodedovo Airport has officially confirmed the return of flights of the Turkish carrier. Pegasus Airlines resumes the flight program from Domodedovo Airport to Istanbul and Antalya.

The details are as follows:

  • From April 11, 2022, the air harbor partner resumes flights to Istanbul with a frequency of 10 flights per a week.
  • From April 12, daily flights from Domodedovo to the resort of Antalya open.

For more details, follow the link.

Tour operators are still the same trio with Turkish roots – i.e. Anex, Pegasus and Coral announced that the program will start on Tuesday, April 12.

As for prices, they are still more or less sane. Coral at the beginning of the program, t.u. On April 14, offers promotional tours to a 5 * hotel in Antalya with all-inclusive meals for 7 nights for 87,402 rubles. for two. For May it will cost almost 120 thousand rubles. Anex offers May tours for about 142 thousand.

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