This London airport has waived 100 ml of liquid control in carry-on luggage

This London airport has waived 100ml liquid control in hand luggage

London City became the first London airport to fully implement new technologies in the procedure for screening passengers before departure and change the rules and regulations themselves. This is the second air hub in the country to increase the liquid carry-on allowance, after Teesside International Airport.

The goal of improving airport security was set by the UK government: by 2024, the latest scanners should be installed in all key air harbors in the country. They will speed up the process of screening passengers. Previous British Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised to innovate by December 2022, but his successor Rishi Sunak later extended the deadline to June 2024.

Speaking about the problem of airport congestion, UK Transport Secretary Mark Harper said last year: “Checking tiny toiletries has become a major concern at airport checkpoints, but that has to change. I will simplify the rules for carrying hand luggage, while increasing security. By 2024, the UK's major airports will have the latest security technologies in place to reduce queuing times, improve the passenger experience and, most importantly, allow more potential threats to be identified.

Of course, this will not happen immediately &mdash ; it will take approximately 2 years to fully implement. Until then, passengers must continue to follow the existing rules and undergo “undressing” before every trip».

The UK imposed a 100 milliliter limit on the liquid you can take on board an aircraft after a 2006 thwarted terrorist plot involving explosives hidden in drink bottles. Nearly two decades later, scanner technology has improved significantly, making it unnecessary to restrict liquids where scanners work at full capacity.

Travellers can now carry up to 2 liters of liquid in hand luggage and pass security checks without removing them from their bags laptops and tablets.

UK airports are not the first to use CT scanners. For example, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and Miami International Airport.

Actually, computer scanners have been running at LCY for some time, but the 100ml threshold is only now being lifted.

From the airport London City operates short haul flights to Europe. It is the fifth busiest London hub. It serves, among others, British Airways, ITA Airways, KLM and Lufthansa.

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