This Turkish city lives for breakfast

This Turkish city lives for breakfast

Did you know that there is a city of Van in eastern Turkey where a street is named after the breakfast people? In this place, on Breakfast Makers Street, the cult of morning meals flourishes.

What can I try?

The traditional Turkish breakfast is very diverse: locals love to eat scrambled eggs or fried sausages with fresh vegetables in the morning, snack on cheese and olives, and drink tea with jam or fragrant strong coffee. You can add local delicacies to them, such as otlu peynir, a slightly crunchy cheese stuffed with wild garlic. Turkish cooking is a real ritual, especially in Van: a special style of breakfast was born here, which has taken root in the restaurants of Istanbul and Ankara.

The earliest meal starts late at night, immediately after a late dinner, so you can eat almost without a break.

Breakfast costs from 20 TRY, approximately 100-150 RUB, depending on the Turkish lira exchange rate.

More about Van

Van is a city of half a million people an hour's drive from Iran, populated predominantly by Kurds. In the heart of the country's largest lake of the same name is the island of Akhtamar with an Armenian temple of the 10th century. The mountain valleys are fragrant with the aromas of meadow flowers, among which rabbits frolic.

An alley departs from the main city boulevard, informally called Breakfast Makers Street.

There are indeed several famous chefs who specialize in preparing morning food. In 2014, over 50,000 people gathered in Van for the most-invited breakfast party to break the Guinness World Record.

At times, the city center turns into a huge open market, on the streets of which vendors offer all kinds of food. There you can taste grilled liver, chicken kebab and other delicacies, as well as drink fragrant Turkish tea from huge samovars. The air is filled with smoke from the braziers and the aromas of coffee and roasted meat. But the most romantic breakfast verandas are on the shores of Lake Van. The local restaurants serve fresh, locally sourced food, with a different taste than the chain restaurants in Istanbul, and worth the drive across the country for them.

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